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Prince Andrew Jaroslavich

Nicholas Zharkikh

The circumstances of the death of Prince Andrew Jaroslavich laid down in the annals contradictory.

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1. The sources value for the events in 1252 has only Laurentian Chronicle (1377). It does not give direction to escape Andrew and contains no record of his death, so the circumstances of his death should be considered unknown.

2. As a literary plot – this story went through three stages of development. In the second stage there was a record of the death of Andrew in 1264, but this date should be considered fictitious. At the 3rd stage, there was a talented short story in Sophia 1st Chronicles (1418), which is a literary processing of the previous two versions. All the "specific details" of this story are fictional author. In the fourth stage (the end. 15 – Ser. 16 cent.) story from Sophia 1st Chronicles underwent further literary adaptations.

3. It should be noted dislike early chronicles, authoritative for 2 half 13 – early 14th cent, to the family of Prince Andrew. We do not know the dates of birth of his sons; we do not know when and how they have returned home and took power in Suzdal; we have almost no mention of the existence of Suzdal princes before recording in 1333 on the death of Prince Alexander Vasilyevich. This conspiracy of silence early chronicles had not was overcome and later – later chroniclers simply did not have source material for this.

Kyiv, Jan 12, 2015.