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Karamzin Novgorod chronicle

Nicholas Zharkikh

Karamzin Novgorod chronicle is preserved in a single copy of the late 15th century. It was published in 2002 [Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles. T. 42. Karamzin Novgorod chronicle. – SPb.: Dmitri Bulanin, 2002. – 221 p.]. In the matter of the origin of this unusual chronicles I agree with Alexander Bobrov [Novgorod chronicles of the 15th century. – SPb.: D. Bulanin, 2001.; also his preface to the 42nd volume of PSRL], that it depends on Sophia 1st chronicle older recension and is primary to 4th Novgorod chronicle.

Full text of excerpts from this chronicle available in ukrainian / russian versions of article.