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Long chronicle texts (15th century)

Nicholas Zharkikh

The SMF was involved in the Great Russian chronicle writing relatively late, only at the beginning of the 15th century, but earlier than the time when Pakhomi Serb was writing. The texts of this group will be abbreviated as RLT.

S1LSI – Sophia 1st Chronicle older recension [PSRL, 2000, vol. 6, no. 1, stb. 318 – 325]. This chronicle has come down to us in two copies from the turn of the 1470s and 1480s. The publication was based on the Obolensky’s copy, and Karamzin’s copy used for options. The SMF is presented more fully in Karamzin’s copy, and somewhat abbreviated in Obolensky’s copy, so for our special purpose, I restore the variants of Karamzin’s copy, noting the significant variants of Obolensky’s copy in the notes. Differences from the S-5 variant are highlighted in bold, except for the systematic titling of Michael as a grand duke or just a prince, and Fedor as a "his boyar" in those places where the S-5 give just a names.

N1LMI – Novgorod 1st Chronicle younger recension [Novgorod’s first chronicle of senior and junior recensions. – M.-Lg.: 1950, ]. Since the SMF here comes from S-5, I find it impractical to outline numerous discrepancies with S-5.

MS1492 – Moscow codex of 1492 [PSRL, 1949, vol. 25, p. 136 – 139]. There is outlined a discrepancy with S1LSI.

VPL – Vologda-Perm Chronicle [PSRL, 1959, vol. 26, p. 82 – 85].

Comparative table (78 episodes).

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