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Mykola Zharkikh (Kyiv)

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Echoes in Europe

Nicholas Zharkikh

History of Terekhtemyriv is inextricably linked to the broader theme of the national liberation struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Polish nobility, caused a significant stir in European literature – Polish, German, French and others. The value of the works under consideration in this section is not their source values, but the impact on historiography.

Ukrainian historiography was greatly influenced by European works. Starting from G. Grabianka, it drew plenty facts from european historical books. Therefore, the messages of Ukrainian narrative stories about Terekhtemyriv should be considered as echo of european echo.

1645. Paul Piasecki

1646. Jakub Sobieski

1663. Pierre Chevalier

1676. Samuel Grądsky

1681. Samuel Twardowski

1682. Samuel von Pufendorf

1687. Cyaneae

1703. Jan Józefowich

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