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February 2, 2023

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Summary at 6 a.m. on February 2

Rocket attack on Kramatorsk: at least three dead are known

SBU: Vadym Stolar laundered Medvedchuk’s money through his construction companies

F-35 stealth bombers hit Iran – SMI

Iran accuses Israel of attacking a military production facility of the Ministry of Defense on January 29

The EU Council approved a package of military aid to Ukraine on the eve of the summit in Kyiv

Mass searches by the SBU showed that there are no untouchables, – Zagorodniy

P&G was recognized as an international sponsor of the war

The investigation into 6 traitors who are shelling Ukraine with Russian S-300 and S-400 air defense systems has been completed

A woman who organized a "referendum" was sentenced to five years in the Kherson region

Scandal at DTEU: a teacher sent students to the front after a request to conduct lectures in Ukrainian

Fighters of the Russian marine brigade surrendered

Russia sent SOBR to Donetsk to suppress military riots

The Armed Forces repulsed the invaders in Marinka

Boxing coach Alexander Vorobyev died heroically in the war

Russia killed the Hero of Ukraine from Rivne

Returned from Poland to defend the country: a soldier from the Gornostaiv region died

Andriy Varenyk, a defender from Starovyzhiv Oblast, died in the war

Mykhailo Protsyk, a defender from Ternopil, died in Donetsk region

Three Defenders from the Rivne region have joined the ranks of the Heavenly Army

Mykhailo Kotsur from Horodochchyna Khmelnytskyi died in the war

Serhii Shust, a soldier from Kherson Oblast, died in Donetsk region

The war took the lives of two Heroes from the Rivne region

Korechchyna is in mourning because of the sad news

Andriy Varenyk, a 25-year-old Hero from Volyn, died in the war

Demined the Kherson region: a reconnaissance sapper from the Dnipropetrovsk region died in the war

A military man from Lviv Oblast died while performing a combat mission in the east

Kirovohrad region: On the last day of January, a defender from Alexandria died in Vugledar

The Armed Forces destroyed the rare "Arctic" Tor-M2DT complex of the occupiers (VIDEO)

Soon there will be news not only about Bakhmut, but also about Siversk – an officer of the Armed Forces

The Russians significantly increased the number of attacks in the direction of Svatove-Kreminna, — Gaidai

Russian lieutenant colonel Makartumov was liquidated in Ukraine

The enemy Orlan was shot down: the Russian drone "Orlan-10" was destroyed on the approach to the Mykolayiv region, OK "Pivden"

The marines who were marauding in Buch and Irpen surrendered near Vugledar

The European Union will provide Ukraine with almost 2,500 generators

List of recipients of orders and medals on February 1, 2023

In Turkey, they refused to service Russian sanctioned aircraft

There were more than 20 combat clashes near Bakhmut, the direction of Liman – Cherevaty remains "very active"

During the day, the Ukrainian army made four strikes against the enemy’s concentration points

Ukrainian fighters will complete training on Patriot systems in the USA in a few weeks – defense attache

Bombardment of Kramatorsk: 18 high-rise buildings were destroyed

The situation near Donetsk: the occupiers are concentrating their forces and preparing an offensive

The war in Ukraine – the USA offered Russia and Ukraine an agreement

Austria expelled four Russian diplomats

The US has exposed a global network of sanctions evasion that helps Russia’s defense sector

February 3, 2023

For the first time, the USA confiscated the money of a Russian oligarch: it can be transferred to Ukraine

During the day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks near 10 settlements in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions

The Canadian Parliament was called to recognize Russia as a sponsor of terrorism

The Ministry of Internal Affairs began to form volunteer assault brigades "Offensive Guard"

Bohdan Omelchuk from Lutsk district died near Vugledar

A collaborator’s car exploded in Energodar (photo)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine received 82-mm mortar mines produced by Ukroboronprom (photo)

Berlin plans to allow the transfer of dozens of Leopard 1 tanks from industrial warehouses to Ukraine

Rishi Sunak does not rule out the supply of combat aircraft to Ukraine

The USA is ready to transfer long-range missiles to Ukraine – mass media

In Kramatorsk, an analysis of the rubble of a destroyed Russian building was completed: four dead were discovered

An employee of Kherson OVA died when a projectile hit the house

Wagner’s PMC recruits Russian convicts – that changed in 2023

Danylo Galkin, a 26-year-old military man from Vinnytsia, died in Donetsk region

He was a true patriot of Ukraine, he loved the Motherland, his family and life: a defender from Dnipropetrovsk died heroically

The occupiers in Crimea "nationalized" the property of Ukrainian oligarchs Akhmetov, Kolomoisky and Taruta

Five thousand dollars from a conscript: the SBU exposed bribery among the leadership of the Central Military Medical Commission

The order will destroy Ukrainian symbols: the director of a school from the Kharkiv region was sent to court

Lobbyists associated with the State Duma of the Russian Federation financed European politicians to legitimize the annexation of Crimea

On February 3, the Pentagon announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine – a list of weapons

The future of Ukraine and its citizens lies in the European Union. Joint statement of the president and EU leaders

In Dnipro, an ex-military officer and two ex-military men who were agents of the Russian Federation were detained

The campaign "Hand in the Russian book – help the Armed Forces" has started in Makarivska OTG

GLSDB bombs: The Pentagon confirmed for the first time that it plans to transfer GLSDB homing bombs to Ukraine

A scandal erupted in Finland over the acquisition of citizenship by Putin’s oligarchs

The EU officially supported the Ukrainian peace formula

Most of Odessa is out of power – DTEK

She lived in Ukraine for 30 years and praised Putin: the SBU detained a naked Putinist in the Lviv region

The United States imposed sanctions against the leaders of the Iranian drone manufacturer

The European Union agreed on a price limit for diesel from the Russian Federation

February 4, 2023

A volunteer from the USA died in Bakhmut – CNN

The IOC reacted to Zelensky’s invitation to visit Bakhmut

"Final point": the drama theater in Mariupol is completely dismantled – Andryushchenko (video)

The situation in Zaporozhye regarding the Russian invasion as of February 4, 2023, – OVA

The 406th Artillery Brigade destroys Russian howitzers near Holaya Prystan, video

"I drop my armored car and leave": the Russian military rioted on the front lines

The war in Ukraine: the Ukrainian Armed Forces will encircle Crimea, then demilitarization will follow – Major

Maksym Ivchenko, appointed by the occupiers as the "director" of Kherson Gymnasium No. 6 and co-organizer of the "referendum", was informed of the suspicion

In Soledar, a sniper of the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union killed a detachment of occupiers

They reported the death of another Volyn resident

A military man from Lviv Oblast died in the area of hostilities

Pavlo Garan died in Luhansk region

Artem Lytvynchuk, a soldier from the Kherson region, died near Kreminnaya

Vadym Kopylov from Poltava region died while defending his native land

The Ukrainian Armed Forces blew up the Tor-M2DT air defense system for the second time in three days with an M982 Excalibur projectile in the Kherson region

Gaidai showed the video from Severodonetsk

"For the protection of the population": France confirmed the transfer of the Mamba air defense system to Ukraine

Three FSB agents who were preparing terrorist attacks were detained in Dnipro (VIDEO)

On February 3, the Armed Forces repulsed the assault of the occupiers near Bakhmut

War in Ukraine 2023 – for a week, Russian troops unsuccessfully tried to break through the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and surround Bakhmut

The President of the PA NATO visited Borodyanka

In Izyume, eight teenagers were injured due to the explosion of an anti-personnel mine "Petal"

Zelensky announced the decision regarding people with Russian citizenship

Ukraine has already returned 1,762 prisoners since February 24 – Zelenskyi

European integration at full speed. Did the summit in Kyiv bring Ukraine’s EU membership closer?

A plane with the first Leopard 2 tank took off from Canada

Two children were left without a father: a sergeant of the Armed Forces from Dnipropetrovsk region died in the war

Mykola Bashmanov, a soldier from Zarichny, was returned from captivity

Exchange of captives on February 4 — freed Ukrainians were hospitalized

Losses of the Russian Federation: the Armed Forces eliminated two more Russian officers (PHOTOS)

The Armed Forces counterattack the occupiers near Vugledar

The border guards knocked out the invaders from the suburbs of Bakhmut

Vinnytsia lost a 53-year-old defender (PHOTO)

A Carpathian soldier died at the front. Days of mourning were announced in the community

The Russian command hides the liquidation of dozens of mobs in Novaya Kakhovka

Russia sends convicted women to war in Ukraine

In Kyiv, they said goodbye to the former Belarusian political prisoner Eduard Lobov, who died in the battles near Vugledar: photo

The Armed Forces destroyed the command post of the occupiers in Oleshki

An associate of Prigozhin was shot in the deep rear of the LPR

February 5, 2023

USA and China: China expressed displeasure and protest to the USA over the downing of the balloon

Operational information as of 06.00 on 05.02.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

An Odessa citizen who cooperated with the FSB in the hope of getting an apartment was detained

Ukraine needs hundreds of thousands of drones – Reznikov

The SBU disrupted the ZOOM meeting of collaborators with Moscow curators: the reaction of the traitors is astonishing. Video

Not even a year has passed. The West imposed an embargo on Russian oil exports

Dnipro news: Yehor Lyakh died

Defenders of Ukraine: An archaeologist from the Lviv region died in the war

Dmytro Reka, a resident of the Korosten Oblast, died in the fighting in eastern Ukraine

A resident of the Bohdan community died at the front

In Donetsk region, five brave defenders from Bukovyna died while defending the country from the enemy

Viktor Khrapko, a resident of Snyatyn Oblast, died in the war

Missile attack in Kharkiv – the rector of Beketov University spoke about the destruction

The occupiers advanced in the direction of Bakhmut

The ban on importing oil products to the EU from Russia has entered into force

In Nova Kakhovka, "cotton" happened in the yacht club, which was chosen by the occupiers (photo, video)

The fire at the site of the morning rocket attacks in the center of Kharkiv was extinguished, emergency and rescue operations are ongoing

In the morning, a Russian projectile hit the Lyceum building in Kherson. Photos of the consequences

The ex-prime minister of Israel spoke about Putin’s promise not to kill Zelensky. OP’s reaction appeared

Ukrainian military went to learn to work with SAMP/T systems

Fedorov: At least five countries have already announced their intention to create their own digital services based on the Ukrainian application "Diya"

A powerful explosion rang out near Belgorod: eyewitnesses say the plane crashed

A Russian plane caught fire during takeoff in Thailand: more than 300 passengers were on board

During the day, the Ukrainian aviation made nine strikes against the enemy’s manpower

Medics saved a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, whose body was stuck with an armor-piercing projectile (photo)

The destruction of two "Carnations" of the occupiers was shown by Ukrainian gunners – the defense of Ukraine

Ukraine introduced sanctions against the Russian nuclear industry

How the USA manufactures artillery shells for Ukraine – NYT report

The Poles and the French sent a mobile clinic to the front. Installs in a few minutes

February 6, 2023

The occupiers are attacking in five directions

Cases of burning of Ukrainian books by the occupiers of the Central Bureau of Statistics have been recorded in Luhansk Region

Nuclear submarine of the Russian Federation: The largest nuclear submarine of the Russian Federation, Dmytro Donsky, was removed from the combat fleet and sent for disposal

Officially: Budanov will head the Ministry of Defense

Turkish companies sold US electronics to Russia needed by the military – WSJ

Shooting in Mariupol on February 6, 2023 – what is known, details

The SBU detained FSB agents who were preparing strikes on railway hubs and energy facilities in Odesa and Kherson

A quarter of a million bulletproof vests and 150,000 helmets are in stock

Before the war, he was an editor, and at the front he became an ambulance shooter: media worker Dmytro Kudryavtsev died

The Council recognized the Russian PMC "Wagner" as an international criminal organization

Ukrainian border guards liquidated a group of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation during the assault on Bakhmut, — GSPU (photo)

The war in Ukraine – the Armed Forces struck the occupiers who were based in captured houses – video

The Kremlin ordered the preparation of bomb shelters throughout Russia

The occupiers brought personnel from the Kalinin NPP – "Energoatom" to the ZNPP

The Armed Forces sank two boats with Russian saboteurs

Ukraine nationalized the plants and agricultural holding of a sanctioned Russian oligarch for UAH 2 billion. PHOTO

Russia’s war crimes – Zelenskyi is being considered by three models of the tribunal

Russian conscripts complained of beatings and threats from the military police

A ship with American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles for Ukraine has arrived in Britain

The "people’s militiaman" from Kozacha Lopan, who helped the occupiers identify and detain former Ukrainian soldiers, was taken into custody

The US wants to impose 200 percent tariffs on aluminum from the Russian Federation

Ban on gasoline and diesel. How new Western sanctions will hit Russia

In the Belgorod region, Russians report a plane crash

The third of the relatives of the wounded Rogozin died

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out nine strikes against the Russian occupiers, – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Bakhmut is an impregnable fortress – Oleksandr Syrskyi

Three soldiers who died in Donetsk region will be buried in Sumy Oblast

February 7, 2023

Kim Jong-un has directly stated that he is preparing the DPRK for a possible war

Russian attacks were repulsed near 3 settlements in Luhansk region and 7 in Donetsk region – summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces

The enemy is regrouping and attacking in 5 directions, – General Staff

The Russian Federation was able to bypass Western sanctions and purchase Western components for drones through Iran – ISW

Shelling in Kharkiv region February 7 – a hospital burned down in Vovchansk

The wife of Medvedchuk Marchenko was informed about the suspicion

About 11 million books in Russian have been written off in Ukrainian libraries – deputy

There is nowhere to dispose of soldiers’ corpses: the occupiers are building a stationary crematorium in Luhansk region — OVA

Gaidai spoke about the situation in Luhansk region: the occupiers are trying to attack from Kreminnaya

A severe fire broke out in the Vovchansk hospital after the shelling by the occupiers – emergency services

A Russian colonel was killed in Ukraine

General of the Russian Federation Dmytro Ulyanov was eliminated in Donbas

A 42-year-old soldier from Dubrovychnya fell while defending Ukraine

He did not have time to see the firstborn: a Carpathian scout died in battle in the Kherson region

A special forces officer from Zhytomyr Oblast died in the battles near Krasnaya Gora

Andriy Kotsyk from Bukovyna fell at the hands of the aggressor in Donetsk region

A large family from Bilopol region lost two sons in the war

Died near Bakhmut: one more military man from Bukovyna – Gennady Gordun – died

Transcarpathia lost two more Heroes – Yuriy Kopylyuk and Mykhailo Demchyk

Ternopil region has lost another defender: he died heroically defending his native Ukrainian land

A soldier from Dolsk died in Donetsk region

A Cherkasy marksman-paramedic died in Sumy Oblast

Nazar Konitskyi from Ternopil Oblast died at the front

An American medical volunteer died in Bakhmut

No stone was left unturned: video of the destroyed village of Novoselivske in the Luhansk region

Sergei Chaika, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

The Ukrainian-made "Bastion" anti-aircraft missile defense system operates near Bakhmut

In Bakhmut, the Rashists hacked their commander with an ax (video)

The Rada appointed Malyuk as the head of the SBU, and Klymenko as the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

A Russian Su-25 attack aircraft was shot down over Bakhmut

Destruction of the occupiers: War with Russia

The Russian army lost three T-90S tanks in a minefield near Ugledar at once (video)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs declassified archival documents about mass deportations of Ukrainians

War: Shoigu says he will create a satellite system for the Russian military

The issue of defeated Russia will be raised at the Munich Security Conference, — Yagun

Explosions in Mariupol: the Russians took the aircraft into the air

The Armed Forces use about 5-6 thousand artillery shells per day

RCH-155 self-propelled guns have been tested in Germany, Ukraine will be the first to receive them

Germany will transfer even more weapons to Ukraine

Reznikov after a meeting with the head of the German Defense Ministry: "There will be a lot of positive news"

Oleksiy Reznikov, together with the Minister of Defense of the Federal Republic of Germany, awarded servicemen of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Putin sends all new units of Russian "chmobikes" into the hell of hostilities, but it doesn’t help, – Seleznyov

The aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck seven strikes against the Russian occupiers, the General Staff

February 8, 2023

Putin’s invasion of Ukraine became a test for the whole world, – Biden

Operational information as of 06.00 02.08.2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

The defense forces destroyed an airplane and a helicopter of the occupiers within a day

The companies of Medvedchuk’s wife financed the Russian Guard in Crimea: the SBU exposed a large-scale scheme

A factory producing drones for Ukraine and NATO caught fire in Latvia

What is the current situation in Bakhmut – Seleznev about the possibility of a retreat

Soledar Artillerymen of the 45th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the Msta-S self-propelled guns and the D-20 gun of the Russian army — video

Russian mercenary Mangushev died from a bullet in the head. It was he who brought the skull of "Azov" to the stage

Denmark and the Netherlands will join Germany and repair 100 Leopard 1 tanks for Ukraine

The court seized the rights and property of a metallurgical enterprise with Russian management

An informant from Donetsk region who passed on data to the occupiers of the unrecognized "DNR" was sentenced to 9 years in prison.

Night shelling of Kharkiv. The occupiers hit the central park and the industrial enterprise

Landing was being prepared: the Armed Forces in the south destroyed seven boats of the invaders

Volunteers handed over another batch of technical assistance to Ukrainian scouts

"Reverse lendlease": soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine found a large cache of Russian shells in the Kherson region (photo)

Vasyl Dolybyanik, a Carpathian, died in the war

The war took the lives of two soldiers from Snyatyn Oblast

He was a sniper in the hottest spots: a native of Chortkov died in the war (PHOTO)

Serhii Kateryniuk, a soldier from the village of Svobodne, died in Bakhmut

Artur Abagyan, a serviceman from the Dnipropetrovsk region, died at the front

During the war, a deputy of the Poltava Regional Council, a platoon commander of the Bulbakh terror defense battalion was seriously wounded

Lanovechchyna is in mourning: 38-year-old soldier Petro Sagadyuk died at the front

In Donetsk region, a defender from the Zhytomyr region was killed in the fighting near Krasnaya Gora

Bizhan Sharopov died in the war

The Armed Forces of Ukraine liquidated six former "youth soldiers" from Transbaikalia

A "Wagnerovets" from the "Umbrella" special forces was captured by the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In the line of fire: explosions in Kherson, Skadovsk and Kakhovka – what is known (photo)

"Strategic objects" hit by the Russians in Kharkiv: a non-working enterprise and the Central City Park (photo)

In Mykolaiv, the SBU reported suspicion of treason to a former officer of the Navy of Ukraine

Britain handed over equipment for the repair of bridges and railways to the UZ

"Very useful for Ukraine", — Kuleba about Zelensky’s visit to Great Britain (photo)

OP: in London, Zelenskyi and Sunak discussed the needs of the Armed Forces

The mayor of Melitopol about the concentration of Russian troops in the city: new "mobs" and units of "Wagner" are constantly arriving

At the moment, the maximum escalation in the Kremin direction, almost daily attacks, is Luhansk OVA

Shelling of the Sumy region – the Russians attacked seven communities, 87 arrivals were recorded

Zelensky suggested that the Russians think about the offensive of Ukraine

Zelenskyi visited the British military base Bovington Camp, where Ukrainian servicemen undergo training

Representatives of the countries that give tanks to Ukraine will meet next week – German Defense Minister

6 days a week for 10 hours — recruits of the Armed Forces undergo training in Spain (VIDEO)