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The origin of the Pachomius Serb’s texts

Nicholas Zharkikh

My hypothesis is that the text S-6 was the first to appear. Then, I suppose, Pachomius was asked for more SMF copies, and he, as the author, feeling the power over his own text, not only rewrote his work, but partially reworked it. Thus, on the basis of S-6 there were formed texts S-7 and S-8.

Since it is for the S-7 that we have a direct indication of the authorship of Pachomius, we can extend it to all TPS groups.

The text of S-6 shows a clear connection with the text of the SMF in the MS1492. This connection can be traced back to episode M-5 with the erroneous pedigree of Michael.

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.