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Short chronicle texts

Nicholas Zharkikh

Short chronicle texts are presented in four chronicles. They are all very similar to each other, up to the borrowing of explicit errors.

EL – Ermolin Chronicle [PSRL, 1910, vol. 23, p. 81].

L72JaSI – Chronicle of the 72nd language of the senior recension [PSRL, 1962, vol. 28, p. 56].

L72JaMI – Chronicle of the 72nd language of the younger recension [PSRL, 1962, vol. 28, p. 214].

NLD – Dubrovsky’s Novgorod Chronicle [PSRL, 2004, vol. 43, p. 95].

Comparative table (78 episodes).

All copies contain the same set of 16 episodes (62 episodes missed).

Since it is believed that the Ermolin Chronicle is based on GZ1460, it should be assumed that the abbreviated text of the SMF in the EL is also formed from this codex. However, the comparison of EL with MS1492 does not show anything peculiar only to MS1492 – in the same way the text of EL could be formed by reducing S1LSI. Therefore, I accept the origin of short chronicle texts from the codex of the 1460s only conditionally.

The only feature of short chronicle texts is the episode M-68, in which the Tatars try to seduce Fedor, and he insults the Tatar faith – this was not in any of the previous texts.

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