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Rostov text

Nicholas Zharkikh

Given the importance of the early Rostov text (S-1) of the SMF, I compare here the two oldest copies:

S-1-161 – Prologue RGADA Typ. № 161 2nd half 14 cent. [date not substantiated and not confirmed!], published by O. Loseva [Loseva OV as a part of ancient Russian Prologues of XII – the first third of XV centuries. – Moscow: Manuscripts of Ancient Russia, 2009, p. 294 – 297; summed up options S-1-153].

S-1-153 – Prologue RGADA Typ № 153 late 14 (?) – 1 half 15 cent. [date not substantiated and not confirmed!], published by N. Serebryansky [NIS-2, p. 50 – 51; summed up options S-1-161].

Comparison table (78 episodes).

The origin of S-1 I imagine as follows:

1. "Note on the memory of Michael" originated in Rostov in the 1270s.

2. Protograph S-1, built on the basis of a hypothetical protograph S-0 (about this I will speak further), using the Bible, the Tale of Boris and Gleb and "Note on the memory of Michael", also written in Rostov, but the time can not be outlined (late 13 – 1 half 14 century).

3. The earliest copies – S-1-161 (worst) and S-1-153 (best) were independently copied from the protograph.

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.