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Nicholas Zharkikh

January 12, 2023

The death of a British volunteer in Soledar – the reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain

The Ukrainian military shot down a Russian Ka-52 helicopter and two drones – the General Staff

The Armed Forces hit 27 areas of enemy concentration, – General Staff

Explosions are heard in Kherson on January 12 – what is known about it

Replacing Surovikin with Gerasimov – a major change in Putin’s approach to war management – British intelligence

In Belgorod, a drone damaged a power line and caused a fire with a blackout

A paratrooper rescued a wounded comrade under fierce fire in the Bakhmut area (VIDEO)

A native of Zaporizhzhia was killed near Bakhmut, who was fighting with a prosthesis after a mine detonation.

Belogorivka and Popasna no longer exist as settlements, Gaidai declared – Russian aggression

Those who died in Olenivka: DNA examination is now underway

Resolutions on the early termination of the powers of People’s Deputies Medvedchuk, Kuzmin, Kozak and Derkach were registered in the parliament

She justified the armed aggression of the Russian Federation: admirers of "Russian peace" from Prykarpattia reported suspicion

Ban on leaving. How is the mobilization going in the Russian Federation

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation banned 36 British citizens from entering the country, including members of the government, journalists and security forces

Cooperation between courts: Ukraine terminated another agreement with the CIS

Assad supported Russia in the war against Ukraine

The MAF of the UOC MP near the Tithing Church in Kyiv must be dismantled

Belarus has legalized movie, music and software piracy: here’s all about the new law

At the cost of huge losses, the Russians are trying to take Soledar — fierce battles continue, the Armed Forces destroy the invaders (VIDEO)

January 13, 2023

War latest news – Ukrainian military repelled attacks in the area of 17 settlements in Donetsk and Luhansk regions

Soledar and Bakhmut are not captured by the enemy – the President of Ukraine

Ukrainian military personnel arrived in Spain for training

American analysts believe that the invaders captured Soledar

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks near 17 settlements, General Staff

Occupiers in Luhansk region: Realizing the inevitability of de-occupation, traitors flee from Svatovo and Kreminnaya

A terrorist country is trying to create an army of two million, – GUR

The night in Soledar was hot – Painter

Tens of thousands of new Ukrainian-made mines are already on the front line — Ukroboronprom

Soledar now – what is happening in the city – who controls – the battles of the news of Ukraine

Ukrainian troops are still in Soledar — CNN

Poland transferred 8,000 Starlink terminals to Ukraine – Ministry of Digital

Ukraine will purchase drones for 20 billion hryvnias in 2023, – Reznikov

Italy has approved the transfer of the SAMP-T anti-aircraft system to Ukraine

In Berdyansk, the car of the head of the occupation administration of the Berdyansk district of Kychigin was blown up

Soldiers of the Armed Forces showed how they defend Soledar: photos from the place of hellish battles

Soledar under the control of the Russian Federation or the Armed Forces? Battles, surrounds or captures: what’s going on?

A law enforcement officer who betrayed a colleague from among the defenders of "Azovstal" will be tried in absentia

Denys Zubriychuk of Dynamo ultras died in Soledar

A gas pipeline exploded in the north of Lithuania; the height of the flame is about 50 meters

In the Bryansk region of the Russian Federation, a sergeant shot a major for beating him

January 14, 2023

Explosions in Kyiv on the morning of January 14

General Staff: Ukrainian Armed Forces successfully repelled attacks by Russian troops in Donbas near 14 settlements

A 16-year-old enemy informant from Bakhmut faces up to 15 years in prison

The deserter who surrendered to the Russians was exchanged and sentenced to 6 years

Oleksandr Datsyuk, a soldier from the Shum community, died at the front

The Armed Forces hit 2 more control points and 8 areas of concentration of the enemy’s manpower – the assembly of the General Staff

According to detailed information, there were two arrivals in Kharkiv – Terekhov

Racists hit Zaporizhzhia again – strong explosions in the city (VIDEO)

Denys Tutuka, a resident of the city of Sarna, died at the hands of the occupier

The chief doctor of Melitopol was convicted of collaborationism

The Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated the battalion of Russian criminals "Alaniya"

Battles for Soledar continue – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A Carpathian soldier died at the front. The community declared a day of mourning

Russia already has three armies: Danilov predicts the appearance of a fourth

The British Prime Minister confirmed the intention to transfer Challenger 2 tanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Countering Russian aggression: Zelenskyy called British Prime Minister Sunak, what was discussed

Battles for Soledar continue both in the city and beyond

Debris of a Russian rocket fell on the territory of the Pyrogovo museum complex near Kyiv, Minister Tkachenko said

The tactics of missile terror do not change, – Musienko about the Russian attack on Kyiv

Two residents of Sloviansk were sentenced to 8 years for correcting shelling

Klitschko reported on the work of the Air Defense Forces in Kyiv

People are under the rubble: the Russians hit a 9-story building in Dnipro (PHOTO)

In Luhansk region, the military fought and captured Russians who were dressed in Ukrainian pixel uniforms

Russia’s war against Ukraine: Putin’s occupiers staged a massive attack on Kyiv, Kharkiv, the Dnieper and other cities

In the Kyiv region, the police detained a "DNR" militant who fought against the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbas

Four Russian occupiers who mocked civilians during the occupation of the village of Yagidny in Chernihiv region were sentenced

Local Telegram channels report explosions in the Belgorod and Kursk regions of the Russian Federation

The latest Russian attack significantly worsened the situation in the Ukrainian energy sector

Morning shelling of the capital: the Russian Armed Forces attacked Kyiv with S-400 missiles, — Zaluzhny

S-400 — Zaluzhny told how the Russians hit Kyiv in the morning — Kyiv news

The number of injured in the Dnipro increased to 64 people, 35 people were rescued from the rubble – National Police

The general director of YASNO published a photo of the consequences of the shelling of one TPP

PMK "Wagner" lost more than 14,000 mercenaries in the battles near Bakhmut and Soledar

The General Staff spoke about the current situation in Soledar

Poroshenko handed over to the military three sets of Poseidon UAVs, manufactured on the chassis of DAF trucks

January 15, 2023

Russia’s ambassador to the UN Security Council rejected the proposal for a peace summit, saying that Ukraine "was going to attack Moscow" – ISW

A resident of Donetsk region was sentenced to five years in prison for supporting Putin

Search teams of the Commissioner for Missing Persons find new burials of defenders

Dozens of buildings were damaged in the Kyiv region after the rocket attack

What is known about a Russian missile hitting a high-rise building in Dnipro

Missile attack on the Dnipro – Canada condemned Russia’s actions

17 hours of debris removal in Dnipro — journalist FREEDOM told details from the scene of the tragedy (VIDEO)

Missile attack on the Dnipro Victory 14.01.23: work completed on 45% of the Dnipro

In Kryvyi Rih, a rocket attack on January 14 damaged more than 50 buildings – the administration

Serhiy Kenyuk, a resident of Kolomyia, died in the war

Kozova mourns the death of the soldier Oleg Fik – the 24-year-old boy managed to do so much good

Serhiy Kenyuk, a soldier from Prykarpattia, died in the war

A resident of the Zaporozhye region died in a battle with Russian Nazis. Photo

A 22-year-old defender from the Lviv region died during the war with Russia

34 years forever: Lieutenant Andrii Didyk died in battle with the invaders near Bakhmut

Two Odessans died in the battle for Ukraine — Andrey Pavlov and Aleksey Yarovenko, a bright memory

Artem Osin "Ozzi" from Poltava died in battle: the defender had two children

23-year-old Yevhen Kulyk "Fox" from Poltava Region died on the Donetsk direction

The Russians have canceled a prisoner exchange that was scheduled for today

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated a Russian major and captain

Maps war in Ukraine ISW January 15 – what is happening at the front

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine was told about the rocket attacks in Kyiv Comments. Kyiv

Video fact: Ukrainian border guards destroyed the Russian infantry in the trenches near Soledar

Ukrainian defenders hit 14 places of concentration of the occupiers and destroyed ammunition depots

Summary from the front of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on January 15, 2023 – news of the war in Ukraine

S-300 and S-400 – range, trajectory and speed of missiles

The name of the colonel who gave the order to bomb the Dnipro with rockets became known

"Cotton" visited the Russian cities of Kursk and Belgorod again

Rocket attack on the Dnipro on January 15 – the number of victims increased to 25

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reacted to the strike on the Dnipro by publishing a picture

President Zelenskyy introduced personal sanctions against Diana Panchenko and another 197 Russian propagandists

The captured "DNRivets" was sentenced to 13 years in prison

The "Hangarian maniac", the murderer of 83 people, asked for war against Ukraine

"Cotton" is reported again in Belgorod region

He became a good Russian: in Russia, a mobilized man blew himself up with a grenade

The number of people killed as a result of the Dnipro missile attack increased to 30 –

The General Staff of the Armed Forces reported on the situation at the fronts as of the 325th day of the war

The enemy lost 119 people killed and 108 wounded in the past day in the Bakhmut direction alone — Serhiy Cherevaty

The prosecutor’s office named the air regiment of the Russian Federation, which fired missiles at the Dnipro, Serhiivka and Kremenchuk

The Armed Forces are moving forward in the direction of Svatove-Kreminna — Haydai

A teenager from Bakhmut surrendered the positions of the Armed Forces to the occupiers: he faces 15 years in prison

The Ministry of Reintegration asks to inform about the places of probable burials of Ukrainian soldiers

PVK Wagner: Wagner’s commander fled to Norway

January 16, 2023

The occupiers are attacking in two directions: operational information of the General Staff on the morning of January 16

The number of victims of a rocket attack on a house in Dnipro has increased to 35, 39 people have been rescued, – the head of the OVA

In Shostka, a utility worker received 15 years for selling information about the deployment of the Armed Forces

Russia struck Zaporizhzhia – there are wounded (video)

The enemy advances in the Bakhmut and Avdiiv directions, but suffers losses – General Staff

On the night of January 16, explosions rang out in the occupied Crimea

Germany solves the problem of supplying Ukraine with ammunition for the Gepard Armed Forces, promises 300,000 units

Ukrainian military personnel arrived in the USA for Patriot air defense training

A powerful explosion rang out in Donetsk

Actual – Новости Zaporozhye As a result of the enemy attack on Zaporozhye, about 15 houses were damaged – liquidation of the consequences of shelling continues (PHOTOS)

The body of the 36th deceased was found under the rubble of a house in Dnipro

Carpathian Mykola Prokopyshyn died in the war (PHOTO)

Andriy Skrypnyk from Poltava region died in Donetsk region

Petro Vakolyuk from Vinnytsia died near Krasnohorivka in Donetsk region

A junior sergeant from the Rivne region died from an explosive injury during the battles for Soledar

Dnipro news: Ruslan Stanislavovych Zavhorodniy died

Dynamo fan Artem Novikov died at the front

Valery Vasylenko from Poltava region died in the war

Zaporozhye lost another Hero at the front. Photo

A soldier from the Sarna District died in Kharkiv Oblast

Lviv Region lost another Hero in the war with Russia

A defender of Ukraine from Novaya Sloboda died in the war

Ivan Muraev, a soldier from Sumy Oblast, died on the front line

The Ministry of Defense announced the continuation of the fighting for Soledar and reminded of the criminal responsibility for disclosing information about the location of the Armed Forces

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the occupier who dreamed of "victory" and boasted of "successes" in Ukraine: he had time to shine on rosTV. VIDEO

The Ukrainian Shark drone underwent a baptism of fire in Donetsk

Under Svatov, the occupiers suffer heavy losses – the Armed Forces described the situation

Soledar – what is the current situation in Donbas

This week, Ukraine will receive the first 3 billion euros from the EU’s macro-financial aid for 2023 – Dombrovskic

The SBU named six Russian soldiers involved in the attack on a high-rise building in Dnipro

The Chesno movement calculated how many politicians and law enforcement officers who betrayed Ukraine were destroyed in 2022

The SBU opened a new case against the deputy of the Russian Federation Zhuravlyov – DW – 16.01.2023

The Armed Forces spoke about the situation in Soledar

General Staff: soldiers of the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian control post and the enemy’s ammunition depot

Arms from Britain: Great Britain is giving Ukraine a record package of military aid

What is evidenced by the appearance of "Storm" type assault units in the Russian army

The US Deputy Secretary of State arrived in Ukraine on a working visit

Slovakia handed Ukraine the last of the agreed Zuzana 2 howitzers

Russia needed all the pipelines of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan in exchange for the "gas union"

Zelensky survived more than 12 assassination attempts since the beginning of the Russian invasion – The Independent

Putin ordered Gerasimov to seize Donbas by March, GUR

Distributed "humanitarian goods" between supporters of "Russian peace": the former pseudo-head of the village is suspected of collaborationism. Scars

January 17, 2023

The enemy shelled the Zaporizhzhia region 130 times during the day, dozens of houses were destroyed

He called on the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to lay down their weapons: the former Teroboronov will be tried

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks in 20 settlements, – General Staff

The Russians have already lost their tenth newest T-90M "Breakthrough" as a result of the effective work of Swedish weapons. Video

Soldiers of the Armed Forces showed footage of the destruction of the T-90 in the Luhansk region: the location of the tank is interesting (what is known)

Two months on the front line. A soldier from Sarnenshchyna died in Soledar

Forever 18: Taras Stakhiv from Ivano-Frankivsk died at the front

Two "Charter" volunteers died in Bakhmut

Oleksandr Facevych: "The Russians are using mines with seismic sensors, new trap mines that we have not seen before"

The "Army of Drones" project has already contracted 1,600 drones for the Defense Forces – Fedorov

Explosions rang out in Berdyansk on January 16, 2023 – traitor Oleksiy Kichigin died

Missile attack in Dnipro – rescuers have completed search operations at the site of the impact in Dnipro

Battles for Soledar on January 17 – the ZSU destroyed 25 Wagnerites in one blow

Russia continues to kill: 456 children died in Ukraine

"Constantly covering the enemy with fire": the Armed Forces spoke about the situation in Soledar

Andrii Pavlenko, a priest of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Russian Orthodox Church in Severodonetsk, helped Russia in the war by providing Russian officers with information on the location of Ukrainian soldiers and lists of people to be killed or captured, including clergy.

At any second, Russian missiles can destroy our critical infrastructure, – Klitschko in Davos

Another explosion in the Belgorod region of Russia: the authorities told about the consequences

A volunteer from Canada who participated in the Euromaidan also died in Ukraine

Assembly of the General Staff on January 17

The border guards knocked out the occupiers’ unit from the positions near Bakhmut, the invaders suffered losses. VIDEO

Military aid to the West: Klitschko announced "good news" regarding the transfer of weapons from allies

Schemes reported that Vitaly Kolesnikov fled to the Russian Federation and opened 9 companies in Donbas

In Cherkasy, the court sentenced a pensioner who publicly justified the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

As a result of the last massive attack of the Russian Federation, 9 units of TPP were damaged – Shmyhal As a result of the last attack of the Russian Federation, 9 TPPs in Ukraine were damaged – Shmyhal

The Americans promised to prepare personnel for Patriot in 10 weeks – Reznikov

Up to 100 Ukrainian military personnel have started a Patriot training course in the USA – the Pentagon

Volodymyr Zelenskyy honored military personnel with state awards

January 18, 2023

On January 17, the Russians launched six missile and 14 air strikes on Ukraine – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Australian instructors will train Ukrainian soldiers in Great Britain

Russia: in Moscow, the police detained four people at the spontaneous memorial to those who died in the Dnipro

The German concern Wintershall Dea is leaving Russia

Denys Monastyrskyi, Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine died on January 18, 2023 in Brovary – biography, what is known about him

The European Union is in mourning together with Ukraine: EU politicians expressed their condolences in connection with the tragedy in Brovary

Brovary explosion today – a helicopter fell near Kyiv, a fire started, photo and video, map

The Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down three Russian UAVs at once with the help of an anti-drone gun (video)

Border guards stopped the occupiers’ breakthrough to Bakhmut

The SBU identified the leader of the "Kadyrivs" who led "punitive raids" in Luhansk region: what is known

Maksym Lazoryshyn from Kalusha died in the battle with the Russian occupier

Artur Ponomar, a Zaporizhian surgeon, died in the Soledar region

Ihor Nebos, a special agent from Lutsk, died near Bakhmut

Anton Sarnatskyi, another soldier from Kryvyi Rih, died in the war

Kamianske lost two more soldiers

Stepan Vychivsky from the Dubovets community died in the war

The Armed Forces carried out 12 airstrikes against the occupiers – General Staff

Soldiers of the Armed Forces captured a group of Kadyriv soldiers

Head of the National Police Ihor Klymenko will temporarily head the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Minister of Defense of Canada in Kyiv announced the transfer of 200 Senator armored vehicles

Stinger and helicopters — Latvia announced new military aid to Ukraine

Putin: Russia launched a "special operation" to "stop the war"

Russians shot dead a soldier who fled the war in Ukraine

Tragedy in Brovary: State Emergency Service reported 14 dead, including one child

Brovary — The helicopter crash is the result of war, Zelenskyi said

Airplane crash in Brovary: a mother and child died as a result of the helicopter crash (photo)

Taking the Ukrainian "Action" as a basis, the USA intends to create "documents in a smartphone"

The United States allocates $125 million to repair the energy system of Ukraine

EBRD loans for Kyiv: 140 million euros for heat for Kyiv: Klitschko discussed with EBRD leaders assistance to the capital

Ukrainian swimming record holder Mykhailo Kobyzhcha died at the front

The ZSU shot down a Ka-52 and an experimental Russian drone

Zelensky in Davos: the mobilization of the world must precede the next mobilization of Russia

In Kherson, the SBU detained a collaborator with the "Ministry of the Russian Federation" who was trying to escape to the temporarily occupied territory. PHOTO