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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Nicholas Zharkikh

Hypation chronicle (1292). Cyril Belozersky 2nd chronicler (1537). Cyril Belozersky 3rd chronicler (1537). Chronic notes by Mark Levkeinski (1552). Chronicle of the beginning reign (1552). Alexander Nevsky Chronicle (1567). An excerpt from Novgorod Chronicle (1569). 2nd Novgorod Chronicle (1572). Moscow chronicler (1600). The Story of the Life of the king and the Grand Duke Feodor Ivanovich of All Russia (1603). Chronograph with Nikanorovski Chronicle (1609). Piskaryovsky chronicler (1615). New Chronicle (1630). Belsky chronicler (1632). Esipov Chronicle (1636). Nizhny Novgorod chronicler (1688). Chronicler of 1691. Novgorod 3rd Chronicle (1722). Annals of Novgorod Saint Nicholas Cathedral (1824).

Full text of excerpts from these chronicles available in ukrainian / russian versions of article.