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Sections 16 – 31

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

Further in the Vvedensky synodikon there is a rather large group of princely families (pp. 21 – 31). It turned out that a significant part of these records was borrowed from the Pechersky synodikon (that had been filled from 1483 to 1530). That’s why I had to write whole monograph about the Pechersky synodikon. The concentration of all the princes in one sequence is made by the scribe of the VS consciously and systematically. After the last princely family (Kurtsevichi), the name "The kins of Orthodox and pious favors of the nobility, sons of the East church" is written. That is, the nobility was deliberately set after the princes.

16. Family of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.
Remember Lord…

17. In the year of 6907 [1399] Struck from the Tatars on the Vorskla River, with Vytolt, the Grand Duke. Remember Lord…

18. Family of Grand Dukes of Slutsk

19. Family of Prince Michael Ivanovich
Derevensky (p. 22)

20. Family of Prince Dmitry Odintsevich (p. 22)

21. Family of the Princess Feodosiya Buynitskaya (p. 22)

22. Family of Prince Ivan Semenovich Kobrinsky (p. 22)