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Resurrection chronicle

Nicholas Zharkikh

Resurrection chronicle – an important monument in Moscow chronicles. It was written in the 1542 – 1544's, driven up to 1541 and has been preserved in 13 copies, among which, however, there is not original, nor completely preserved text. According to researchers, the basis of the Resurrection chronicle were Moscow chronicle 1492 and Sophia 3rd chronicle.

Resurrection chronicle used after the old edition [Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles. Annals of Resurrection list. – St. Petersburg.: Type. E. Pratz, 1856, vol. 7 – 345 p.; 1859, vol. 8 – 301 p.]. Given that researchers appreciate the source value of this chronicle, it was revised in its entirety.

Full text of excerpts from this chronicle available in ukrainian / russian versions of article.