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Princes Glynski

Nicholas Zharkikh

I dedicate this work to all my acquaintances – scientists who abandoned their science and are now protecting Ukraine from a fierce gang of Muscovites.

The family of the Glinsky princes played a certain role in the history of the states of Eastern Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries and deserves a detailed study. Previously much of his history was based on incompetent late fantasies that should be abandoned. In particular, everywhere can read in the literature that the princes Glynski owned the village Glynsk (either on Vorskla or on Sula river) and even got their surname from it (as an option – they founded this village and it got its princely name).

Is it really so?

In this work, the history of the family is traced exclusively on the basis of documents contemporary to the events themselves. In particular, it was found out that no Glynski princes owned any Glynsk – not only in Poltava or Sumy regions, but none at all. Who is interested – read on.

(In this work, I will write the surname as Glynsky in the singular and as Glynski in the plural.)

I express my gratitude to Valentyn Stetsyuk and Viktor Talakh, who helped me with translations of texts that were difficult for me into German and Latin.

In Kyiv, February 16 – October 10, 2023.

Dear readers!

Please do not forget that this work was done on tenth year of our righteous war against the criminal terrorist aggressor state – Russia.

If on February 16, 2023, at the beginning of my work, our General Staff about 140 thousand destroyed muscovites, today, October 16, when I am writing the last words, the General Staff already about 288,000 muscovites. May it last!

But what a terrible price we have to pay for the fact that we stopped the invasion of the Rotten Straw Horde on our lands! Only thanks to the heroism and sacrifice of our soldiers, I was able to live in Kyiv and do this work…

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