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Vvedensky synodikon

Nicholas Zharkikh

The synodikon of the Vvedenskaya Cave Church (= Church of Presentation of Mary) in the Near Caves of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (hereinafter abbreviated VS) in 2007 by Alexey Kuzmuk [The Lavra almanac, 2007, vol. 18; at the same time, I express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Alexei, who sent me a copy of this publication via e-mail. In the text of the work this edition will be quoted with the indication of the pages: VS, p. 15]. At the publication the correct order of the sheets, confused at manufacturing of a binding in 1 half 18 century, is restored, so in the future I will refer to the pages of the publication, not the manuscript.

According to the archeographic description of A. Kuzmuk, the synodikon was written from the middle of the 1650s (1654?) to May 5, 1694. The researcher rightly sees in its composition two logical parts – the historical one, which was written according to a single plan in the beginning of work on the synodikon, and original – records that were recorded in the synodikon as they were received (we will call this part current, since many original, unique or first recorded are in both parts of the synodikon). The value of the historical part is estimated by Kuzmuk as follows:

The introductory part should be regarded as a kind of historical work – reference book, which in the names and families of church and secular authorities reflects the vision of domestic history that existed in the Kiev-Pechersky Monastery in the mid-17th century. [p. 8]

So, this is the source for the historiography and history of social thought in the 17th century, and not for the specific history of the previous centuries (as often, but completely incorrectly, the genealogists believe).

The task of the study will be to clarify the structure of the VS, the sources used in its compilation, and its significance as a historical source. Following the example of the study Pechersky synodikon I break the text into sections, guided by headings in the text itself, and blocks – logical parts of sections. The numbering of sections is given by me, it is continuous in the text; the block numbering starts anew in each section.

I consider it a pleasant duty to express my gratitude to all my colleagues who helped me in this work. First of all – Alexei Kuzmuk, constantly patiently answered me on various questions about the synodikon. Next (in alphabetical order) – Dmitry Vortman, Alexander Galenko, Natalia Sinkevich, Valentin Stetsyuk, Victor Talakh and – last not less! – Vera Chentsova. All – my sincere thanks.

Kiev, August 15 – December 4, 2017; January 3 – April 12, 2018.

Shortened text of the work. Full text in ukrainian version.

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