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Pseudoscience "genealogy"

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version.

Against the background of alarming reports of increased attacks by the Rotten-Straw Horde in the southeast of Ukraine, there is also , that our troops were recapturing Maryinka (25 km west of the center of Donetsk). Don’t let the Donetsk traitors sleep now!

And I will continue as long as I can (April 20, 2022 at 8:00 a.m.).

Genealogy in our lands has gone through several distinct stages of development.

1. In Moscow kingdom 16 – 17 centuries genealogical books were compiled not with a scientific, but with a purely practical purpose.

2. In Russian Empire interest in genealogy awakened in mid-19th century.

The general conclusion is that the Russian genealogical tradition has never managed to produce a high-quality scientific reference book, such as that produced by Joseph Wolf [Kniazowie litewsko-ruscy od k.14 w. – Warsaw: 1895].

3. In the Soviet Union there was no genealogy: it told everything about princes and lords, and they were exploiters and generally bad people. It was necessary to fight against them, well, and Soviet historians fought as best they could.

4. In the independent Ukraine one can observe a certain interest in genealogy in two directions – genealogy of princes (L.V. Vojtovych) and genealogy of cossacks (V.V. Kryvosheya).

As of today, genealogy is not a science, but a field of activity aimed at obtaining undeserved degrees of doctor of historical sciences. It does not contain anything useful for my narrow topic.