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Summarium Jagiello and Vytautas (1413)

Nicholas Zharkikh

The document, which is called «Summarium von Jagel und Wytaut», came to us in the "Prussian chronicle» by Paul Pole, completed in 1532. Part of this chronicle, including "Summarium", was published by the German historian in 1874 [Scriptores rerum Prussicarum, 1874 , S. 226.] Luckily, in 2009, the Belarusian historian gave us a translation of the desired fragment [Litskevich A. "". – Belarusian Thought, 2009, № 11, p. 94 – 101].

Episode 1 Toeppen and Litskevich assumed referred to march 1398. Episode 2 undoubtedly regards 1399, a campaign on the Vorskla.

Full text of section – in the Ukrainian version.