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Stay of Jakhia, 1625

Nicholas Zharkikh

About staying of an impostor Jakhia (Alexander), claimant to the throne of the Ottoman Empire, in Ukraine we have a set of documents (1625 – 1626) from the Moscow archives. These documents are published with an introduction by P. Kulish [Materials for the history of reunion Rus. – Moscow: 1877, v. 1, p. 142 – 286, he took the documents from the General Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs]. We write out these documents only what concerns Terekhtemyriv.

To better understand the context of the emergence of a document I made the most detailed "Chronology of Jakhia's stay in Ukraine", which can be checked.

(1) 1625, January. Autobiography of Jakhia

(1) 1625, January 24 (February 3). Letter from I.Boretsky

(1) 1625, after 7 (17) February.
Letter from Putivl governor

(1) 1625, after 2 (12) December.
Letter from Putivl governor

(1) 1625, after 2 (12) December. Priest Philip's story

(1) 1626, 12 (22) January. Priest Philip's story

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.