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Yaroslav and Michael’s princess

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

Every day there are abundant reports of shelling , , (The Dnieper, but not the river, only the city. But the Pushkinists are such a people that they are ready to shell the river if they find out that it is Ukrainian).

This game of rotten straw roulette continues every day – hit or miss.

And while it carries me away – I continue (June 29, 2022 at 7:55 am).

On the occasion of the note kidnapping of the princess (wife of Michael Vsevolodovich, T-151) by prince Yaroslav historians divided into two sects – blunt-enders and sharp-enders (again, I remind you that I am not compiling complete lists of sects, but focusing on new literature).

The blunt-end sect attributes this feat to prince Yaroslav Ingvarovych, the sharp-end sect to prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich (Vladimirsky). A characteristic feature is that only sharp-enders argue their point of view widely and in detail; blunt-enders do not discuss with these views and do not offer elaborate arguments, they only state their point of view.

I believe that both sects refer to the matter wrongly. My view is at the end.

Sect of witnesses of Yaroslav Ingvarovych (blunt-end)

Sect of witnesses of Yaroslav Vsevolodovych (sharp-end)

Nicholas Zharkikh’s view

So, among modern researchers, sharp-end ones decisively prevail in number, but not in terms of argumentation, which looks completely helpless.

Yaroslav Vsevolodovych’s trip to Kamianets-on-Sluch (which is 1,100 km from Vladimir-on-Klyazma) was impossible for purely technical reasons, and I see no need to seriously prove this impossibility. Therefore, I suggest reading the following farce on this topic:

Yaroslav and Danylo, or Cherchez la femme

Those who had the patience to read to the end could notice that the whole event is spread over 30 months (27 months between the first and fifth acts + three more months for the relocation of the Volyn ambassadors with Michael’s princess from Vladimir-on-Klyazma to Volodymyr in Volyn). It was for the sake of these two and a half years that the farce was written.

The most important reason for the technical impossibility of such a "special military operation", which is attributed to Yaroslav Vsevolodovych, is the impossibility of obtaining accurate information about the location of the subject of the operation – that Michael’s princess. There were no transponders on her carts, and there was no space tracking system for vehicles either – so how can such information be obtained?

And meanwhile, without accurate intelligence information, the campaign would turn into a classic "go there – don’t know where".