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February 16, 2023

Missile strikes on Ukraine on February 16, 2023 – how many missiles were fired by the Russian Federation, how many were shot down – news

Operational information as of 06.00 on 02/16/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

EU statement – Russia throws mobilized in senseless attacks

’It came at a high price’: Russia deploys 97% of its army to Ukraine, WSJ

Vitaly Pokhyla left his business in Spain and died in Donbas – Vugledar

The US Secretary of State has planned a tour of Europe to help Ukraine

Defense enterprises of Ukraine during the war – new companies were founded

The SBU detained a Russian FSB agent

Sanctions against Russia – Switzerland joined the oil price ceiling

Defense forces repelled enemy attacks in the areas of 15 settlements, – General Staff

In the Lviv Region, the enemy hit a critical infrastructure facility

The US intends to increase military aid to Ukraine by another $10 billion – State Department

The head of the Foreign Ministry of Israel arrived on a visit to Kyiv

Russia has changed the tactics of missile strikes, there were no "martyrs" – the Air Force

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will try to seize Bakhmut by February 24 – Danilov

The SBU reported the suspicion to the head of the Russian Promsvyazbank

In Russia, a soldier chose suicide in order not to be sent to war in Ukraine

Aviation and artillery hit the positions of the occupiers, which came under fire

A military man from the Sarnen region died during artillery shelling near Bakhmut

Another Defender from Zhytomyr region died in the battles near Bakhmut

Serhii Novikov, a soldier from Dolyna, died in Donetsk region (PHOTO)

He was considered missing: the death of a soldier from Kremenets was confirmed

He left to pick up the wounded, but did not return: a combat medic from the Rivne region died in the center of Bakhmut

A young sniper, Serhiy Maryenkov, from Poltava region, died at the front

A 28-year-old man from Volhynia, who lived in the Sarnen region, died in the battles for Bakhmut

A 43-year-old soldier from Shepetiv region died in Donetsk region

In the Boyars community, there was a combat loss: Kostyantyn Muzychenko was killed

Soldiers of the heavenly army: Carpathians Nazar Getsko and Volodymyr Voloshynovych died in the war

The war took the lives of Volodymyr Voloshinovych and Andrii Tkach, residents of the Carpathians

During the defense of Ukraine, two more defenders from the Poltava region died

A Russian officer from Putin’s Christmas video has been eliminated in Ukraine

Guardsmen destroyed an enemy observation post in Donetsk region (VIDEO)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Sturm-S anti-tank anti-tank missile

The Armed Forces destroyed a convoy of Russian armored vehicles

Shelling of Pavlohrad on February 16 – the number of wounded increased, more than half a hundred houses were damaged

Rocket attack on Vovchansk: the number of victims has increased

Explosions in Sevastopol: the occupiers claim a mass drone attack

Media: the purpose of the new EU sanctions against the Russian Federation is to force banks to disclose frozen Russian assets

In Kherson, a collaborator who was implementing Russian educational standards was exposed

Kharkiv Oblast will say goodbye to the senior sergeant who died in Donetsk Oblast

In Toretsk, a Russian senator who voted for an attack on Ukraine was stripped of his honorary title

In the Russian Federation, the head of finance of the Ministry of Defense in the Western Military District was found dead – mass media

Ukraine received the first temporary crossings from Sweden

The US Secretary of Defense arrived in Estonia to discuss support for Ukraine

In the north of the occupied Crimea, after the "clap" there was a powerful fire – that is known

Jewelry work: Vinnytsia infantrymen destroyed a poorly camouflaged enemy SAM "Wasp" (video)

The moment of the destruction of the Wagnerites near Soledar was shown by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation — the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

Norway’s parliament supported $7.3 billion in aid to Ukraine – DW – 16.02.2023

The Ministry of Defense is implementing the automation of property accounting in the Armed Forces using the SAP system

The EU may ban the supply of toilets to Russia on the anniversary of the invasion

A rocket fell again on the territory of Moldova during the shelling of Ukraine

The center of the Russian capital will be closed due to Putin’s message

A fragment of a Russian rocket was found again in Moldova

Zelenskyi said that Russia’s new offensive has already begun

Western media once again took up the topic of "arms smuggling" from Ukraine. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted

Ukraine returned another 100 soldiers and civilians from captivity – DW – 16.02.2023

Danylo Chebotaryov, a military man from Pereyaslav, returned from Russian captivity

The Prime Minister of Japan invited Zelenskyi to take part in the G7 online summit on February 24 – mass media

Invasion of Russia – Israel has reopened its embassy in Kyiv

Confiscation of Deripaska’s property: The anti-corruption court seized the property of Russian oligarch Deripaska in Ukraine

Three local spies for the Ukrainian military were exposed in Donetsk region

February 17, 2023

The deputy mayor of Energodar was released from Russian captivity

Summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: news from the front on the morning of February 17, 2023.

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: A team of instructors from Iran arrived in Luhansk for training in the use of shaheeds

The US supports strikes on military facilities in Crimea: legitimate targets for the Armed Forces

The SBU detained a collaborator in Kherson who was repairing Russian diesel locomotives. PHOTO

The "fifth column" of the Russian Federation was defeated in Serbia

The Russians shelled Kharkiv at night

Cotton in the Russian Federation – a fire engulfed a warehouse in Magadan

ZSU: An entire D-30 battery was destroyed near Ugledar. The Russian Federation will be able to advance normally in May-June

How a French company supports Russia’s military actions in Ukraine – Le Monde investigation BIZAGRO

The SBU exposed an agitator from Ivano-Frankivsk who supported the occupiers

In Dnipro, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Hanna Malyar, presented awards to representatives of the military media

Sanctions are working: Russia has reduced oil production

Zelenskyy will open the Munich Security Conference, Ukraine is in the center of attention

"Minus the enemy’s infantry": artillerymen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces blew up the Russians near Bakhmut (video)

"Cotton" in Crimea: a warship was on fire in Sevastopol, and in the morning a drone attacked the TPP

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Rutte met with Zelenskyi in Kyiv

Kuleba: "Ashan" has turned into a full-fledged weapon of Russian aggression

"Aushan" was exposed in the supply of goods to the Russian military

Russian journalist Krasovsky was sentenced in absentia in Ukraine to 5 years in prison with confiscation of property – SBU

The Ukrainian military near Vugledar covered the column of occupiers with fire

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out five strikes against the Russian occupiers during the day, – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The losses of the occupiers in February exceeded the usual weekly figures by five times – Russia’s losses in the war with Ukraine

NABU and SAP informed Natalya Korolevska about the suspicion

The leader of the British Labor Party, Keir Starmer, visited Irpin

The spy arrested in Germany was supposed to give the FSB the coordinates of the HIMARS delivered to Ukraine – media

February 18, 2023

Wallace: Russia’s "big" offensive is an advance on the fronts at the cost of thousands of lives by "meters", not kilometers

General Staff: The Armed Forces successfully repelled enemy attacks near 20 settlements in three regions

Threat of massive attack: Massive alarm

More than 30,000 "Wagnerians" were wounded or killed in Ukraine

Caesar for Ukraine – France may transfer additional howitzers to Kyiv

Military aid to Ukraine – a special company was created in Luxembourg, which purchases shells for the Grad MLRS and transfers them to Ukraine

Frozen assets: More than 5 billion euros of Russian assets have been frozen by Germany since the beginning of the war in Ukraine

In Bukovina, the tank commander of the so-called "DPR" was sentenced to 10 years behind bars

Air defense fighters of the Kyiv region were honored with awards

Day of remembrance of the fallen defenders near Debaltseve

Map of hostilities on February 18, 2023 – what is the situation at the front

The SSO set fire to the Russian BC warehouse near Bakhmut, video

The 59th Infantry Brigade hits the Russian 9K33 "Wasp" with two Excaliburs

Seven Ukrainian special forces killed the "Wagner" assault company near Bakhmut

Volodymyr Buchynsky from Ivano-Frankivsk died in the war (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A shooter from Cherkasy was killed during the assault of the enemy army

Tomorrow, Berehovo will say goodbye to Hero Andriy Kryvy, who died in the war (PHOTO)

A 21-year-old soldier from Lviv region, Mykhailo-Yuriy Burii, died in the battles in Luhansk region

The moment of the destruction of the Wagnerites near Soledar was shown by the Armed Forces (VIDEO)

Russia’s losses in the war – the Wagnerians showed the corpses of the killed mercenaries and called for them to hand over weapons and ammunition – video

Russia’s losses in the war – dozens of graves of Wagnerites liquidated in Ukraine appeared at the cemetery in Tambov

The Armed Forces of Ukraine took prisoner PMK mercenary Wagner near Bakhmut during the assault of the occupiers

The Russians hit Khmelnytskyi with missiles: the mayor reported the consequences

"Energoatom" about Russian missiles: the threat of hitting the NPP reactor was high

The power system returns to normal operation after the morning attack by the Russians – "Ukrenergo"

Putin is preparing to rebrand the war: instead of the SVO, he will announce the beginning of the KTO, the media

In Russia, the Kursk region came under fire: villages were left without electricity

The US Treasury is interested in Raiffeisen Bank’s transactions in Donbas and Syria

A severe fire broke out at a chemical plant in the Russian city of Ufa

The SBU detained a traitor who "directed" Russian missiles at schools (photo)

The "Lyut" brigade fully meets the goals of liberating Ukrainian territories (Photo, Video)

Great Britain will supply Ukraine with long-range ammunition – Sunak

Zelensky reacted to the missile attack on Ukraine today

France transferred modern Akeron ATGMs to Ukraine

OP confirmed that Zelensky invited Orban to Ukraine

The Netherlands expelled Russian diplomats over espionage

GUR: Russia has concentrated about 450 planes and 300 helicopters 200 km from the border with Ukraine

During the day, the Russian invaders launched 16 missile strikes, the evening summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces

The G7 countries reached an agreement on strengthening sanctions against Russia

Great Britain has already started training Ukrainian pilots, — Prime Minister Sunak (video)

The new president of the Czech Republic does not want victory over Russia

Peter Pavel: Kuleba and European leaders responded to Pavel’s hints about Ukraine’s concessions in the war

February 19, 2023

The enemy is on the offensive in the Kupyan, Lyman, Bakhmut, Avdiiv and Shakhtar directions

Blinken said that there were talks with Musk about Starlink’s work in Ukraine

The SBU detained an informant who "directed" Russian missiles at schools and electrical substations in Donetsk region

The Ukrainian anti-drone system "Nota" will make its debut at the IDEX-2023 exhibition

The Russian occupiers shelled the territory of the Kherson Oblast – OVA 55 times a day

What is the situation in the regions on February 19, 2023, where there were shelling

The SBU showed how the snipers of the Special Operations Center "A" "worked out" the positions of the Russians in the east at night. Video

During the shooting of Maidan activists, Yanukovych actively communicates with Medvedchuk, – Prosecutor General’s Office

Zelenskyi and the Ukrainians receive a lot of applause, but not enough ammunition – Borrell at the Munich conference

In Berdyansk, the occupiers’ hospital – the city council – probably caught fire

Oleksandr Sozansky – the commander of the fire support company of the 80th ODSHB was killed near Bakhmut – photo, video

The situation at the front as of February 19, 2023 – the establishment of the General Staff

"Two hundred convicts from "Wagner" escaped near Vugledar, are hiding somewhere" – interception of GUR

The Russians are blocking the rotation of IAEA employees – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has responded

A counterintelligence officer of the SBU from Kirovohrad region was imprisoned for cooperation with the Russians

In Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, a defender of Ukraine who died at the front will be laid to rest

FSB mole in German intelligence received 400,000 euros from Russia for leaking information – NYT-latest news

The US Treasury is investigating Raiffeisen Bank because of its operations in Russia

An explosion rang out near Mariupol: details

In Donetsk, Andryushchenko visited the prosecutor’s office and the barracks

Nine defenders from Vinnytsia died in the battles for Ukraine

The Wagnerites were liquidated by partisans in a training camp in the Rostov region

The building of the so-called "prosecutor’s office" is on fire in occupied Donetsk

Russia’s losses in the war – Ukrainian military hit the occupiers in the Luhansk region – video

A soldier from the Rivne region died in the battle near Bakhmut

General Staff: During the day, the enemy launched 9 missile and 11 airstrikes

Border guards repelled seven attacks near Bakhmut

Volodymyr Zelenskyi introduced sanctions against the Moscow Stock Exchange and 333 Russians — sanctions against Russia

The Russian army uses as many shells per day as the EU produces in a month – the Prime Minister of Estonia

February 20, 2023

Operational information as of 06.00 on 20.02.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

GS: Armed Forces fought back near Bakhmut, Kupyansk and Kreminnaya. They destroyed an anti-aircraft missile battery, shot down a Su-25 — map

Zelensky introduced new sanctions against 333 representatives of Russian banks: details

Lethal weapons: By providing Russia with lethal weapons, China will cross a red line

Defense forces hit 20 areas of enemy concentration, – General Staff

Russia hid its aviation from the strikes of the Armed Forces

The Investigative Committee of Russia opened a criminal case against a military doctor for refusing to go to war in Ukraine

Combat work of the BTR-4 "Bucephal" crew on the outskirts of Bakhmut.

The SBU reported the suspicion to the head of the Cherkasy Diocese of the UOC MP

Zelenskyi’s address to the Day of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

Soldiers of the SSO attack the logistics of the Russians with the help of drones near Kherson

Russia’s offensive in Luhansk region – the enemy has gathered a lot of forces and equipment

Gaidai: "The hottest situation is precisely in the direction of Kreminnaya and in Bilogorivka"

Mykhailo Levytskyi from Uzhhorod Oblast died on the front line

In the last week, it became known about the death of another 22 soldiers from Poltava Oblast

A military man from Duben region died at the front

A man from Kalinov died in the war with the Russian invaders

Dmytro Gumenny, a sergeant from Chortkivshchyna, died fighting for Ukraine

Viktor Kakalyuk, a 50-year-old man from Volhynia, died in the war

Oleg Deev, a soldier from Ladyzhyn, died in the war

A 52-year-old military man from Snyatyn Oblast died in Bakhmut

Marine Valery Samofalov died for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

Ternopil Region has lost another Hero: two children were left without a father

"Saraj" is waiting for Smila: a long-time defender has died

The Ukrainian military destroyed the enemy’s ammunition depot with a well-aimed shot (video)

The destroyed Russian radar station of the "Zoopark-1M" complex was found in the Kherson region

Russia uses Chinese drones in the war with Ukraine — mass media

The names of Kherson citizens who were taken by the Russians to the Lefortovo pre-trial detention center in Moscow became known

Did Biden visit Ukraine or not: what is known about the mysterious motorcade spotted in Kyiv

The head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland announced the preparation of the 13th aid package and certain decisions about tanks

Russian commanders drove mobilized people without fingers, hands and feet to storm the positions of the Armed Forces

An air alert has been announced in Kyiv and a number of regions

"Preparing something special": the Russian Federation is withdrawing huge reserves to the Luhansk region, – Haydai

The US has no right to lecture us on arms supplies – China’s Foreign Ministry

An employee of the SBU who "sold" himself to the Russians for UAH 17,000 was convicted

Fleeed with assault rifles: "Somalia" fighters are wanted in the Rostov region

Shares of Raiffeisen bank fell by 7% due to Russian business

In the Russian Federation, military personnel set off an explosion: six soldiers were killed

Biden’s statement in Kyiv: a new military aid package and additional sanctions

Russia deployed troops at the Zaporizhzhia NPP and set up a machine gun position on the roof of the power unit

A delegation of the Israeli parliament visited Bucha

There is no accumulation of Russian aviation near the borders, and it is impossible to bring it to the borders, – the Air Force

Shelling of Kherson: the situation in the region on February 19

More than 600 mobilized Russians were placed in the bomb shelter of Zaporizhzhya NPP

Japan will allocate $5.5 billion in aid to Ukraine, hold an online meeting in the "G7+Zelensky" format

Sanctions against the Kremlin have already been adopted for the most part

Reznikov met with representatives of the Israeli parliament and the Israeli ambassador in Kyiv

The Israeli early warning system will be tested in Kyiv

A former law enforcement officer of the Republic of Crimea will be tried for treason and defecting to the enemy

The King of Great Britain visited the training of Ukrainian soldiers in England

Biden met with key Ukrainian ministers and assured Ukraine of US support

The Pentagon announced details of a new $460 million package of military aid to Ukraine

IMF – Ukraine is counting on a large aid program – Shmyhal at a meeting with Georgieva

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will form 2 tank battalions with Leopard-2 and 6-7 battalions with Leopard-1

Ukraine and the West support Moldova’s fight against Russia’s hybrid attacks

Biden met with Epiphany (photo)

Street lighting was restored in Irpen

Street lighting was completely restored in Buchi – Fedoruk

February 21, 2023

Summary of the General Staff: the Russians are trying to advance in five directions, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled a number of attacks near Bakhmut and Belogorivka

Kharkiv attack February 20, 2023 – the enemy fired S-300 missiles from the Belgorod region

Zelensky saw Biden’s determination to do everything to defeat Russia

Joe Biden arrived in Warsaw

An organization that denied Lithuania’s independence was liquidated in Vilnius

The Security Service of Ukraine reported suspicion of pro-Kremlin bloggers who prepare fakes for Solovyov’s talk show

A video about the "adventures" of the Wagnerites near Soledar was shown by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation — the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

The UDF kamikaze drone destroyed the Russians: video

Reznikov: The anti-Kremlin coalition already consists of 54 countries that are allies of Ukraine

Gave road routes to the Russian troops for the offensive on Kyiv: the SBU detained the headman of a village near Gostomel

The adjuster of the Russian strikes on Kharkiv received 15 years in prison

"Cotton" happened again in Belgorod

Stratkom of the Armed Forces showed how the ground defense destroyed two tanks of the occupiers in one battle at once. Video

In Severodonetsk, people close to "the authorities" are ready to quickly leave the city "on command".

Combat operations near Kreminnaya – Ukrainian military restrains the offensive

Gave his life for Ukraine: a soldier from Chortkiv region died at the front

Heroes of Bukovyna: Andriy Korenkovych died in battles with the invaders

Mykola Polozov from Sumy Oblast died at the front

From the first days at the front A senior sergeant from the Sarna district was killed in Donetsk region

Prykarpattia lost Mykhailo Kravchuk and Ruslan Khmulyak in the war

The fourth loss in a row: the community in the Rivne region received another news about the death of a soldier

Carpathian Artem Lotvin died in the war

Dmytro Lukyanov from Kryvyi Rih died in the battles near Bakhmut

Defender of Ukraine Oleksandr Hordiychuk died in the war near Kreminnaya

Andriy Drapulya, a soldier from Vinnytsia, died in Vugledar

Two defenders from Poltava region died on the eastern front, defending Ukrainian land from the enemy

37-year-old Hero from Volyn, Dmytro Savytskyi, died in Kharkiv Oblast

Andriy Bozhok, a 34-year-old resident of Ternopil, died at the front

In the Donetsk region, a soldier from the Rivne region was killed during mortar shelling

Artyom Varsan, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

The commander of the anti-tank unit from the Kremenchug district was killed

Cargo "200" arrived at Novosibirsk airport. About a hundred occupiers returned from Ukraine on one flight in zinc coffins

Ukrainian armored personnel carrier "Khorunzhy" was spotted on the front line (video) –

The occupiers who survived in Makiivka were forced to apologize for addressing Putin – video

Video fact: Before death, three occupiers ask to shoot down a Ukrainian drone with a machine gun

The occupiers shelled the nine-story building in Stepnohirsk with artillery

The USA will stop circumventing sanctions on the part of Russia

The European Commission was wary of China’s "peace plan" for Ukraine

Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Maloni in Kyiv

Putin delivered a message to the Federal Assembly on February 21 – Zelensky reacted

Yermak and Danilov commented on Putin’s message to the Federal Assembly

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation showed the night sniper hunt for the Russian infantry near Bakhmut — the Russian war against Ukraine

In Ukraine, the renaming of stations in the Ukrainian language has begun

USA on Putin’s decision to terminate the nuclear agreement: unfortunate and irresponsible

Defense forces of the Tavria direction destroyed 17 units of military equipment and 5 enemy ammunition depots. VIDEO

As a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine, 3,128 educational institutions were damaged, of which 441 were completely destroyed – MES

It’s getting out of control: China made a loud statement about the war in Ukraine

Kuleba on China’s "peace plan": Wang Yi shared the key points of the document with me, we will draw conclusions after receiving the full text

A lawyer from Mariupol who headed one of the "courts" of the "DNR" will be tried in absentia in Frankivsk

Sanctions against Russia – Serbia will buy French Rafale fighters

Sanctions against Russia – India faced problems in paying for oil

Arms production for Ukraine: Ukraine, the EU and NATO agreed on the coordination of arms production for the needs of the Armed Forces

Shelling of Kherson: the city council specified that five people were killed and 16 were wounded

Black Hawk helicopter in GUR: GUR reconnaissance pilots perform combat missions in the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. PHOTO

We understand that after the war there will be nothing alive in Donbas – Zelensky

In the Kherson region, a former deputy of the village council was suspected of treason

The border guards repelled a "meat attack" by mercenaries of the "Wagner" PMC on Bakhmut

Two BMPs were destroyed along with the landing party. Ukrainian "raccoons" showed an unsuccessful attack by the invaders in Maryinka

The court banned the activities of the "Party of Regions"

Italy will provide Ukraine with three air defense systems – SAMP-T Skyguard Spike

The Prime Minister of Moldova confirmed that Russia wanted to seize the airport in Chisinau – the latest news

The Moor has done his job: PMC "Wagner" accuses the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation of treason

Biden expressed gratitude to Poland for its "unwavering" support for Ukraine

He beat, did not allow him to sleep and eat: a military man of the Russian Federation was sentenced to 12 years for torturing a civilian

February 22, 2023

The aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 8 strikes: the occupiers and military equipment came under fire

During Biden’s visit to Kyiv, the Russian Federation unsuccessfully launched "Sarmat" – media

In Sumy, air defense was activated

During the day, the Ukrainian military repelled the attacks of the Russian Federation forces near 7 settlements – the General Staff

Wang Yi discussed the war with Patrushev in Moscow. Blinken warns China against "terrible steps"

The USA will provide Ukraine with long-range JDAM-ER guided bombs

Creation of an aviation coalition: Continuous work is underway to create an aviation coalition

In the Czech Republic, fundraising for the purchase of the RM-70 anti-aircraft missile system for Ukraine has begun

Ukraine is introducing sanctions against all Russian banking and non-banking institutions

The Wagnerians suffer huge losses near Bakhmut – the PMK showed the number of people killed per day

Ukrainian OSINT analysts have identified the pilot of the A-50 aircraft, which guides missiles from Belarus

​​​​​​​Biden will meet with the leaders of the countries of the eastern flank of NATO, which support Ukraine

A pro-Russian blogger who was hiding in the UOC MP monastery was caught in the capital

A recidivist who recruited Ukrainian criminals to PMC "Wagner" was detained in Vinnytsia

Atrocities in Buch – Ukraine identified more than 90 Russians involved in the crimes

Russia failed the test of the new ballistic missile "Sarmat", mass media

It was not possible to attract people: whole sectors are empty at Putin’s concert in Luzhniki

In Dergachyv region, they said goodbye to the fallen soldier

Taras and Olga Melster died in the same trench – a touching story of defenders of Ukraine

A junior sergeant from Dubenshchyna died at the front

Yury Storozhev, a native of Terebovla, died in the war

A 27-year-old soldier from the Shepetiv district of Khmelnytskyi "E" died at the front

Mykhailo Snigur, a Carpathian, died in the war

Oleksiy Zyoma, a defender from Konotopshchyna, died in the war

Only when he was at the front as a result of enemy fire did our compatriot die

Seven servicemen from the Rivne region died in the war, two of them from the same community

"The memory of the Hero is eternal", – died a soldier from Ternopil Oblast Yuriy Storozhuk

Defender from Lanovechchyna died in Dnipropetrovsk hospital (PHOTO)

Hero from Volyn fell in Donetsk region

The Armed Forces successfully destroyed the base of the occupiers in Debaltsevo -

More than 10 explosions rang out in Mariupol, it is reported that the occupants’ BC compound was hit

The occupiers near Bakhmut faced an acute shortage of ammunition for artillery

A Kyrgyz citizen who was recruited from a Russian colony into "PMC Wagner" died in the war in Ukraine

Biden in Poland — The US President and the leaders of the Bucharest Nine declared their support for Ukraine

In Mariupol, two enemy warehouses with fuel were destroyed

The Prosecutor General reported the number of strikes by the Russian Federation on energy facilities in Ukraine in five months

Restoring the power grid: the US is preparing strategies to create a war-proof power grid in Ukraine, – Minister of Energy Granholm

Russia destroyed 81,000 objects of civil infrastructure — Office of the Prosecutor General

He supported the Russian Federation and called for genocide: the SBU served suspicion on a Crimean teacher

Pro-Russian blogger Ruslan Kotsaba left for the USA as a political refugee

Oleg Mudrak, captain and commander of the 1st battalion of the "Azov" regiment, died

Igor Suporovsky, the Protector from Fastov, became an angel of the Heavenly Host