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The fierce battle for Chernihiv

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

There are plenty this morning about the massive missile attack on the territory of Ukraine. Our rotten-straw brothers launched rockets both from the Black Sea and from the territory of the Potato Horde, where our other brothers live. How good that Ukraine has only two brotherly nations, not five or twenty!

And against this background, on the 122nd day of the war, I try to focus on the events of ancient times, which resonate so clearly with modern times (June 25, 2022 at 9:10 am).

Text parallel

This fierce battle broke out in the historiography between the blunt-end sect and the sharp-end sect.

The first supports the only correct opinion about the fragment of the description of the siege of Chernihiv by the Tatars in 1239 (Sof-28) was borrowed to the description of the siege of Chernihiv by Rus’ princes in 1235 (Ipat-37).

The second advocates a completely wrong idea about borrowing in the opposite direction.

Why is the opinion of blunt people correct? The first and foremost thing is that I belong to them.

Sect of the blunt-end

Sect of the sharp-end

Vadim Stavysky’s view

If someone thinks that everything written above is an exposition of that fierce historiographical battle for Chernihiv, he is mistaken. And he is wrong because he did not see a real fierce battle, and everything that was higher was a "small sabantui".

Vadim Stavysky showed a real "fierce battle" [Stavysky V.I. "". – "Cultural layer. Articles in honor of Gleb Yurijovich Ivakin", K., 2017, p. 388 – 394]:

In simple language, IpatL does not give any real details about Chernihiv, and it is logical to assume that the very acquisition of Chernihiv by the Tatars is a fiction of the chronicler, compiled 20..25 years after the events.

Such a "fierce battle" drags already on the "middle sabantui"!