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Prince Roman Mstislavich

Nicholas Zharkikh

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At the beginning of the war, all the analysts of all the countries of the world gave Ukraine two hours existence.

Then, when the two hours were over, and Ukraine continued to exist, we were given whole two days.

Then two days passed, and they started giving us two months, further – all, the end.

And only now, when the fourth month of the war ends and our victory is already outlined, generously gave to Ukraine two years, and after that Ukraine will disappear.

During the war, the assessment of our viability increased 8760 times. Do not miss your chance to buy shares of the incredibly successful company "Ukraine"! (May 16, 2022 at 7:55 am)

The person of Roman attracts a lot of attention of modern researchers, and we have several new monographs about him.

When did Roman rule in Galicia?

Roman’s march on Kyiv

The capture of Rurik Rostislavich

"Constitutional project" of Prince Roman

The question of the "constitutional project" of prince Roman Mstislavich belongs to the religious category. The blunt-end sect insists that there is none god project, and the sharp-end sect – that there was such a project.