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Referendum of no confidence

Nicholas Zharkikh

I set a date, it is significant: March 22, 2022.
in Kyiv (this is also important).

I read somewhere in the news that President Zelensky had announced a referendum there. Judging by the headlines in the news, he once said that it subject should be the terms of the agreement with Russia, and the second – that the subject should be the status of Donbass and Crimea.

Zelensky did not lose his political sense, because he never had it. And his "advisers" are in fact traitors, and they are destroying the poor, clumsy president as best they can.

Ukraine’s territorial integrity cannot be the subject of any referendum. Donbas and Crimea together with Sevastopol are Ukraine, there can be no other way. The special police regime in these territories is another matter that must be resolved without a referendum.

The terms of peace with Russia are also not under discussion. Our requirements are very simple:

1. Withdrawal of all Russian troops behind the Urals, demilitarization of the European part of the Russian Federation (including the Belarusian satrapy and the Chechen principality).

2. Restoration of the territorial integrity of Ukraine within internationally recognized borders.

3. Withdrawal of the Black Sea Fleet from the Black Sea, de-Russianization of the Black and Azov Seas.

4. Nuclear disarmament of the Russian Federation.

5. Prohibition for Russia to have offensive weapons and most of the defensive. Everything that flies in the air and space, the navy, missiles of all types, armored combat vehicles, artillery prohibited by the Minsk agreements (ie 120 mm and above), air defenses – all this must be destroyed (read the Versailles Treaty in 1918.).

6. Payment of compensation to Ukraine for all those killed by criminal Moscow, starting from January 1, 1918. "Civil war", famines of 1921 – 1922, 1932 – 1933, 1946 – 1947, our compatriots were forcibly deported from Ukraine – from "collectivization" to mass evictions of the 1950s during the struggle against the UPA. All that were repressed by the criminal Moscow punitive apparatus. All the victims of World War II (for the Ukrainians killed by the Germans – let the Russian Federation first entangle us, and then seek compensation from Germany). And as a icing on the cake – compensation for the lives of our citizens killed by criminal Moscow since 2014.

7. Payment of reparations for what they managed to destroy in Ukraine.

8. Kharkiv Tribunal for All War Criminals, from Vladimir Putin to the last cook in the Russian army in Ukraine. They are all war criminals.

Is it that hard to understand? Are we demanding something impossible? Is there a subject for a referendum?

My positive attitude towards Zelensky was shaken by the referendum ravings, and I am giving Zelensky a "yellow card" – a warning. Tired of fighting – resign, hand over your powers to Poroshenko and a house in Italy is waiting for you. Of course, if the evil Americans do not take it away in the case of the theft of "Privatbank".

Otherwise, this irresponsible chatter will lead Zelensky to the tribunal for treason instead of the expected title of Hero of Ukraine.

At the same time, the Russian soldier "Misha" surrendered to the Ukrainians along with his tank. In exchange for the promise of 10 thousand dollars, which will be paid to him after our victory. Ukraine is not Russia, he will get his money.

And in Russia it is time to remember Comrade Stalin and say: "We have no prisoners – we have only traitors." We are waiting for…

Everything will be – Ukraine! We will win!