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War of 1637 – 1638

Nicholas Zharkikh

(1) 1637, September 21. Letter from P.Pavljuk

(1) 1638, 5 (15) February. Relation of Commissioner of the Cossacks

(1) 1638, April. Note by S.Koniecpolski

(1) 1638, 7 (17) April. Resolution of the Sejm of the Commonwealth

(1) 1638. S.Okolski's diary

Dominican friar Simon Okolski (1580 – 1653) accompanied Hetman M.Potocki in campaigns against the Cossacks in 1637 and 1638. During the campaign he kept a diary, which was published in 1638 (the 1637 campaign) and 1639 (the 1638 campaign), respectively. These diaries are a valuable source and is actively used by later historians, including S.Velychko and S.Lukomsky. In 1858 they were reprinted [Okolski S. Dyariusz transakcji wojennej miedzy wojskom koronnym i zaporoskim w r.1637, tudzież Kontynuacya diariusza wojennego w roku 1638. – Kraków: 1858].

Translation of S. Velychko

Abbreviated translation of the second part of the S.Okolski's diary included in the S.Velychko's Chronicle and published in 1864, where we quote the relevant fragments. It contains some additions and explanations by S. Velychko, but they do not apply to the following pieces of Terekhtemyriv.

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.