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Hysteria of the Russian imperialists

Nicholas Zharkikh

About the article by Tymofiy Sergitsev dated April 3, 2022 entitled "" I hope everyone heard.

In case the Muscovites delete this article and say that it has never happened – I also provide the address .

I do not advise anyone to read this article (my doctor prohibit doing this definitely, and this is no joke), but a few words about it are worth saying.

1. As is known in our custom of courtship, the chief elder must lie, and his assistant must sub-lie. The main thing here was the sad mayor Lavrov, who on March 10, 2022 : "Russia is fighting for its right to be on the political map of the world."

If Lavrov was the main liar here, and his words were like a tuning fork, Sergitsev was a petty liar, who expanded the views of his superiors into a wider article.

2. Under the brand "RIA Novosti" produces its "information products" Russian state information plant "Russia Today". It is a government structure and although the plant’s products do not have the status of official government statements, it reflects the government’s views at the semi-official level.

So, we can find out the views of the Russian government.

3. Why is this article published right now? Lavrov’s concern had already manifested itself in the third week of the war, and now, in the sixth week, the concern of government circles has grown to such an extent that they are forced to encourage themselves with such hysterical articles.

As commentators rightly said after Lavrov’s speech, even more so now, – it seems that it is not the Russian army is destroying Mariupol, but the Ukrainian army that has captured Lyubertsy, crossed the Great Ring Road around Moscow and is advancing to the Garden Ring.

In simple terms, the Russian government is experiencing, if not panic, then at least serious concern that the war is going in completely another direction than they would like.

4. Why T. Sergeytsev? Reply :

- in 1998-2009, various Ukrainian politicians repeatedly invited him as a consultant or even leader of their election campaigns, and all these politicians systematically lost the election;

- this gave Sergeytsev the misconception that he knows everyone in Ukraine and everything about Ukraine and can be an "expert" in this case;

- Sergeytsev looked at Ukraine as his "fodder zone", where he collects a lot of money;

- and after 2009 – there are no invitations or money.

Thus, his modern anti-Ukrainian cannibalism is superficial and does not reflect its inner essence. Give him $ 20 – and he will sing the exact opposite, it is possible that he will surpass Podlyak and Obdrystovych.

5. Reaction to the article – quite expected:

"An article entitled ’What should Russia do with Ukraine’, published by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti, is proof of Russia’s plans to carry out the genocide of Ukrainian citizens," President Volodymyr Zelensky (March 4, 2022).

"Article RIA Novosti "What Russia should do with Ukraine" – this is ordinary fascism," – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Latvia Edgars Rinkevics (March 5, 2022).

I pay attention – there is no talk about the "author", only about the article. Nobody even noticed a minnow like Sergiytsev.

So, we in Ukraine do not need to worry about this article. Our weapon is cold hatred. And it must be constant, because the war will not end so quickly.

Everything will be – Ukraine! We will win!

Apr 5, 2022 in Kyiv.