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Nicholas Zharkikh

January 19, 2023

Defense forces repelled attacks near Soledar, Bakhmut and 12 other settlements — General Staff

Britain will provide Ukraine with more than 200 units of armored vehicles

Missiles for Ukraine: Great Britain will provide Ukraine with 600 Brimstone missiles, – Wallace

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation did not establish control over Soledar and Bakhmut, — White House

Prigozhin criticized the Russian Ministry of Defense and Putin’s administration

The WSJ gave details about the agent Denys Kireev, who was killed at the beginning of the war

Poor coordination between SBU and GUR: Podolyak named the reason for Kireev’s murder

The Russian army was overwhelmed by a wave of attacks on commanders

Ekaterina Umanets – in Kirillovka, the Gauleiter threatens Ukrainians with deportation

Collaborators miscalculated: the Kremlin appoints its "watchers" to leadership positions

The head of the European Council, Charles Michel, is going to Kyiv

Zelenskyi and Michel met in Kyiv on January 19

Zelenskyi on negotiations with Putin: I am not entirely sure that Putin is alive. I don’t understand with whom in Moscow and what to talk about – Zelenskyi

Exhibitors of Ukrzaliznytsia helped transfer Russian military echelons to Ukraine

In Sweden, two brothers were found guilty of espionage for Russia. One of them received a life sentence

Explosions in Kakhovka and Oleshki – Khlan revealed the details

Criminal proceedings were opened against Metropolitan Pavel of the UOC (MP): details

SSO operators defeated a group of Russian invaders in Kreminnaya

"Sometimes it’s better to take a step back and then attack." BBC report from Soledar

Britain has started a new round of basic training for the Armed Forces, – Wallace

Donechka was left without a father: Volyn defender Rostyslav Slesar died in Luhansk region

Maksym Biletskyi, a soldier from Novovolynsk, died in the war

Three young defenders from Prykarpattia died in the war. PHOTO

Gave his life for Ukraine: a soldier from Lviv Oblast died in the war

Heroes of Bukovyna: Viktor Hryhorchuk died in battles in Donetsk region

In the battles with the Russian occupiers, Zhytomyr Region lost another Defender

Two little boys remained orphans: a 30-year-old defender from Lviv region died in the war

The sad news shook hearts: a defender from Transcarpathia died in the war

Volodymyr Pavlyuk, a 45-year-old resident of Kalush, died in the war

He loved life and Ukraine: a fighter from Lviv Oblast died near Bakhmut News of Lviv region

Transcarpathia lost two more defenders during the war: Robert Lukacek and Mykhailo Nastych

Junior sergeant Stepan Ivanovich Kozak, a resident of the village of Borok, died in the fighting with the occupier

A fighter from Dnipropetrovsk region died in the battles near Bakhmut. My native Novomoskovsk will remember

Andriy Herashchenko from Synelnikovo died defending Ukraine

At first he traded in mineral water, and then in Ukraine. Yankovskyi headed the occupation administration of the Maritime District of Mariupol

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed the position of the occupiers near Goloy Prystany

In the temporarily occupied Kyrylivka, partisans blew up a group of occupiers

Prigozhin reported on the capture of Klescheevka near Bakhmut: the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces denies this (photo)

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation defeated the 58th Army of the Russian Federation in the Zaporozhye region – a spectacular video

Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed two enemy drones over Bakhmut

The new aid package from Lithuania will include two Mi-8 helicopters

Russia commits crimes against Georgia, and Tbilisi responds to Moscow with curtseys – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Minister of Defense of Canada visited Irpin: Russia will answer for its crimes

Tanks, artillery and anti-aircraft defense: 9 European countries have promised unprecedented military aid to Ukraine

The war in Ukraine – Shelling on January 19 and the situation in Donbass – General Staff briefing

On the Kinburn spit, the Armed Forces of the Ukrainian SSR destroyed the group of occupiers

The court received an indictment from the Luhansk regional prosecutor’s office against three ex-regionals who headed the "authorities" in the Luhansk region, support the occupation regime of the aggressor, carry out the orders of the so-called "government" of the pseudo-republic and participate in mass anti-Ukrainian activities under enemy flags, glorify the Soviet past and spread pro-Russian narratives

January 20, 2023

The war in Ukraine – what was included in the new package of military aid from the USA

"Another "record" of enemy attacks". During the day, the occupiers fired 224 times on 21 settlements of the Zaporizhzhia region – OVA

Ramstein meeting – the meeting of the Contact Group on the Defense of Ukraine has begun

Leopard 2 was not included in the record package of aid from Finland, it will be decided separately by the Ministry of Defense

The Netherlands can transfer F-16 fighters to Ukraine, but there is a condition

Defense ministers of the US and Germany did not agree on the provision of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine – CNN

Great Britain can transfer ATACMS analog for long-range strikes to Ukraine, – CNN

Zelensky addressed Ramstein on January 20 – what the president said

Zelensky reacted to the results of "Ramstein-8": "We will have to fight for tanks"

Weapons from Portugal: Portugal will provide Ukraine with 14 armored personnel carriers, ammunition and medical equipment

Ukraine will receive two Patriot launchers and a number of missiles from the Netherlands

Reznikov according to the results of Ramstein-8: the Ukrainian army will receive more weapons and ammunition, evil will be defeated

Missile strikes on the Dnipro were corrected: the SBU neutralized the agent network of the Russian game

The director of the CIA secretly came to Kyiv again, – WP

Near Kyiv, an associate of Stremousov’s collaborator was arrested for propagandizing "Russian world" — the SBU

In the Kharkiv region, a forester was detained for cooperating with the occupiers

An official of the Izmail river port was exposed for working for Russia

The former "regionals" who led the occupation authorities of Starobilsk face 15 years behind bars

Kyiv region remembers: Oleg Yurchenko died the death of the brave near Bakhmut

The new US military aid package – the Pentagon clarified the contents

Charges were brought against the mobilized occupiers-deserters

"This is panic, it will get worse in the future": the installation of air defense systems on the roofs of buildings in Moscow was commented on by Ukrainian intelligence

Putin and Lavrov were trolled in the President’s Office for air defense on the roofs of Moscow

Two fans of Russia were detained in Lviv

The enemy is attacking in three directions: operational information of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the evening of January 20

Special operations forces showed battles for Soledar

Up to 30 occupiers died or are lying in hospital with poisoning due to the celebration of the Epiphany in Luhansk region, – Haydai

Airmen shot down two Russian drones

A citizen of Tanzania, recruited in the "Wagner" PVC, died in the war in Ukraine

Ukraine is working on the creation of a flotilla of FPV drones – that is known

Russian oligarch Dmitry Mazepin and his yacht are wanted in Italy

The United States includes the "Wagner Group" in the list of international criminal organizations

A SoftServe employee was detained by the SBU as an adjuster of enemy shelling in Dnipro

January 21, 2023

Reznikov stated that some aid to Ukraine was not publicly announced at Ramstein

Over the past day, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated almost 1,000 Russian terrorists

The Ukrainian military will begin to be taught how to use Leopard — Reznikov tanks

A fire broke out at an oil depot in Angarsk, Russia

Germany announced a spring package of military aid to Ukraine worth 1 billion euros

Russian saboteurs tried to cross the border in Sumy Oblast: what is known

The Russian army struck the border in the Sumy region

Battles near Kreminnaya – what is the situation now

The US is ready to help Ukraine de-occupy Crimea: Musk reacted with a scandalous statement

The Russians cannot launch any unit of the ZNPP — Energoatom, TEK

In Ukraine, a mechanism was created to deprive artist-traitors of state awards

Fuel tanks for the army are on fire in Russia (video)

Mercenaries from Serbia are fighting as part of the occupation forces in the Zaporizhzhia region.

Nineteen soldiers from the Poltava region died in the war with the invaders.

In the battles near Soledar, a Lipovodolin was killed

A soldier from Lviv Oblast died while performing a combat mission at the front

Mykhailo Babii, a 44-year-old fighter from Prykarpattia, died on the battlefield near Bakhmut

Two soldiers from the Novovolinsk community died in the war

Two daughters remained: a senior sergeant of the Armed Forces of the Dnipropetrovsk region died in battles with the occupiers

A paratrooper from Zhytomyr Oblast died in the battles near Kreminnaya

Artem Kolenda, a soldier from Rozhyshche, died in the war

Serhii Davydyuk died in Luhansk region while performing a combat mission

The commander of the anti-aircraft missile unit from Zhytomyr Oblast was killed in the battles near Kupyansk

A senior soldier from Cherkasy was killed by tank fire

A defender from Sarnen region died in Soledar

The war took the lives of three more soldiers from Poltava Oblast

Russia’s losses may exceed 188,000

Putin gave the title of "hero" to the pope who called on Russian women to "give birth more in order to send children to war"

The Armed Forces repulsed the invaders near Svatov

Military experts clarified the situation with the offensive of the occupiers in the Zaporozhye direction

Russia does not have the resources for an offensive in the Zaporozhye direction, – Canadian intelligence

In the occupied Starobil district, the bodies of the slain occupiers were found on the football field and at the gas station

British Sea King helicopters have arrived in Ukraine

In Donbas, the Russian army has no prospects of a breakthrough in the defense of the Armed Forces – Hodges

The invaders suffered a failure during the offensive in the Avdiyiv direction, the evening summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russia’s losses in Ukraine exceeded the entire army it assembled before February 24 — mass media

Andriy Melnyk to German Defense Minister Pistorius: "What else do you need to check? Deliver tanks"

The Ministry of Infrastructure confirmed the detention of Lozynskyi. They promise to fire him

In Pereyaslav and Yerkivtsy, defender, gunner Bohdan Dolzhenko was carried out to his last earthly journey: for several days he was considered missing

Denys Monastyrskyi and his colleagues who died in the plane crash were buried in Kyiv

The Kremlin’s propaganda channel RT France has ceased operations

The United States recognized Prigozhin’s army as an international criminal organization

January 22, 2023

Ukraine repelled attacks by the Russian Federation near ten populated areas — data of the General Staff as of the morning of January 22

War in Ukraine – Mariupol occupiers demolished more than 50 high-rise buildings, 1000 more to come – video

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting near Kreminna, and the occupiers have not been able to advance in the south

The war in Ukraine – a soldier of the Armed Forces showed the city of Vugledar destroyed by the Russians – a photo

The authorities of the Kursk region reported about "cotton" at the plant

Kireev’s murder: Budanov answered whether the deceased was a Russian spy

The President met with former British Prime Minister Johnson in Kyiv

How the occupiers advance in the Zaporozhye direction

There is no time to wait: Poland has announced training for the Armed Forces on Leopard tanks

Cotton in the Belgorod region – damage to power lines was reported

Iran plans to recognize the armies of EU countries as "terrorist organizations"

In Nova Kakhovka, wounded occupiers are taken to the hospital by truck

Danilov: Russia is preparing for an offensive

New military units will appear in the Armed Forces

Fire baptism: nine years have passed since the death of Serhii Nigoyan and other Maidan citizens | faces

Morocco handed Ukraine about 20 T-72B tanks – Menadefense

Offensive in Zaporizhzhia: Russian invaders tried to advance in small groups in Zaporizhzhia region, but were repulsed, Defense Forces

The occupiers are strengthening in the Starobil direction and near Kreminnaya and accumulating reserves in the Crimea – IS data

The Russian occupiers are trying to advance in four directions — the establishment of the General Staff of the Armed Forces

The military leadership was tasked with creating personnel reserves – Zelenskyi

January 23, 2023

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Replenishment of the occupiers’ manpower has arrived in Kherson Oblast

In early December, Russian President Vladimir Putin began to re-centralize control of military operations under the leadership of the Russian Ministry of Defense, decided to abandon reliance on Prigozhin and his irregular forces and once again trust Gerasimov, Shoigu and the regular Russian military Ukrainian News

Minesweepers transferred by Britain went on training under Ukrainian flags

Military aid to Ukraine – Estonia transfers all its 155 mm howitzers to Kyiv

The Armed Forces repelled enemy attacks in the areas of 11 settlements, – General Staff

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated the invaders near Bakhmut (video)

Ukraine received modernized T-72B tanks from the Moroccan army, media reports

Aid to Ukraine: Portugal will transfer armored personnel carriers to Ukraine

OK South: Due to heavy losses, the occupiers are raising new forces, trying to strengthen the defense in some areas of the left bank of the Dnieper

An agent who tried to enter one of the OVAs was detained

Cherkasy lost two defenders

Robert Lukacek, a defender from Khust, died in the war

A wife, two daughters and a brother lost the closest person. The heart of a soldier from Dnipropetrovsk region stopped in the hospital

Oleksandr Bodakva from the Kremenchug district died in the war

Oleksandr Klymov from Odessa died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

Novomoskovsk suffered another loss in the war with Russia – Vladyslav Poltavets died

Zvenigorod region has lost another Hero

The war took another young life. A soldier from Dnipropetrovsk died near Bakhmut

Human rights defenders of the Russian Federation claim that only 10 of the 50,000 Russian prisoners recruited by the "Wagner" PMC survived

Guerrillas in Mariupol blew up a car with Russian officers

Hungary will not block 500 million euros of EU military aid to Ukraine

Collaborators — A resident of the south of the country was sentenced to five years for the referendum

Sanctions against Iran: EU ministers agreed on a new package of restrictions

Poland was thinking about dividing Ukraine – Sikorskyi made a scandalous statement

The EU allocated 500 million euros of military aid to Ukraine – What is known about the seventh tranche

The Committee of the Council ended the meeting regarding the scandal with the procurement of products for the Armed Forces

"Reznikov is in his place": the Profile Committee of the Verkhovna Rada considered the scandal with the purchase of products for the Armed Forces

Battles for Kreminna: The US sees the successes of the Ukrainian military at Kreminna

The defense forces hit the occupiers’ boat during an attempt to land the DRG on an island on the Dnieper

Siyarto said that the tenth package of European sanctions against Russia will be a "huge mistake"

One of the Ghosts of Kyiv spoke about the air defense of the capital

VAKS confiscated the assets of Russian billionaire Shelkov

Journalists identified the names of more than 12,000 Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine

In the command of military districts of the Russian Federation, there are changes again: now in the districts near Ukraine

Kuleb at the Council of EU Foreign Ministers called for "crushing sanctions" against Rosatom, the Russian missile and UAV industry

January 24, 2023

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled 11 Russian attacks and shot down two planes — the General Staff

Estonia expels the Russian ambassador and promises to continue supporting Ukraine

Families of Russian military personnel are being deported from Luhansk

During the day, the occupiers launched 9 missile and 27 air strikes on the territory of Ukraine — General Staff

The Rheinmetall concern is ready to hand over 139 Leopard tanks to the Armed Forces

A military drone pilot school has opened in Ukraine

Ukrainian sappers arrived in Tokyo for training

Defense forces repelled enemy attacks in the Kupyansk direction, – General Staff

Zelenskyi banned people’s deputies, judges and law enforcement officers from traveling abroad

A decree on sanctions against 22 figures of the Russian Orthodox Church was published. The list includes the nephew of the Russian Patriarch Kirill

The number of Russian attacks on Belogorivka has decreased

VAKS did not nationalize "Demurinsky Mining and Processing Plant"

The SBU exposed a Russian agent who was preparing a missile attack on the critical infrastructure of Kropyvnytskyi

Ukrainian Chaklun drones are used against the Russian Armed Forces: the soldiers of the Armed Forces showed how (video)

A loud explosion rang out in the suburbs of Mariupol, after which a mass movement of helicopters began, – the mayor’s adviser

Andriy Pylypchuk, a soldier from Kordelivka, died in the war

Figure skater Dmytro Sharpar died near Bakhmut in a battle with the Russians

Accepted his last battle: a 36-year-old soldier from Chortkivshchyna died in Luhansk region

Ternopil lost another Hero

Stepan Vizinskyi, a soldier from Prykarpattia, died in battle in Luhansk region

A combat medic from Vinnytsia died in the battles for Bakhmut on January 21

A military man from Yampol was killed in Donetsk region

A resident of Kordelivka died in the war with the Russian invaders

Ivan Lutynets, the commander of a machine gun platoon from Ternopil Oblast, was wounded in battle

Ruslan Yavorskyi, a soldier of the 59th brigade from Vinnytsia, died in Donetsk region

Oleksandr Zakolodny, vice-president of the Mountaineering and Rock Climbing Federation of Ukraine, died in the battles for Soledar

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled the attack of the occupiers near Maly Shcherbaki in Zaporizhzhia

Finnish President Niinisto came to Ukraine – he met with Zelenskyi

In the temporarily occupied Berdyansk, the car of a well-known collaborator was blown up

The SBU reported the suspicion of Diana Panchenko, who is actively spreading enemy propaganda

List of recipients of orders and medals on January 24, 2023

The Russian Federation wants to mobilize deported Ukrainians and labor migrants instead of the Russians, – the CNS

Scholz made a decision to approve the transfer of Leopard — Spiegel tanks to Ukraine

Abrams for the Armed Forces — Washington has an almost ready plan to send tanks to Ukraine — the latest news

January 25, 2023

The USA will increase the production of artillery shells for Ukraine sixfold – NYT

Crossed the Dnieper: special forces of the GUR successfully carried out a sortie near Nova Kakhovka (video)

Christopher Perry and Andrew Bagshaw died near Soledar while helping to evacuate residents – photo

Christopher Perry and Andrew Bagshaw died near Soledar while helping to evacuate residents – photo

The Defense Forces of Ukraine destroyed three Russian helicopters, five drones and a fighter jet during the day – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Germany announced the transfer of Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. How many will be transferred

After heavy fighting, the Ukrainian military retreated from Soledar – Cherevaty

In the east, the Armed Forces shot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft – the Air Force

Tanks for Ukraine: Moravetsky welcomes Germany’s decision

Soledar today: Armed Forces withdrew from the city on January 25, 2023

New heads of the occupying "Ministry of the Russian Federation" have been identified in Kherson Oblast

​$1,000 for avoiding criminal responsibility: a suspect in collaboration tried to bribe a SBU investigator

The US will send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine for $400 million – Bloomberg

The training of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Leopard 2 will begin in a few days – the Ministry of Defense of Germany

Maxar showed how the "Wagneri" cemetery increased in two months – the losses of the Russians

What is the situation in Bakhmut and Vugledar on January 25, 2023 – the Ministry of Defense said

Assembly of the General Staff on January 25

He helped the Russian authorities hide the traces of the mass murder of Ukrainians: the SBU exposed a native of Ivano-Frankivsk region (PHOTO)

UAH 30 million seized from ex-National Deputy Martynenko was handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine