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The fall of Kyiv in 1482

Nicholas Zharkikh

The capture of Kyiv by the Crimean Tatars in 1482 can be considered in some way a turning point in the political relations of Eastern Europe: the Crimean Khanate definitely declared itself a participant in these relations.

What do we know about this event?

What’s new?

And what new does this article bring to the consideration of a topic that has been studied since the time of Karamzin, that is, for more than 200 years?

Against the background of the historiography I am considering, it turns out – not so little:

1. Compiled a complete anthology of the source texts for the event.

2. Sources are assessed for their competence, reliability and information value.

3. A classification of chronicle stories about the attack and a hypothesis about their origin are proposed.

4. Considered two illustrations of the Illuminated Chronicle of our event.

5. The tactics of attack and defense in this campaign are considered, a comparison with the previous Tatar attacks is given.

6. The note on the restoration of Kyiv in 1483 was analyzed, its dubious, hardly probable moments were found.

7. The fate of the family of the Kyiv governor I. Khodkevich was considered, which made it possible to determine the scheme of redemption of prisoners from the Crimea.

8. The conclusion, established in historiography, is confirmed that the initiator of the attack on Kyiv was the Moscow Grand Duke Ivan III.

9. Considered the accumulation of knowledge on the topic and the evolution of assessments of the attack of 1482 in the historical literature over the past two centuries.

In Kyiv, Feb 23 – Apr 27, 2021.

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