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3. The Novgorod Archbishops

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

The list, called "Archbishops of Novgorod", is located in the VS on p. 15.

The following sources were used to compile the comparative table:

N4L – a list attached to the Novorossiysk copy of the Novgorod Fourth Chronicle (this copy was brought to 1437) [PSRL, 1929, Vol. 4, no. 3, p. 624]. This list is quite detailed, contains the number of years of government, the day and month of death, various biographical details. It was brought only to David (1309 – 1325), that is, it ends much earlier than the chronicle to which it was added.

L72MI – a list attached to the Uvarov Chronicle (brought to 1518). The chronicle is printed in the 28th volume of the PSRL (1962). But valuable additions to the actual chronicle text from this manuscript were printed earlier, in 1910, as annexes to the text of the Yermolinsky chronicle [PSRL, 1910, vol. 23, p. 165]. In this additional article, the list of metropolitans and the beginning of the list of Novgorod bishops are completely lost. The list of bishops – in fact, a copy of the list of N4L, with all its features.

VL – a list attached to the Resurrection Chronicle, 1541 [PSRL 1856, T. 7, p. 239]. This is another copy of the list of N4L, where the vast majority of details are reduced.

LA – a list from the Avraamka chronicle [PSRL, 1889, v. 16, p. 315 – 318.]

N1LMI – the list added at the end of article 6496 in the Novgorod 1st Chronicle younger recension [Novgorod first chronicle of senior and younger recension. – Moscow: 1950, p. 163].

NknL – a list attached at the beginning of the Leningrad copy (circa 1679) of the Nikanor’s Chronicle [PSRL, 1962, Vol. 27, p. 141 – 142]. This is actually a lapidary chronicle, which contains the years of appointment and the names of bishops. This is another copy of N4L, somewhat confused and extended to Serapion (1506 – 1509).

Chr – a list attached to the Chronograph edition of 1512 from the manuscript of 1538 [PSRL, 1911, vol. 22, part 1, p. 464]. Contains only names, brought to Makarii (1526 – 1542), that is, until the time of writing the manuscript Chronograph.

Exactly the same list was added at the beginning of the Simeon chronicle [PSRL, 1913, vol. 18, p. 22], only instead of the right one Ioann (3-8) is mistakenly written Iona. This is an individual defect of this record. The list is also brought to Makarii, that is, to the time of rewriting the preserved copy of the Simeon Chronicle.

NikL – reference article at the beginning of Nikon’s Chronicle [PSRL, 1862, v. 9, p. 14]. The list was brought to Pimen (1552 – 1571), that is, until the time of the completion of the NikL (about 1559). The only difference is that in place of the correct Nifont (3-9) is mistakenly recorded Nicephorus. This is also an individual defect of this record.

MS1493 – the list attached as an introductory article to the copy Bel 1512 of the Moscow codex of 1493 [PSRL, 1962, Vol. 27, p. 296]. Contains only names. Bring to Alexander (1576 – 1586), that is, extended much later than the end of the annals to which he was added.

VS – The Vvedensky synodikon, 1654.

It is easy to establish the place of the list of VS: it is a fragment of the E version with some gaps and amateur activities like Ioann (3-12), borrowed probably from the G version, and unknown from other lists Savvaty (3-18). It is impossible to establish unequivocally the source of borrowing here.