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Geography. Ancient history

Nicholas Zharkikh

Terekhtemyriv situated on a peninsula about 10 × 10 km in size, which is surrounded on three sides by the Dnieper (now – Kaniv Reservoir).

Panorama of Kaniv Reservoir and…

Panorama of Kaniv Reservoir and Pereyaslav from Monastyrok village.
Photo D.Vortman, June 3, 2011

This peninsula has no special name, in the description of the Soviet troops operation in 1943, used the name Bukryn place d'arme.

The peninsula rather amply rich archaeological sites. Thus, between the villages Terekhtemyriv and Monastyrok on the edge of the plateau is a large hillfort of the Scythian period, which is called Terekhtemyriv's hillfort.

Historic times for the peninsula began in 1096 when mentioned in the chronicles that Polovtsian crossing the Dnieper near Zarub. Hillfort of this ancient town is located on the eastern side of the peninsula, near the village Zarubincy. On the northern side of the peninsula, near the village Monastyrok, was situated ancient Zarub monastery.

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