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Prototypes of long Prologue text

Nicholas Zharkikh

Absolutely necessary, but very trivial and boring analysis of the slightest differences between the various versions of the long Prologue texts led us to the conclusion that the closest to the probable protograph of the work is the version S-2 (excluding if necessary its individual features). Now we can finally move on to the study of S-2 from the literary point of view.

A Word about Tatar captivity

Protograph of the SMF

Thus, the idea of a joint protograph expressed by L. A. Dmitriev acquires some specific features. It is not necessary to imagine that S-1 is a direct reduction, and S-2 is an extension of S-0. For both works, this protograph served as a depot of building materials, and the authors of S-1 and S-2 used the obtained material to construct their own works, where other sources were used, separate for S-1 and S-2.

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.