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Vologda and Perm chronicle

Nicholas Zharkikh

Vologda and Perm chronicle used after publication in 1959 [Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles. Vol. 26. Vologda and Perm chronicle. – M.: ed. USSR Academy of Sciences, 1959. – 416 p.]. This is a late chronicle that in period of 1401 – 1480 years very similar to Simeon chronicle, and for the 1480 – 1538 contains the original text with a certain number of records relating to the Vologda and Perm region. These local records are important to local history (all the more so for many other parts of the Moscow State we have no such notes), but prevails in this part national, Moscow material. Best copy of chronicle – Cyril Belozersky – rewritten in mid-16th century, i. e. shortly after the end of the chronicle.

Full text of excerpts from this chronicle available in ukrainian / russian versions of article.