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Simeon 1st chronicle

Nicholas Zharkikh

Simeon chronicle used for publication in 2007 [Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles. 18. T. Simeon chronicle. – M.: Sign, 2007 – 328 p.]. This chronicle is preserved in a single copy, rewritten by D.F.Laptev in the 1540s in the St. Joseph Volokolamsk Monastery.

Structurally it consists of two parts. First, driven to 1411, is the Tver treatment of Trinity chronicle 1408 (so it is used by M. D. Priselkov in the reconstruction of the burnt chronicles). The second part of the 1402 – 1408 and 1412 – 1493 years close to Moscow chronicle of 1492.

Full text of excerpts from this chronicle available in ukrainian / russian versions of article.