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How is it possible – without a king?

G.P. Cogitov-Ergosumov

Essay on the ideological content of the opera
"Golden Cockerel" by N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov

Subservience to the sonata form
by Gnaeus Prokofyevich Kogitov-Ergosumov

In the city Glupov
in the year of our Lord 1987,
from the beginning of the reign of 3.

From the publisher

For this work I can repeat the same sincere wrote about earlier treatise G.P. Cogitov-Ergosumov: I have no idea who he is and have no relation to the writing of this work. But some thought the author seemed to me interesting, particularly regarding the impossibility and irrelevance of democracy in Russia.

Nicholas Zharkikh, 21 September 2010.




The advantages of an absolute monarchy over other forms of government

Types of government

The success of the suppression of the revolution under the monarchy and the inability of a democracy

The possibility of economic growth of monarchies and the inevitability of decline of democracies

Compulsory labor productivity growth during the monarchy and the absence of such in a democracy

Absolute monarchies are a form of absolute democracy

Peacefulness of absolute monarchies and agressiveness of democracies

Military invincibility of the absolute monarchy and the inevitability of military defeat all democracies

Saving power of the monarchy and disastrous of democracy for Russia

Devitalized original democracy generates a viable final monarchy

Enthusiastic historiography as a kind of monarchic historiography

The struggle of the Russian people for the victory of the absolute monarchy

The struggle of the Russian people against attempts to impose democracy

The inevitability of the spread of the Russian monarchy to the whole world

Inevitability of prosperity of arts and sciences in conditions of absolute monarchy

Prosperity of arts and sciences detrimental to all monarchies, except Russia

Research frivolity

Harmlessness of Russian science and art to educate people

The art of opera as one of the pillars of the throne


Monarchism as an author's worldview of "Golden Cockerel"

Favor of an absolute monarch to the rescue of the fatherland

King Dodon's strategy

Prince Guidon's strategy

Sagacity of general Polkan

Prince Afron's strategy


Gift Astrologer

Foxtail with beaver gray…

Unlocks chests soon…

…Get wants surpluses that…

Shield all eaten with rust

And the quiver is poor of arrows…

Stay all the time behind…

Favor of an absolute monarch to beautiful women

All of the howl Dodon…

What happened, can not go back

For the victories do not need armies…

We were then given to slave…

Favor of an absolute monarch to other subjects


Impossibility and unnecessarity of satire in the monarchical art

Opportunity and obligation of lies in the monarchical art

Usefulness of hate and harm of humanity for absolute monarchy

Where are the elements of the future?



Well-meaning man of 11 century about the benefits of absolute monarchy

Well-meaning "Il Trovatore"