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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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4th quarter of 16th century

Nicholas Zharkikh

(2) 1578, September 10. Diploma Stefan Báthory

(2) 1581, March 20. Register of Cossack Regiment

(2) 1582, April 9. Diploma Stefan Báthory

(2) 1585. Notes Laurence Müller

(2) 1585. Epicedion

(2) 1585. Description of Poland by Stanislaw Sarnicki

(2) 1587. History by Stanislaw Sarnicki

(1) 1590 9 (19) April. Resolution of the Sejm of the Commonwealth

(1) 1594, 20 (30) May. Diary by Erich Lassota

(2) 1595. Atlas by G.Mercator

Kyiv region on the Mercator's map of…

Detail of G. Mercator's map of Taurica, indicating Kyiv and Cherkasy

(1) 1596, April.
Fragment of "History of Poland" by R. Heidenstein

(1) 1596 April 27 (May 7).
Resolution of the Sejm of the Commonwealth

(2) 1599 Chronicle by Joachim Belsky


We have carefully reviewed the documents that highlight the history of Ukrainian Cossacks at the time of Stefan Báthory – and found in them no mention of Terekhtemyriv. The story of Terekhtemyriv as the center of the Cossacks in general and especially in times of Báthory belong to historical legends that arose much later, as shown in detail in section "Legends".

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.