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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Extracts from sources

Nicholas Zharkikh

Moscow diplomatic documentation (1482)

Pechersk Synodikon (1483)

Brief Volyn Chronicle

Annals of Jan from Targowica

Chronicle story number 1

This story is contained only in the Pskov Second Chronicle, brought to 1486.

Chronicle story number 2

Such a record is contained in the Typographical Chronicle and several other chronicles.

Chronicle story number 3

Such a record is contained in the Moscow Chronicle of 1492 and in many later chronicles.

Reduction of chronicle story number 3

There are two versions for such a reduction – in the Chronograph of the 1512 edition and in the Book of Degrees – the official history of the Moscow state, brought to 1559.

Chronicle story number 4

Such a story is contained in the Vologda-Perm Chronicle.

Chronicle story number 5

Such a record is contained in the Sofia Second Chronicle, brought to 1517, and in the Lviv Chronicle, brought to 1560.

Chronicle story number 6

Such a record is contained in the Kholmogory Chronicle, brought to 1559.

Instruction of the Moscow prince Ivan III (1483)

Letter from Khan Mengli-Girey (1483)

Bull of Pope Sixtus 4th (1483)

Vincent de Dominico’s Letter (1483)

Letter from Prince Abdula (late 1482..1483?)

Mengli-Girey’s Letter (1495)

Description of the Kyiv Castle (ca. 1520)

Rachinsky’s Chronicle (late 16th century)

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