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Chudov’s text

Nicholas Zharkikh

We have a Chudov’s text of the SMF in the only copy of the 16th century, which comes from the collection of the Moscow Chudov Monastery (Miracle of Archangel Michael in Hona; located in the Moscow Kremlin). It was published by N. I. Serebryansky [NIS-2, p. 80 – 86] and devoted much of his research to it [h. 1, p. 49 – 55]. On the stemma, I mark it as S-10.

Serebryansky rightly noted that the text of S-10 is based on S-3, with significant additions from S-7. This is confirmed by my observations:

Comparative table (78 episodes).

If one give meaning to the name form George and to see here the influence of the Degree Book, the Chudov’s text could be dated to the last third of the 16th century. The purpose of this revision is quite unclear. It seems that the author really wanted to write somewhere these insert stories, and did not find a better place for this than the Tale of Michael and Fedor.

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.