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Falsed universal Bathory – Khmelnytsky

Nicholas Zharkikh

Falsified by Cossacks universal of S. Báthory August 20, 1577 / B. Khmelnytsky January 15, 1655 entered into a lot of publicity in the historiography and live somewhat independently of the main array of Terekhtemyriv legends. Therefore, we must consider this lateral branch of the main Terekhtemyriv legends a little more.

In my opinion, this is all the more necessary because our historical science, after identification of document as fraud, lost interest in it. Meanwhile, it is necessary to determine – who, when and why made this falsification, what historical sources used forger, in which the community it has spread and what practical importance was given to fabrication.

Sound wordy criticism of this document is also needed for those simple-minded historians and local lore scholars who continue to use this document in their "research".

Universal of Báthory – Khmelnytsky, which is the subject of this section, we will denote the reduced UBKh to distinguish it from other documents to which it will compare.

It is an abstract of the chapter. For the full text see please ukrainian version.