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Miechowski annals (early 15 cent.)

Nikolas Zharkikh

This annals was discovered as part of a collection of parchment manuscripts 14 – 15 century, which was kept in the Public Library in St. Petersburg. Under the terms of the treaty of Riga in 1921 it was transferred to Poland and burned during the destruction of Warsaw by the Nazis in 1944 [Artur Chojnacki «Rocznika miechowskiego» oraz jego nieznana kontynuacja (w świetle analizy «Miechovii» Samuela Nakielskiego). – Hereditas Monasteriorum, 2012, t. 1, s. 57 – 71].

Text: Annales Mechovienses. – 1) the publication of W. R. Arndt and R. Roepel in the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Scriptores, Bd. Hannover 19, 1866 ; 2) the publication of A. Bielowski in Monumenta Poloniae Historica, Lwów, 1872, t. 2 .

Russian translation by A. S. Dosayev, 2011: .

Since Miechow, where the annals had been written, is just 35 km north of Krakow, of course, that in the monastery were interested in the fate of the Krakow Voivod (palatinus). Therefore, this very short record, made by contemporary of the events and the person who was interested in the political events, although looking at this campaign solely through the eyes of its Polish participants. This source should be used by historians.

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