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Nicholas Zharkikh

January 5, 2023

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 25 strikes on enemy positions

What is the situation in Bakhmut today – Kyrylenko told where the occupiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were driven away

Norway sent a batch of artillery shells to Ukraine

No fired. How contract workers in Russia were turned into "serfs"

The occupiers have just shelled the central part of Kherson, there is a dead person

Shelling of Kherson region: Russians shelled Chornobayivka and Komysany in Kherson region, 4 people were injured, OVA.

The SBU detained a Russian agent who was pointing enemy missiles and waiting for the occupation of Zaporozhye

They said goodbye to the fallen soldier in Vasylkiv

The Russian Federation fires rockets at a wagon with the bodies of its soldiers in the Kharkiv region (video)

Russia killed an assistant shooter of a grenade launcher from the Rivne region

A defender of Ukraine from Starobilsk was killed in the east

In the war, Zhytomyr Region lost another patriot and defender

Junior sergeant Mykhailo Maryash from Bar died

Near Bakhmut, a relative of the ex-chairman of the Kondrachuk regional council, Maryan Pushkar, died

Transcarpathia lost another defender – Stepan Rishko (PHOTO)

The community in Vinnytsia lost two defenders

Unbearable pain for the family: Hero from Dnipropetrovsk died

He wrote about sweat and blood in the war: journalist and soldier Oleksandr Kuzenkov died near Bakhmut

Valentin Bilak, a 25-year-old Transcarpathian, died near Bakhmut

Military officer Oleksandr Mokrytskyi from Ostrog died in Donetsk region

A military man from Vinnytsia died in Ozaryanivka near Bakhmut

21 years forever: defender from Sloviansk Serhiy Verpeka died fighting for Ukraine

Lviv Region lost two more Heroes in the war

Serhiy is survived by his mother. A fearless warrior from Dnipropetrovsk died in battle

Novomoskovsk suffered another loss in the war with Russia – Petro Pidkevich was killed near Bakhmut

In the battle for Ukraine, a resident of the Odesa region, Mikhail Butivchak, died

Our compatriot, military man Vladyslav Lisovyi, died while defending Ukraine

The son of a famous journalist and writer from Rivne died in the war

Explosions in Crimea: there was a loud noise near the village of Nizhnyohirsk (video)

Explosions in Makiivka: published satellite images of the destroyed base of the occupiers

Destruction of the base of the Russian Armed Forces in Makiivka: almost 70 wounded occupiers are transferred to Samara for treatment

The Ukrainian army destroyed the export Russian T-90S tank for the first time

The Armed Forces of Ukraine pushed back the Russian troops beyond the borders of Bakhmut, – Kirylenko

Explosions rang out at the bases of the occupiers in Energodar and Pology

"They believe in the Armed Forces" – OC "South" commented on the construction of defenses in Crimea by the occupiers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the accumulation of military equipment of the "Kadyrovtsi"

In Kakhovka, the Russian military ransacked a road company and took away all the vehicles

Artillery of the Armed Forces destroyed 15 Russian invaders

The Armed Forces pushed back the occupiers in Marinka

A truck with a full BC of the Russian occupiers was destroyed

Soon – wait: partisans in Melitopol greeted the pseudo-governor E. Balitsky (photo)

In a few hours, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed enemy Su-25, Ka-52 and Orlan-10 UAVs

SBU in Lviv region detained a supporter of the Communist Party (photo)

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit warehouses with BC, as the "Wagnerian" offensive near Bakhmut stopped, — mass media

Putin told Erdogan that Ukraine should accept the loss of territories for dialogue

Zelensky noted the Shaman unit of the GUR, which is fighting near Bakhmut (Video, Photo)

Bakhmut: 60 percent of the city is in ruins

Beryslav shelling – the boy and his parents died

The occupiers damaged 1,189 cultural objects in Ukraine – according to the Ministry of Culture

The suspicion was reported to the "head of the economics department" of the administration of the occupiers in Bilovodsk

Biden commented on Putin’s words about the "Christmas truce"

We will bite you in the singing silence of the Ukrainian night: Danilov gave an answer to the "truce"

Russian soldiers were ordered by commanders to rape women in captured villages

The defense forces shot down the plane and helicopter of the occupiers – the General Staff

Killing of prisoners in Olenivka: the UN disbanded the mission

January 6, 2023

Ukraine lost 90% of wind and 40% of solar generation

The Ministry of Defense of Lithuania on "peace" for Christmas: the killers are tired and want to rest for the day

Medvedev’s friend and former prime minister of the republic died under strange circumstances in Dagestan

Soviet monuments in Estonia: Estonia will get rid of Soviet monuments

A monument to Oleksandr Matrosov was dismantled in Dnipro

Searches in the churches of the UOC MP: the SBU revealed what evidence of the "Russian peace" they found

BEB seized a logistics center worth UAH 700 million — Ukrainian news

The purpose of the Kremlin’s call for a "ceasefire" is to accuse Ukraine of unwillingness to accept "peace proposals" from the Russian Federation, — expert

A Russian plane was shot down near Bakhmut: it fell on a village (video)

Powerful explosions rang out in Kherson, a fire broke out (PHOTO)

A criminal boss from the Russian Federation recruited by "Wagner" was liquidated in Ukraine

He left an orphaned 11-year-old daughter and a widowed wife: another soldier from Ternopil Oblast died in the war

Volodymyr Rud from Poltava region was killed in Luhansk region as a result of a tank shelling of the Rashists

A young serviceman from Rokytniv region died in the battle with the occupier

The established number of children killed due to Russian aggression has increased to 453 – Prosecutor General’s Office

Explosions or shots were heard in Berdyansk

The SBU detained a collaborator who helped the occupiers build roadblocks

In the monastery of MP in Ostrozhchyna they found propaganda of the party of Putin’s godfather

Defender Oleksandr Kovalchuk was sent to Rivne for the last time

Destruction of the occupiers: War with Russia

In the Kherson region, the SBI searched the collaborator Saldo: what was found

The monument to Lomonosov in Dnipro was dismantled

The Russian Federation wants to take more money from state-owned companies to finance the war in Ukraine – mass media

Russia is recruiting Balkan mercenaries to participate in the war against Ukraine, — CNS

The Ministry of Defense showed how the Armed Forces shoot down enemy drones over Kyiv

Christmas ’truce’: Russia cynically fires at Ukrainian territories. ’Killing in the back, imitating silence’

The SBU returned to prison the correctional officer Krygina, who was released on bail by the Kharkiv court – Tsaplienko

The United States has imposed sanctions against individuals associated with the manufacturer of Iranian drones

In Lavrov’s department, they "smoked out": a fire broke out in the building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow

A loud explosion rang out in Melitopol

The USA announced the largest package of military aid to Ukraine

Not a day without new "make-up". The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the location of the occupiers in the Zaporizhzhia region

January 7, 2023

General Staff: the Russian army is trying to advance in the direction of Bakhmut, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled attacks near Bilogorivka and Soledar

The Gauleiter of Sevastopol announced the "downing of a drone" over the city of Kryma

Missiles for HIMARS and air defense, BMP Bradley and HUMVEES – the Pentagon published a list of weapons for the Armed Forces worth $ 3 billion – military aid

Gave the addresses of the Ukrainian military from Vovchansk to the occupiers: the ex-law enforcement officer will be tried

For the first time, Ukrainian is heard in the Lavra: the Christmas service of Metropolitan Epiphany takes place in the cathedral

The Pentagon explained why the US does not transfer Abrams tanks to Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the location of the occupiers in the Kherson region: a hundred were injured

"Cotton" in Crimea: explosions rang out in Sevastopol, the occupiers claim that an air defense drone was shot down

In Sevastopol and Makiivka, new "cotton" was reported

Christmas "cotton" in Melitopol: the occupiers have losses.

Ukraine liberates Luhansk region — chronicles of deoccupation (VIDEO)

In the Zaporizhzhia region, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 150 occupiers with one blow

At night, explosions rumbled in Sevastopol

23-year-old Viktor Voronyak from Lutsk district died near Bakhmut

A defender from Kamiansk was killed in the fighting in Donetsk region: he was 24 years old

A fighter from Kamian district died in Sumy Oblast

Two fighters from Kamiansk died on the Dnipro front

A low bow: the soldier from Horohiv region would have turned 46 years old. PHOTO.

A father and son from Novomoskovsk died in the battles for the independence of Ukraine

Defender Andrii Ishchenko from the village of Chernyatka in Vinnytsia region died at the front

During the war with the occupiers, a defender from Lviv Oblast, Vasyl Gladyo, died

42 years forever: "Crimean Cossack" Volodymyr Gavrylyuk died in battles in the Liman Region

A young soldier from Volyn died in the war

Vitaliy Brytavsky, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

A 25-year-old Hero from Horohiv region died in the war

Oleksandr Volos from Brailov died in the battle near Bakhmut

A resident of the Manevytska community died in the war with the occupiers

A DNA examination confirmed the death of a local activist-plastun in occupied Izyum

Maps war in Ukraine ISW January 7 – what is happening at the front

Dzhambulat Zauraev – in Zaporizhzhia, the son of representative Kadyrov was eliminated, who volunteered to kill Ukrainians – photo

Russia mobilizes 500 thousand after the New Year holidays – intelligence

Defense of Soledar: Soldiers of the 46th ODSHBr confidently defend Soledar, Butusov

During the so-called "Christmas truce", the Russians went on the attack in Luhansk region

The Pentagon confirmed that Russia had violated the ceasefire announced by it

Ukrainian border guards stopped the attack of Russian troops near Bakhmut, eliminating their commander

In Ukraine, a traitor will be tried, who led Russian vehicles through the Sumy region in the direction of Kyiv

Historical Christmas service of the OCU in the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. The brightest photos

Explosions rang out in Kherson in the afternoon of January 7

Near Bakhmut, the border guards eliminated the commander of the occupiers and stopped the attack

The Russians boast of a breakthrough in Soledar. Ukraine denies

Last day completely confirmed the cynicism of Putin’s statements about the "ceasefire", – the State Department

Zelensky suspended the citizenship of 13 priests of the UOC MP – mass media

In the Luhansk region, the partisans destroyed the railway used by the Russians to transport military equipment

Zelensky introduced sanctions against 119 Russian media persons, including Kirkorov, Allegrova, Petrosyan, Bilan and others

Oleksiy Danilov: Danilov commented on the "truce" from Putin with Gogol’s words about the devil

National Police: The result of Putin’s "truce" is about 220 hits of Russian shells in Gulyaipol

Ukrainian aviation hit 21 areas of enemy concentration during the day

The Christmas truce that never happened. BBC report from war-torn Bakhmut

The Ukrainian military is learning to make drones that can be used to destroy tanks – NYT

January 8, 2023

An ammunition warehouse detonated in Melitopol at night

The Russians have lost 88% of their stockpile of Iranian kamikaze drones

Shelling of the Sumy region on January 8 – the occupiers hit the enterprise, a fire broke out there

He always went ahead, protecting others: Mykola Dyachenko, a scout from Bakhmut, died in the battles for his native Donetsk region

Mykola Vovchuk, a scout from Prykarpattia, died in the war

The war took the lives of two more soldiers from Bukovyna: they returned home forever

Sergey Karpenko, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

Despite the announced "ceasefire", the Russians launched nine rockets, three airstrikes and 40 shellings from rocket launchers during the day – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine struck a dormitory with mobilized Russians in Rubizhny — the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine

The Ukrainian Armed Forces took revenge on the occupier who bragged about storming "Azovstal"

Kinburn spit and islands – what is the situation there, Humeniuk gave an explanation

The military aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the positions of the Russian occupiers

The Russians are transferring forces from the Bakhmut direction south of Kreminnu to Gaidai

Soledar – the situation in the east remains difficult – Hanna Malyar

During the shelling of Merefa in Kharkiv Oblast, Russian troops hit an oil refinery: there are dead and wounded

Russia plans to produce Iranian drones in Tolyatti – Danilov

The strike on Kramatorsk was recognized in Russia, calling it retaliation for Makiivka

A Russian UAV was shot down over Dnipropetrovsk region

Anti-aircraft guns shot down an enemy helicopter and a drone

The anniversary of the downing of Boeing-737 over Tehran: are there any developments in this case and will the victims wait for compensation

The secretary of the Kirovohrad Metropolis of the UOC was charged with inciting enmity

Russian helicopters destroyed the Armed Forces – the General Staff disclosed the details

Russian Guards in Zaporozhye shot the occupiers who wanted to surrender – Russian aggression

Spokesman of the Armed Forces: the statement about the alleged destruction of Ukrainian defenders in Kramatorsk is an information operation of the Ministry of Defense of Russia

Foreign journalists refuted Russia’s fake about Kramatorsk

Countering Russian aggression: Ukrainian border guards captured a Russian stronghold near Bakhmut, killed dozens of invaders

Not without a scandal: Bishop Pavlo cursed journalists under the walls of the Lavra on Christmas Day

January 9, 2023

Russia uses Su-57 fighter jets to attack Ukraine – satellite photo of the airfield

The property of the former Minister of Education Dmytro Tabachnyk was seized

Mykolaiv Region: Air defense shot down an enemy drone on approach from the sea

The US senator compared the war in Ukraine with the First World War after his visit to Kyiv

A human rights defender and eco-activist from Zaporizhzhia died at the front

Volodymyr Okhot Khmelnytskyi, a resident of Kamian, died in the war

A soldier Dmytro Lysachenko from Poltava Region died after being blown up by an enemy mine

Oleksandr Koshak, a ski instructor from Bukovel, died near Bakhmut

A young and experienced soldier from Volyn was killed

31 years forever: soldier Yan Vilkhovetsky died in battles with the invaders in the Bakhmut direction

Mykhailo Kovalchuk, a sniper from the Ivano-Frankivsk region, died in the Bakhmut region

Denys Galushko died in battles with the invaders near Bakhmut

The Armed Forces of the Luhansk region are moving forward, destroying the equipment and personnel of the Russians, – Gaidai

"Turan" battalion: NYT told about volunteers in the Armed Forces from Central Asia and the Caucasus (photo)

Explosions in Shakhtarsk – how many occupiers were eliminated – photo

Planned an assault, but received a bullet in the forehead: the Armed Forces of Ukraine accurately and relentlessly destroy the enemy (video)

The Russians destroyed the largest mini-refinery in Ukraine with a missile attack

The SBU exposed an underground cell of the Sharia Party in Dnipro

Surrendered the positions of the Armed Forces and glorified the Russians: the case against the resident of Mykolaiv was referred to the court

Two volunteers from Britain disappeared near Soledar

An-2 crashed in Russia on January 9, 2022

In the army of the Russian Federation, the last trump card in the war was the massive use of personnel — Cherevaty

The developer of the Russian Kalibr missiles died

Battles for Soledar – the Russians launched a powerful assault on the city, said Malyar

Putin secretly pardoned Wagner PMC mercenaries before sending them to war

The situation in the combat zone: operational information of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on January 9

Iran may contribute to war crimes in Ukraine, according to the White House

The Czech Republic will transfer T-72 tanks to Ukraine

9 months was a shield for southern cities: a report from a ghost village near Kherson (VIDEO)

"Alfa-Bank" will pay a fine of almost UAH 50 million for violations related to the failure to ensure countermeasures against the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

The Ukrainian judge visited Crimea 25 times after the occupation and does not declare apartments in Sevastopol and Moscow – "Schemes"

It became known how many defenders of "Azovstal" remain in Russian captivity

The SBU neutralized the pro-Kremlin "troll factory" in Kyiv. PHOTO

The price of the Russian oil brand Urals fell to $37

January 10, 2023

Map of battles – the Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced near Kreminna, Luhansk region

At the Russian airfield "Engels-2", the number of combat-ready aircraft has decreased

Raiffeisen in Russia recognized the so-called "LDNR". Reaction of Raiffeisen Bank Ukraine

Kyiv region received 198 generators from the UAE. Most of them will be installed in health care facilities

The Ministry of Justice filed a lawsuit to confiscate Deripaska’s Ukrainian assets,

In Samara, they refused to publish the lists of victims in Makeevka. The Military Commissar stated that the information could be used by foreign intelligence

Russia continues to have problems with planes: two plane crashes in one morning

A resident of the Korosten Oblast, Serhii Maigun, died in the battle in the territory of the Kupyan district

Mykhailo Legkyi and Andrii Hrynchak, two soldiers from Vinnytsia, died in heavy fighting in Donetsk region

Yuriy Zaika and Dmytro Lutsiv from Prykarpattia died in the war

Volodymyr Strazhnyk from Kolomyia Oblast died at the front

25 years forever: a defender from Luhansk region Vitaliy Myliy died in the battles for Donetsk region

27-year-old commander Stanislav Kalentiev from Poltava region died in Maryintsa

Vitaly Pivovarov, a librarian from Zhytomyr, died in the war

Yuriy Yurchyk – colonel of the DPSU – died near Soledar as a result of shelling on January 8, 2023

A Hero from Lviv Oblast died in the war with the occupiers

Ruslan Zhornyak, a soldier from Yuzhny, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

He left behind a pregnant wife and a small son: Dmytro Zazirsky from Zalishchyk died in Bakhmut

A soldier from a village near Zaporozhye died defending Gulyaipole

Dmytro Nosovets, a soldier from Bativ, died in the war for Ukraine

Battles for Bakhmut and Soledar – the fighter told about the offensive and losses of the Russians

Near Bakhmut, 4 soldiers of the SSO eliminated a unit of 15 Rashists – Butusov

The UN confirmed the death of almost 7,000 civilians due to Russian aggression

Crimes of the Russian Federation: the police found more than 16,500 bodies of dead Ukrainians

Battle for Soledar: Armed Forces defend the city – Ministry of Defense

More than 80 workers from the Russian Federation could have died due to an attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on a village in the occupied Luhansk region – investigation

Zelensky stripped the citizenship of Medvedchuk, Kozak, Derkach and Kuzmin — UP

January 11, 2023

Switzerland has forbidden Spain to transfer its weapons to Ukraine

Prigozhin attacks Soledar and thus destroys Shoigu’s plan to occupy Bakhmut – analyst

Military aid to Ukraine – Turkey transfers cluster munitions manufactured during the Cold War to Ukraine

In Russia, a top official died under strange circumstances

A Russian rocket fell in the Rostov region: the video was released

In Mariupol, people are freezing in their own apartments — Ukrainian news

Vasyl Berdychevsky died in the war with Russia

The famous Ukrainian actor Dmytro Linartovych received a severe shrapnel wound in Soledar

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled enemy attacks near 13 settlements, General Staff

Help quietly: Pakistan supplies Ukraine with ammunition

A member of the UOC (MP) monastery called for the capture of Kyiv

The SBU conducts counter-intelligence activities in the government quarter of Kyiv

Novokakhov volunteer Serhiy Fedorenko was tortured by racist occupiers

Oleg Kucher, a defender from Poltava Oblast, died in the war with the invaders

The Reshetyli community has lost another defender

Sviatoslav Garbar, a serviceman from the Rivne region, died in the war.

Forever 28: Hero from Volyn Roman Bukalo died in the war

The mixed martial arts champion Konstantin Agapov died in the war

Machine gunner Volodymyr Shevchenko from Poltava region died in battle with the enemy

Losses of Ukraine in the war: Border guard Mykola Litvinov died

A 39-year-old sniper from Kostopil Oblast was killed in Donetsk region

A soldier of the Armed Forces of the Dnipropetrovsk region died in the Bakhmut region

An activist of "Solidary Youth", scout Oleksandr Logvin died in the fighting in Donetsk region

The Armed Forces destroyed the base of the occupiers at the ATP in Zolote

The BC warehouse of the occupiers detonated all night: photos of the consequences of "cotton" in Melitopol appeared

Cherevaty named the reasons for the decrease in artillery activity of the Russians

"Fireworks" in Kharkiv were caused by Russian "Smerch" missiles

In Lviv Oblast, the commander of the LNR sniper platoon was sentenced to 15 years behind bars

An FSB employee engaged in sabotage in Ukraine was exposed

142 drones were purchased with the funds "for revenge", the balance will be transferred to the purchase of the Valkyrie UAV