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Joasaph chronicle

Nicholas Zharkikh

Joasaph chronicle came to us in a single copy, written in 1520-40-ies, which in the mid-16 cent. belonged to the Moscow Metropolitan Joasaph. It covers events 1437 – 1520 years. In part to the 1478 chronicle as a whole is close to the Moscow chronicle 1492. Researchers believe that the Joasaph chronicle has been an important source for the Nikon chronicle, and since 6961, the Nikon chronicle very closely follows the Joasaph chronicle. Joasaph chronicle used for the publication of 1957 [Ioasafovskaya chronicle. – M.: ed. USSR Academy of Sciences, 1957. – 240 p.]. This chronicle viewed in its full extent.

Full text of excerpts from this chronicle available in ukrainian / russian versions of article.