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Because this is Ukraine!

Nicholas Zharkikh

I tried to interfere in the "discussion" that is taking place on the website about some toothless document about the the "events in Ukraine". There have already been about 700 "scientists" – and all rusophiles from around the world. Everyone unanimously believes that Ukraine has attacked itself and is shelling its own cities. I repeat, these are scientists, ie people who (theoretically speaking) have to work with their heads.

It turned out that their head was designed to wear a hat and also to have something to eat. To my remarks, everyone is breathing unanimously.

Why – a few historical memoirs.

1. In 1793 the revolutionary French destroyed their own city Lyon, because they didn’t like something there. In other words, it is the norm for the French to shoot in their own city, and they are willing to believe that Ukrainians can do the same.

2. In 1794, the same French revolutionaries with unprecedented brutality suppressed the Shuan uprising in western France. Their cruelty can be compared to the cruelty of the Muscovites during the Tambov uprising of 1921. And will they teach us humanism?

3. As I wrote before:

– The British army in 1940 kept the bridgehead near Dunkirk from the Germans 9 days;

– the same British army in 1941 kept Singapore from the Japanese 3 days;

– The American army in the same 1941 kept the heavily fortified island of Correhidor from the Japanese 2 days.

But the immortal is shame of the French army, which in 1940 gave the Germans its capital (Paris, if you don’t know) without any fight at all!! (Then in 1946 – 1954 the glorious French army lost the war against Vietnam, and in 1959 – 1962 – against Algeria, which confirmed its reputation since 1940.)

In all these cases, there is no question of resistance, only restraint, because the attacking side has not suffered any losses.

4. And what about our Mariupol?

– Mariupol has been fighting in full besiegement for the fourth week, ie more than the British, French and American armies combined in these episodes;

– Mariupol goes on the counterattack;

– Mariupol destroys criminal Russian generals;

– Mariupol captures criminal Russian soldiers;

– Mariupol destroys Russian tanks (thus directly on the ground);

– Mariupol shoots down Russian planes (so right in the sky);

– Mariupol is destroying Russian boats (right in the sea).

No matter how the defense of Mariupol ends, it is already entering world history as an example of extremely successful defense of one’s homeland.

Why so? – Because this is Ukraine!

That’s why American, French and English quilted scientists are mad and blue with anger when they hear about our successes. This contorted them like an adult, not like a child. They feel their own failure and inferiority. They know that they themselves have never been able to do anything like this. They know that in a year they will have to learn the words "palyanytsia" and "Glory to Ukraine", because without that they will not be allowed anywhere.

But without waiting for a year – there will be a key to them. About this – a little later.

Everything will be – Ukraine! We will win!

Mar 25, 2022 in Kyiv.