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Nicholas Zharkikh

December 8, 2022

Russia’s war against Ukraine: The General Staff released operational data as of December 8

The President of Ukraine was recognized as the most influential person in Europe

The US Senate committee adopted a resolution recognizing Russia’s actions in Ukraine as genocide

Germany handed over 20 Dingo armored vehicles to Ukraine – DW – 08.12.2022

The US Ministry of Justice indicted ex-deputy Derkach

Russian oligarch seized 400,000 acres of Ukrainian agricultural land – AgroReview

The head of the police of the Cherkasy region died after being blown up by a mine in the south of the country

The coup d’état in Germany: who planned to shift the power in Germany, and here Russia

Putin may be the owner of an offshore company, where more than 1 billion dollars were withdrawn – "Dossier"

Map of hostilities on December 8, 2022 – what is the situation at the front

Torture and executions: the occupiers intensified terror in the Zaporozhye region

Diaghilev Airfield – the Armed Forces responded to the disappearance of the bombers

The explosion in Sevastopol on December 8 – what is known

Explosions in Crimea – the FSB has already found the "culprits" who were allegedly recruited by the special services of Ukraine

The SBU discovered Russian passports and the flag of Novorossia in the dioceses of the UOC (MP) The SBU discovered Russian passports and the flag of Novorossia in the dioceses of the UOC (MP)

"They can produce often": UAVs that hit airfields in Russia were created by a private business – FT

Bodies of civilians with traces of torture were found in the Mykolaiv region

Slovakia agreed to a new package of military aid for the Armed Forces

A couple of Russian spies were detained in Odessa

The Red Cross gained access to Ukrainian prisoners of war

Power outages in Kyiv – why schedules do not work and accidents often occur, YASNO explained

Journalists learned about Vladimir Putin’s offshore operations

In the Krasnodar region of Russia, a ban was introduced on the launch of drones

The people of Kadyriv left the ZNPP before the arrival of the IAEA mission

A Jew died in the war in Ukraine

"Laughter League" actor Yaroslav Garkavko died at the front

Five children were left without a father: Ilya Martynov died in the war

A volunteer from Sweden died in Ukraine – under what circumstances

Volodymyr Senyshyn, a defender from Lviv Oblast, died in the war

A young soldier from the Lviv district died in the war

Leonid Nazarenko, a native of Yemilchyne village, who was seriously wounded near Bakhmut, died

Mykhailo Vasilechko, a fighter from Prykarpattia, died in the war

Serhii Marchenko, a marine from Kalush, died in Donbas

A Polish volunteer died in the war in Ukraine. He fought in the special forces

A soldier from Zhydachev died near Opytny

The Ukrainian Armed Forces "demobilized" two Russian majors and Captain Gromakov

A lieutenant colonel of the Russian Armed Forces was killed in Ukraine

SBU found a collection of icons stolen by rioters from the house of the honorary consul of the Republic of Lithuania in Kherson

Anti-aircraft gunners of the Armed Forces shot down the Mi-8 helicopter of the Russian occupiers -

The occupiers admitted that there is a shortage of 2,000 doctors in Crimea

Mobilization in Russia – new waves are predicted by the State Government

The Armed Forces of Ukraine incinerated the control points and artillery of the Rashists

Ban on Russian passports: the EU approved the decision not to accept Russian foreign passports issued in the occupied territories of Ukraine

The European Parliament, together with Belgian cities, is handing over the first "generators of hope" for Ukraine

A pensioner who glorified the occupiers was convicted in Berdychev

He took equipment from farmers and "surrendered" patriots: prosecutors exposed the "chief of the police station" in the Kupyan region

In Ukraine, an enterprise was exposed that exported spare parts for the repair of military equipment to the Russian Federation

December 9, 2022

Explosions at Russian airbases prove the danger of Russians in the rear – Ignat

Suspension of the mayor of Chernihiv: deputies of the city council appealed to Zelenskyi

The US Senate committee approved a resolution that recognizes the actions of the Russian Federation against the Ukrainian people as genocide

The NBU has banned Russian citizens from holding managerial positions in banks

The European Commission and the EBRD allocated 1 billion euros for the development of "solidarity corridors" with Ukraine

The rector of the UOC MP Pochaiv seminary anonymously spread anti-Ukrainian theses on Facebook. And now I got a suspicion

He gave orders to shoot civilian cars: the SBU exposed the Russian commander

The SBU inspects the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate in the Kyiv region

Russia is going to mobilize 17-year-olds in the occupied territories, GUR

A fire broke out at a tire factory in Russia (VIDEO)

Ex-host of "Rain" Korostelev was included in the "black list" in Latvia – he was banned from entering the country

The explosion of the moonshine apparatus in Ryazan – details – video

50 mercenaries from the Russian PMK wounded in Luhansk Region – General Staff

Missiles for HIMARS and strengthening air defense: the United States will provide Ukraine with another $275 million in aid

Bulgaria will send the first military aid to Ukraine: what’s on the list

General Staff: the Armed Forces of Ukraine defeated two areas of enemy concentration and their equipment

Destruction of the Russian army: in the village of Urzuf near Mariupol, a flight to the Russian training ground was recorded

Norway allocates 1 billion kroner for the restoration of infrastructure in Ukraine

Suspicious persons, unregistered weapons and Russian propaganda: the SBU discovered new finds at the facilities of the UOC MP in the capital

The court sent the leader of the Kirovohrad diocese of the UOC MP Iosaf under night house arrest

Germany will buy new Skynex air defense systems for Ukraine: what is known about them (video)

Zelensky: The occupiers actually destroyed Bakhmut

The USA has included the Russian Air Force, the Russian Military Transport Aviation Command and the Ministry of Finance on the sanctions list

The Rheinmetall concern started the production of new air defense systems "Skynex" for Ukraine

Russian court sentenced oppositionist Yashin to 8 and a half years in prison for his stance against the war in Ukraine

December 10, 2022

The SBU exposed a UOC (MP) deacon who campaigned for the accession of Zaporozhye to the Russian Federation

UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate – photo of searches in churches in Kharkiv

Lubinets reported how many Ukrainian prisoners are being held in occupied Olenivka in Donetsk region

Germany will transfer modern Skynex air defense systems to Ukraine

The Pentagon tacitly approves Ukraine’s long-range strikes on targets in the Russian Federation – The Times

Three more militants who stormed Ukrainian cities in Donetsk region were convicted – SBU

In Moscow, men are forcibly taken to the Military Commissariat directly from work and from the streets

During the night, 10 out of 15 kamikaze drones were shot down over three regions

The occupiers killed several hundred civilians of the Luhansk region – Gaidai

in the Russian Federation, they attacked the West with accusations and dreamed of compensation from Germany and France

Andriy Brevko from Frankivka died in the war

Volodymyr Savenko, a native of Fastiv and a native of Holdoyarsk, died the death of the brave in the Bakhmut direction

Oleksandr Yatsina from Volhynia died defending Ukraine

The ex-player of "Veres" gave his life in the war for Ukraine

Our compatriots Andriy Ostapchuk and Leonid Nazarenko died near Bakhmut

Russian propaganda about the war in Ukraine – how the Kremlin encourages soldiers to die at the front

Battle near Kyiv: Battle on the Irpin Bridge on February 25, 2022. VIDEO

The occupiers hit energy facilities in Odesa with drones

In Odesa, due to the drone attack, all consumers are without power, except for critical infrastructure – DTEK

290th morning of the war. The Armed Forces repelled attacks near 13 settlements and hit 4 enemy control points

Great losses of "friendly fire": tank and artillery crews of the Russian Federation continue to destroy their own forces on the front in Ukraine

Ilya Gamanin – a collaborator who became a star on RosTV was liquidated in the Bakhmut district

Alexey Borovykov – in Ukraine, the occupying pilot with the call sign Beard was liquidated – photo

More than 10 explosions rang out in the temporarily occupied Melitopol

The occupiers say that air defense is working over Simferopol

Heavy explosions were heard in Sevastopol and Simferopol

The Russians have banned the movement of trucks and Gazelles across the Crimean Bridge

The General Staff confirmed the defeat of 150 Russian occupiers, the formation of the Armed Forces

EU countries have reached an agreement to provide Ukraine with 18 billion euros

Azerbaijan handed Ukraine a batch of transformers and generators

Germany will hand over 470 generators worth €19.5 million to Ukraine

Hundreds of thousands of cash, pro-Kremlin literature and rations of the occupiers were discovered on the territory of the Kharkiv Diocese of the UOC (MP)

December 11, 2022

The Russian Federation launched three missile and 17 air strikes on Ukraine on December 10 – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Maps war in Ukraine ISW December 11 – what is happening at the front

Ukraine will respond to the continued missile terror of the Russian Federation

A young Ukrainian died in the war

A soldier who died in the war was buried in the village of Burty in Kagarlych region

War in Ukraine: Russia is increasingly importing Chechens into the occupied territories to strengthen administrative control

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated more than 200 rockets as a result of the attack on Melitopol – Fedorov

On December 11, the light in Odesa will gradually return to the houses – what is known

In Crimea, trenches are being dug on the beaches – in the village of Chernomorskoye, the occupiers are digging trenches

The EU Council passed a decision on the aid package to Ukraine despite Hungary’s veto – OP

The liberation of the territories proves that Ukraine uses Western weapons for their intended purpose – Kislytsia’s statement to the UN Security Council

Norway allocated 1 billion kroner for the reconstruction of Ukraine’s energy system

One of the streets of Kyiv was renamed in honor of pilot Gennady Matuliak

"We will not ask anyone where we should hit the enemy," – Danilov

In the Avdiyiv and Bakhmut directions, the enemy continues offensive actions, – General Staff

Great Britain will provide Ukraine with more weapons and anti-aircraft missiles

Water supply interruptions occurred in Odesa due to emergency power outages after enemy shelling

In the parliament of South Africa, the government is demanded to answer the suspicions of arms sales to Russia

The paratroopers destroyed the DRG of the Russians in the Bakhmut area

The headquarters of the Wagnerites was attacked in occupied Kadiivka on December 11

Three collaborators were informed of the suspicion in the Izyum district

Prigozhin is ready to take a Russian hostage who ran away with a machine gun and shot at the police

Countering Russian aggression: Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces recorded a message to the occupiers who wrote about the surrender of Bakhmut

EU financial aid to Ukraine in the amount of 18 billion dollars was not provided

In Ukraine, all thermal and hydroelectric power stations were damaged

Energoatom spoke about the situation at Ukrainian nuclear power plants

In Kherson Oblast, the Gauleiter of the so-called VCA of the Chaplin district will be tried, the prosecutor’s office said

The Armed Forces are holding the defense of Bakhmut, there are no Russians there – a report from the city that Russia is destroying (VIDEO)

Raisins after the bombings – video of the Ministry of Defense

December 12, 2022

Biden and Zelensky had a telephone conversation

The Ukrainian military repelled a number of attacks by the occupiers in the Donbass and defeated nine Russian control points – General Staff of the Armed Forces

The National Security Council imposed sanctions against seven priests of the UOC MP

Ukrainian T-64 destroyed Russian T-72 in a direct tank battle (video)

Providing Ukraine with air defense means will be a priority task of the USA

In St. Petersburg, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation collects bayans and guitars for sending to the front

Prisoners who refused to go to fight in Ukraine were beaten in a Russian colony

A large shopping center broke out in Balashikha near Moscow

The son of a priest from the Voronivka community died at the front

A soldier from Volyn died during the war

31 years forever: senior soldier Andriy Kyrychenko fell during the battles in the Liman region

Pyotr Samoliuk, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

A military man from Khmelnytskyi was killed as a result of enemy shelling in the Bakhmut area

Andrii Myronenko died in Luhansk region

He dreamed of living in a free and independent Ukraine: Netishyn lost another Hero – Kyril Fokin

The occupiers killed another defender of Ukraine from the Odesa region

The Armed Forces of Ukraine stopped the breakthrough near Velika Novosilka: in the Russian Federation – "minus" tanks and infantry fighting vehicles (video, photo)

A powerful explosion rang out in Feodosia

The Armed Forces captured an occupier who believed he was fighting the Poles – video

Destroyed hundreds of invaders and dozens of tanks: the story of one of the most effective attack pilots from Prykarpattia

Alexander Verkhoturov – an 18-year-old occupier from Transbaikalia was liquidated in Ukraine – photo

The fate of traitors, what happened to the topic of who betrayed Ukraine

The Armed Forces knocked out the occupiers from the Bakhmut residential complex

The war in Ukraine – the Ukrainian Armed Forces liquidated the occupying mob from Anadyr – photo

The Mayak market in Donetsk – the market was destroyed as a result of a fire on December 11

New EU sanctions will hit the Kremlin’s propagandists and artists – mass media

Attacks on Kherson: Victims in Kherson

Deputy UN Secretary General Martin Griffiths arrived in Ukraine

In Lithuania, they decided to demolish the House of Moscow in Vilnius. It was recognized as illegally built

The Parliament of Estonia approved the transition of education to the Estonian language

City council: the car of ex-deputy-collaborator Bulyuk was blown up in Skadovsk

France will hand over another batch of energy equipment to Ukraine – Shmyhal

Collaborators who threatened to shoot people for refusing to "vote" in the pseudo-referendum were detained in the Kherson region

Six generals were informed of suspicion for organizing the invasion of the Russian Federation troops in the Kharkiv region

Peace talks: Zelensky called on Putin to end the war by Christmas

The G7 leaders promised to bring Putin and all those responsible for the war in Ukraine to justice

Hungary opposes the inclusion of a number of Russians in the new sanctions package: details

Destruction of the occupiers: War with Russia

The car of deputy collaborator Saldo exploded in Skadovsk, – SMI

Ukraine requested Mamba air defense systems from France

Ukrainian lawyers investigated more than 10 cases of work of Western companies on the Russian military-industrial complex

Zaluzhnyi honored Gudymenko with a badge

In Iran, a bureau for the development of drones and missiles was burned down

December 13, 2022

Aid to Ukraine: EU ambassadors unanimously approved the allocation of 18 billion euros to Ukraine

Weapons from Germany – Ukraine will receive dozens of howitzers

The occupiers are withdrawing troops from the districts of Novomykolaivka and Mykhailivka in the Kherson region

Russia is advancing in four directions in Ukraine and is conducting a rotation to the south – the General Staff

The USA sent the first batch of equipment for the power structure to Ukraine

The President awarded state awards to more than 40 servicemen

Explosions in the Russian Federation: At night, there were explosions in the Bryansk and Kursk regions of the Russian Federation

Border guards caught two traitors-collaborators in the Kyiv region

A collaborator from de-occupied Stelmakhivka will not be able to avoid punishment

Putin’s press conference was canceled to avoid discussions about the war in Ukraine – British intelligence

The occupiers continue to keep quiet about explosions and fires on the peninsula – the deputy presidential envoy to Crimea

In Buchi, the occupiers committed mass arbitrary executions of civilians: this has been confirmed by the UN

A 23-year-old soldier from Volyn died near Bakhmut

A soldier from Radyvylov region died near Soledar.

Vladimir Ryabykin, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

38 years forever: sergeant Roman Voloshchenko gave his life fighting for his native Luhansk region

Mini-"cotton" in Crimea: there was a fire at the airfield in Saki (photo)

An international conference in support of Ukraine began in Paris

The situation in the energy industry: Strikes on the energy infrastructure

Putin responded to Zelensky’s proposal to begin the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine before Christmas

The SBU detained a Russian agent in Odessa

The police found 11 apartments in Kyiv belonging to a member of the State Duma

The State Duma called on Russians to prepare for strikes by the Armed Forces across the entire territory of the Russian Federation

Europe "crossed" Gazprom: why Putin’s gas blackmail failed

The European Parliament fired the Vice President Kylie because of the corruption case

Seven people were killed in Ukraine, 33 were injured as a result of shelling by the Russian Federation on December 12 – OP

VAKS seized UAH 657 million from the New Energy Ukraine company, which may be related to Kolomoiskyi

The occupiers are trying to advance near Belogorovka, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces are holding back the enemy’s attacks — Heyday

Bild writes that the Armed Forces directed HIMARS to the headquarters of the Wagnerites in Kadiivka based on a photo of Prigozhin’s son

Great Britain announced a new package of military aid: 125 anti-aircraft guns will be provided

At the conference in Paris, 1 billion euros were collected for Ukraine

The court sentenced the man who "surrendered" the positions of the Armed Forces in Kramatorsk to 14 years behind bars

A traitor who praised Putin was detained in the Kharkiv region

Air defense for Ukraine: Plans to supply Patriot air defense from the USA to Ukraine are now in the final stage, СNN

The prisoner told about the execution by the Wagnerites of the Russian military

Clouds helped to sink the cruiser "Moskva" of the ZSU

A traitorous sailor from Crimea who was captured in the Kherson region was sentenced to 13 years in prison

Organization of a pseudo-referendum in Luhansk region: four persons were notified of suspicion

He died during the evacuation of the wounded: in Kyiv they said goodbye to the volunteer medic of "Hospitaliers" Niko from Sweden

Ukrainians lost the opportunity to log in and register on Twitter

Offensive in the Luhansk region: the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of Svatovo-Kreminna are having success, – Gaidai

Bridges, rails and restoration of power grids: what important agreements Ukraine concluded in France

December 14, 2022

23,000 Russian prisoners were recruited into the "Wagner" PMC

The mayor of Kyiv reported on the explosions in the Shevchenkiv district.

Ten Russian drones were shot down in the Kyiv region and over the capital

Drone attack in Kyiv on 12/14/22 – how a wreckage of a martyr damaged a car

13 out of 13 drones shot down: details of the morning attack of the Russian Federation on Kyiv and the region (VIDEO)

Meeting of the General Staff on December 14 – the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the Russian offensive in three regions

The war in Ukraine: fighters of the 93rd brigade spoke about the situation in Bakhmut (video)

Ukraine will receive 2 million humanitarian aid from New Zealand

Ukraine established industrial production of 152 and 155 mm projectiles – Danilov

The Ukrainian UAV "Sokol-300" surpassed the Turkish Bayraktar TB2

Britain is training Ukrainian judges to conduct trials of war criminals

Norway will hand over 10 bridges worth 3 million dollars to Ukraine

France provides energy equipment worth 415 million euros to Ukraine

SBU conducts searches in monasteries and churches of the UOC MP in nine regions (PHOTO)

The SBU visited the "morning service" at the UOC MP cathedral in Lviv (photo)

The Security Service of Ukraine detained a trucking company that provided buses for transporting the occupiers from Crimea to Kherson

Dnipropetrovsk said goodbye to the 46-year-old defender of Ukraine

Another "cotton" in the Russian Federation: a large-scale fire in St. Petersburg at an enterprise that manufactures engines for the fleet

Ukraine returned 64 defenders from Russian captivity

In Kherson, the occupiers attacked the regional military administration: 2 floors were destroyed

Video: our paratroopers defeated enemy positions near Bakhmut

The Ukrainian Armed Forces freed 13 settlements: Haydai about the situation in the Luhansk region

In the Crimea, a lieutenant colonel who fought against Ukraine was killed in a MiG-31 crash

Ukrainian fighters eliminated the famous Ossetian killer "Kolobka" near Bakhmut (photo)

The lieutenant colonel of the Russian Federation "Hooligan", who tortured Ukrainian soldiers, was eliminated (photo)

A school graduate from the Ternopil region died in the Russian-Ukrainian war (photo)

Victor Kufalskyi, a defender from Ostrog, died in Donetsk region

The news about the death of a young lieutenant from Yampol was confirmed

In Luhansk region, a soldier from Pereginsky died while performing a combat mission

Due to severe injuries, the heart of Roman Stekhnovich, a resident of Kalush, stopped

Kostyantyn Samoilenko, a resident of the Kryvorizka district, died in the war

Nikita Mykhaylenko died in Donbas

Vasyl Skrypnichenko, a defender from Kirovohrad Oblast, died

Vladyslav Levchuk, a military pilot-navigator from Volyn, died at the front

A soldier from Ostrog gave his life, stopping the Russians in Donbas.

A soldier from Lviv Oblast was killed as a result of mortar shelling

"A big challenge for the MiG-29": pilot Juice talked about the difficulties of shooting down the "Shahids" (photo)

Collaborator Saldo accused the UN Deputy Secretary General, who visited Kherson, of violating Russia’s borders

"Cotton" on the shores of the Black Sea: the occupiers were covered in Skadovsk and Lazurny

Soldiers of the Armed Forces captured a rare mobile intelligence point of the Russian occupiers -

Why information about Ukraine’s losses is classified: the answer of the Ministry of Defense

The occupier fled from the Ukrainian UAV and brought the drone to the position of the invaders

Soldiers of the Armed Forces captured five Russian invaders

"The Russian military is literally walking over the corpses of its own soldiers." The Ukrainian officer told about the battles for Bakhmut

"Khymars" along the corridor to Krym. The Ukrainian Armed Forces strike Russian military bases in Melitopol

Thanks to information from the Ukrainian underground, more than 100 invaders were destroyed in Horlivka by a point strike

The EU allocated 500 million euros of macro-finance to Ukraine

The SBU searched representatives of banned political parties: weapons, St. George’s ribbons and Russian flags were found (PHOTOS)

An investigation into the drone attack in the center of Kyiv has been launched in the capital

In the USA, there was a channel for the supply of electronics to the Russian Federation for nuclear weapons

Russia continues to receive electronic chips from Western manufacturers, necessary for the manufacture of weapons

Russia and Iran plan to jointly produce aircraft

A torture chamber was found in Kherson – Russians tortured children

Mutiny in Germany – the mutineers planned to kill Chancellor Scholz

Air defense for Ukraine: Ukraine will receive the French air defense system Mamba (SAMP-T), – media

General Staff: The Armed Forces again struck the area where the occupiers were concentrated in the Zaporizhzhia region

The occupiers appointed a new Gauleiter in Energodar

Croatia will hand over 230 transformers to Ukraine

The Czech Senate recognized the Holodomor as genocide of the Ukrainian people

The bodies of three children were exhumed in Mykolaiv Oblast

An 8-year-old child died in Kherson Oblast as a result of enemy shelling An 8-year-old child died in Kherson Oblast as a result of enemy shelling

The Pechersk Court of the city of Kyiv arrested 7 Ukrainian hotels belonging to the Russian group VS Energy – DIRECT LANGUAGE

The MP priest called people who celebrate Christmas on December 25 as "godless Satanists"