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Literary analysis of Pachomius Serb’s texts

Nicholas Zharkikh

A new work in a new genre

This is a work new genre. Unlike the long Prologue and chronical texts, written in the genre of "passions" (stories of Christian martyrdom) and designed for individual reading, TPS is an oratory or church sermon.

In the TPS we have a drama-morality on the theme "the ruler must be prudent and make fatal decisions only on the basis of a comprehensive study of the case." From the definition of TPS as a "comedy of errors" saves only the death of the persons (from this finale Pachomius did not dare to retreat).

Thus, TPS is not just a new modification of the SMF, but a new work on the same theme, which departs from the long Prologue text somewhere just as Byron’s poem "Don Juan" departs from Mozart’s opera of the same name (well, from the libretto by L. da Ponte for this opera).

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