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Nicholas Zharkikh

According to the sample of Pechersky synodikon (PS), I will break the text of the VS into sections (focusing on the headlines in the text itself) and blocks (smaller structural parts of the sections, which can be identified on the basis of certain considerations). As in the PS, an A-C or A-B-C notation will be used to refer to a particular name, where A is the section number, B is the block number (optional), C is the name number within the section or block.

As in the Pechersky synodikon, I rewrite the short sections in their entirety, highlighting them with a color (we need these names for the namespace analysis), for large sections I give only a number of names and interesting names (with some definitions).

Since for historical research the exact spelling of names does not matter much, I always gave quotes from the VS in the modern Ukrainian language, leaving the original spelling only where it is necessary for historical reasons.