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Tver chronicle

Nicholas Zharkikh

Tver chronicle used by the publication in 2000 [Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles. Vol. 15. Rogozhsky chronicler. Tver collection. – M.: Languages Russian Culture, 2000 – 432 pp.]. This is a late chronicle of a very complex formation. In the initial part (up to 1285), it contains the Rostov Chronicle close to Ermolin and Lvov chronicles, with substantial borrowing from Novgorod 1st chronicle. In the part of the 1285 – 1375 it is close to Rogozhsky chronicler. The next part of the chronicles driven to 1402, after which made a new title and a brief overview of the history of the Tver princes from Yaroslav Yaroslavich (died in 1271) to Ivan Mikhailovich, who became prince in 1399; then fed annals for 1402 – 1499 years, where dominated local Tver records.

Full text of excerpts from this chronicle available in ukrainian / russian versions of article.