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Nicholas Zharkikh

February 9, 2023

The enemy attacked 6 communities of the Sumy region

Zelensky in Paris called to help Ukraine with weapons – the latest news

Zelensky at the EU summit in Brussels and a trip to France – the main topics of discussion – News of Ukraine

Five main news of the night of February 9, 2023, which you could have slept through

Summary of the General Staff: the Russians are trying to advance near Bakhmut and Vugledar, the Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled a number of enemy attacks

In Donetsk, the Rashists killed a teacher who fought for them

The SBU reported the suspicion to the Russian woman, who ordered the burning of Ukrainian history textbooks

The SBU detained a traitor from Ukrzaliznytsia, who was correcting attacks on Kyiv (photo)

Refusal of Ukrainian defenders in connection with Starlink – the head of the company, Elon Musk, made a sharp statement

"Rail partisans" were sentenced to 14 and 16-year-old colonies in Belarus

Putin has already lost Ukraine, Biden said

Paratroopers set up a firebomb for the occupiers near Maryinka — video

Zelenskyi flew to Brussels on February 9

Maps war in Ukraine ISW February 8 – what is happening at the front

Russian air defense shot down two "Ukrainian drones" near Bryansk, the governor said

Czech CEZ initiated arbitration against Gazprom

Counteraction to Russia’s aggression: Zelensky spoke in the European Parliament, the main thing from the speech

Zelensky became a Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor of France

Treated: the "Wagnerians" near Bakhmut hacked their wounded commander with an ax (video)

Japanese intelligence believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated more than 20 Russian generals — mass media

The SBU exposed the Ukrainian food corporation that financed Pushylin’s "fund".

He glorified the Russian army and called for the destruction of Ukraine: another supporter of the Russian Federation will be tried in the Lviv region

Lithuania will hand over 36 anti-aircraft missile systems to Ukraine to destroy Iranian drones

President of the European Commission on new sanctions: Russia must pay for the destruction and bloodshed

Ukraine can receive new Panther battle tanks within 15-18 months – head of Rheinmetall

Ukrainian partisans told how they helped to liquidate

Melitopol news – Fedorov reported that the enemy had organized a network of torture chambers in the city

In Luhansk region, Ukrainian artillerymen destroyed a large cache of the occupiers

Representatives of PJSC "Ukrtatnafta" made an urgent transfer to the budget of 531 million hryvnias in several payments, having received a warning from the Security Service of UkraineNews of Ukraine

Ukroboronprom, together with one of the NATO countries, launched the production of 120 mm mines

The court sentenced the accountant of the Zaporizhzhia hospital, who called for support for the Russian Federation

Electronics from several countries were found in Russian weapons – the General Staff

Chips from Germany end up in the Russian Federation – the Smart Impex company is under suspicion

A Ukrainian accused of "espionage" died in a Russian colony – human rights activists

Reznikov spoke about hundreds of exposed officials in the army and the Ministry of Defense

Danilov about the Bayraktars: They are currently performing important work that cannot be talked about

Danilov said that Ukraine can destroy targets on the territory of Russia with its weapons

Rheinmetall is ready to build a tank factory

For the first time, the Armed Forces destroyed the Russian armored personnel carrier "Terminator"

The Russian offensive began in the Luhansk region

The Armed Forces shot down three Russian drones in a day, gunners and rocket launchers hit two control points of the occupiers – General Staff

In Lviv, the cadebist who corrected the attack on the Yavoriv training ground is being tried

"Azov" became a brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine

A network of Russian accounts spreading military propaganda about Ukraine was exposed in TikTok

February 10, 2023

Shelling of Khmelnytskyi region – damaged critical infrastructure

the Russians launched Shaheds and strategic bombers into the air, and also launched missiles

Nocturnal missile strikes on Kharkiv: 1,000 houses without heat

The signal from Biden and the applause of Europe: What is happening against the background of Putin’s latest offensive

Ukrainian military personnel arrived in Belgium for training in the control of underwater drones

"There are no new changes in the work of Starlink in Ukraine." Fedorov reacted to the message of the president of SpaceX about the limitation of access to satellite communication

German police raided companies that helped the Russian Federation circumvent sanctions

Ukraine submitted a request to the Netherlands for the supply of F-16s

A new attack by the Russians: strikes on Kharkiv, Zaporizhzhia and the Dnipro

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made 22 strikes on enemy positions, — General Staff

Enemy attacks near 12 settlements in three regions were repelled by the Defense Forces — the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

A week ago, I was coming home: a defender from Rohatyn was killed in Donetsk region

A settler, whose family found refuge in Khmelnytskyi region, died in battles with Rashists near Vugledar

Lviv lost a defender from Drohobych

Another loss at the front: Irpin lost Hero Dmytro Samoilenko

The death of another Volyn citizen was confirmed

Air defense forces – the government – work in Kyiv and the Kyiv region

There are hits at several energy infrastructure facilities — "Ukrenergo"

Missile attack of the Russian Federation: the Ministry of Energy was informed about hitting objects in six regions

Attack on Kyiv on February 10 – air defense forces shot down 10 missiles

Attack on Ukraine on February 10 – air defense forces shot down 13 missiles over the Odesa region

Sadovy described the situation in the Lviv region – all the missiles were shot down by air defense

Ukrainians lost access to the Internet due to a missile attack on February 10 – details

Russia killed a political prisoner from Crimea, Dzhemyl Gafarov

Speculation in the US Congress: Republicans called for an end to military and financial aid to Ukraine

The SBU announced the suspicion of People’s Deputy Voloshyn

The SBU reported the suspicion to pro-Kremlin propagandist Montyan

In Bryansk, Russia, an attack by Ukrainian drones on the airport was reported

Ukraine returned the bodies of another 61 fallen heroes

61 out of 71 Russian missiles were destroyed – Commander-in-Chief

The energy system of Ukraine is operating in conditions of an acute shortage of electricity, the most difficult situation is in the Kharkiv region – "Ukrenergo"

As a result of a Russian missile attack, four DTEK TPPs were damaged, two energy workers were injured. As a result of a Russian missile attack, 4 DTEK TPPs were damaged, two energy workers were injured

Zelensky’s address on February 10

Girkin spoke about the defeat of the Russian army near Vugledar. "The Armed Forces were shot like in a shooting range"

In Melitopol and the district, residents report explosions loudly, the mayor said

Ukrainian aviation made 12 strikes on areas where the invaders were concentrated

Ukraine lost three-quarters of TPP capacity due to the Russian Federation – the government

Kharkiv news. Latest news in Kharkiv for today

The SBU reported the suspicion to two of Saldo’s "subordinates": one of them is a member of the OPZZH

China will buy 15,000 drones from Iran. In Tehran, they remember the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine

The USA and Britain have imposed sanctions for espionage and corruption of pro-Russian officials in Bulgaria

NATO’s response to Russian missiles over Moldova and Romania: what is known

Iran announced the arrest of "Israeli mercenaries" who attacked a military factory in Isfahan

In the Kherson region, the bodies of two people who were shot by the Rashists were exhumed

In Luhansk region, two residents sided with the occupiers, became "law enforcement officers"

At the Khmelnytskyi NPP, one of the power units was stopped due to a missile strike on the energy system of Ukraine

A comrade-in-arms told about the last moments of the life of a soldier from Pereyaslav Oleksandr Ilyinykh

February 11, 2023

Over the course of a day, Russia fired more than 100 missiles into Ukrainian territory. Despite heavy losses, the enemy is trying to advance in the Donetsk and Kharkiv regions – General Staff

Fighter jets for Ukraine – should NATO countries give combat aircraft to Kyiv – White House

The enemy continues to advance in five directions, the General Staff

The first batch of L-70 anti-aircraft guns, which Lithuania is transferring, is already in Ukraine

Russians dropped 4 aerial bombs on Zmiiny Island – OK "Piv’d"

Border guards destroyed groups of enemy attack aircraft near Bakhmut

Attacks on DTEK objects: Energy infrastructure strikes

The Armed Forces almost ran out of ammunition

Russia Faces Ammunition Shortages and Suffers Heavy Losses at Bakhmut and Vugledar – Canadian Intelligence

A defender from Sumy was killed in Donetsk region

Vitaliy Malyshevskyi, a soldier from the Ingulets district, died in the war against the Russian invaders

The warrior from Shepetiv region did not return alive from the battlefield

A 19-year-old soldier from the Rivne region died at the front

Transcarpathian Vasyl Sushanin died in the war

Two soldiers from the Mohyli-Podilskyi community died in the war

Another Hero from the Kramatorsk district has passed away

Injured during a combat mission in Donetsk region: an artilleryman from Zhytomyr region died in the Dnipro hospital

Burning pain and tears: 25-year-old lieutenant of the ZSU Nazarii Havrysh from Tlumach died in the war

A defender from Sekun was killed in Bakhmut

Vasyl Tkachivskyi, a soldier from Ivano-Frankivsk region, died in the battles for Bakhmut

Kamianske lost another defender

Another collaborator was eliminated in Melitopol region

Serhii Polyakov, a Russian commander, was eliminated near Vugledar

The heads of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation informed Bastrykin about the suspicion

The head of the Luhansk OVA announced that the Russians were retreating

Border guards with the support of artillery destroyed four assault groups of Russians

Where Putin will try to advance by February 24 – the main scenarios

A traitor was arrested in Luhansk region, who housed the occupiers in his house and drove their commanders in his car

Teaching in Russian was banned at the Tchaikovsky Academy in the capital

A huge secret burial of "Wagnerovtsev" was found near Moscow

The Armed Forces of Ukraine recovered lost positions in some areas of the front

The occupiers were active in two directions

Shelling of Ukraine: During the day of February 11, the Russians launched 7 missile and 23 air strikes on the territory of Ukraine, – General Staff

Ukrainian border guards shot down a Russian plane near Bakhmut

The occupiers are strengthening the grouping of troops in the Lyman and Bakhmut directions, actively using aviation – General Staff

In three days, the occupiers lost five times more tanks than the ZSU at Vugledar and Avdiivka

Zelensky spoke about the "significant results" of the SBU, the Security Intelligence Service and the Prosecutor General’s Office in the fight against the enemies of Ukraine

"A fifth of Russia’s GDP". The OP called hypocrisy the behavior of Western companies continuing business in the Russian Federation

February 12, 2023

The Defense Forces of Ukraine made 19 strikes on the enemy’s concentration and shot down an enemy plane, — General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

"Kholodnoyartsi" continue to destroy the occupiers in Donetsk region

Map of hostilities in Ukraine as of February 12, 2023

Explosions rang out in Russia: what is known

Cotton February 12 in Russia – This night the Russians heard explosions near Kursk and Bryansk – there are military facilities

In Kherson, the enemy attacked the regional state administration building

February 13, 2023

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the Russian army lost more than half a thousand soldiers in a day

The US Embassy called on Americans to leave the Russian Federation

The occupiers end up in hospitals en masse with frostbite

The Russian Federation shelled Kupyansk again on February 13 – fires started

British intelligence: Russians fear an offensive of the Armed Forces near Zaporizhzhia and in the Luhansk region

Marines showed how to destroy the invaders with the help of FPV drones (video)

The commander of an elite brigade of the Russian Armed Forces died near Vugledar

"They will not surrender Chasov Yar: this is one of the high points of Donbass, where artillery is conveniently placed." A special report from a city that is being attacked by the Russian army

Battles for Ugledar: the occupiers lack the equipment to evacuate the dead

The Armed Forces destroyed the base of the occupiers in Donetsk

Soldiers from the 79th ODSHB set up a "fire sack" for the occupiers near Maryinka (video)

He did not live to see his 50th birthday: a brave warrior, a volunteer from Vatutiny, died in the war

A scout from Kamianets-Podilskyi died in the war with the Rashists

One day he did not live to see the birth of his grandson: a soldier from Katerynopil Oblast died in the war

Yuri Vetkov, a soldier from the Dnipropetrovsk region, died at the front

In the Rivne region, she said goodbye to the fallen Hero-brothers

Pakistan handed Ukraine more than 10,000 units of shells for Hail

Ukrainian soldiers began training on Leopard tanks

Russia threatens to take land and property from Ukrainians who left the occupation

What does Kupyansk look like after Russian artillery shelling

He wanted to escape abroad under the guise of a volunteer. A collaborator from the Luhansk region was detained in Kyiv

Sandu spoke about the Russian plan to destabilize Moldova

The Armed Forces showed how they destroyed the enemy complex "Osa" (video)

Two Carpathian soldiers died near Bakhmut

Forever in the ranks of the warriors of Light: a native of the Izmail district who fell under Ugledar returns on the shield

Another Defender from Zhytomyr region was killed in battles near Bakhmut in Donetsk region

Bright memory: a fighter of the 93rd brigade from Dnipropetrovsk region died in the battle near Bakhmut

Mykhailo Kozniuk, a well-known Hutsul from Transcarpathia, died in the war

The commander of the intelligence unit from Rivne Region was killed in Donetsk Region

A soldier from Ternopil died as a result of artillery shelling

Tragic news: six citizens of Pavlograd died in the war

Volodymyr Malitovskyi, a resident of the village of Ivane-Zolote, died fighting for Ukraine

Three children were left without a father: a Chernihiv policeman died near Bakhmut

Vasyl Ogirok from Ternopil died in a heavy battle in the Luhansk region: for a long time he was considered missing

A 20-year-old fighter from the Lviv region died near Bakhmut

A 28-year-old military man from the Varas district died in Donetsk region

Anatoly Klymchuk, a military serviceman from Yemilchyna community, died in Kharkiv region

He gave the most dearly: in Cherkasy region, they said goodbye to the sniper

The situation in the Luhansk region – the enemy is attacking Kreminna and Bilogorivka

A fire broke out at a destroyed ammunition warehouse in occupied Donetsk

Occupied Rubizhne, almost a year after the start of active hostilities, is a solid ruin

Crimean partisans confirmed their involvement in disabling the equipment of the occupiers in Mariupol: at least 7 units

The Armed Forces attacked enemy positions 14 times – there are successes

Zaluzhny about his vision of victory: Creating such conditions that the Russian Federation will never attack again

The situation is worsening, the assaults do not stop: Avdiyivka is one of the three hottest destinations in the Donetsk region (VIDEO)

Already in the Armed Forces: Poland told how many tanks it handed over to Ukraine

On February 20, the Heavenly Hundred – the first heroes of the Russian-Ukrainian war – will be honored

In Russia, a Major General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was found shot dead, – mass media

In Russia, there was an explosion on the main gas pipeline — media

The Armed Forces denied Russia’s statement about the capture of Krasnaya Gora near Bakhmut

Mortars of the 10th OGSHBr successfully destroyed the Russian infantry

Supply of nuclear fuel: Ukraine is completely independent from Russia – Galushchenko

Collaborated with the occupiers: the Kharkiv showman was informed of suspicion of collaborationism

February 14, 2023

The occupiers are attacking in five directions

For the first time since the time of the USSR, Russia has sent ships with nuclear weapons to sea

In the Black Sea, there is a high probability of detonation of sea mines

The war in Ukraine claimed the lives of at least 7,199 civilians, and another 11,756 were wounded

Military personnel of the Russian Federation were required to carry a sleeve with a piece of paper in their pocket, where information about them is indicated, – GS

Canada announced that the Ukrainians are already training on the Leopard 2 they provided

In Bakhmut, a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft was shot down from Perun

Cancellation of Soviet holidays – May 1 and March 8 will be replaced by others

Army of drones: Fedorov told how many drones have already been purchased

Sandu’s party says that Serbian saboteurs for the Russian Federation had to enter under the guise of football fans

For Putin, who is afraid to fly even in Russia, they created secret railway stations and a train station in Moscow

Balloons of the Russian Federation with corner reflectors were recorded in the sky over Ukraine

CNN investigation – Storm assault unit formed from prisoners suffers catastrophic losses in Ukraine

The occupiers are digging trenches on the isthmus of the Crimean peninsula

A fighter from Snake Island told about 9 months of captivity

After the attacks on the Ukrainian energy system, the occupiers are trying to deprive Ukrainians of access to water supply – Shmyhal

The Cabinet of Ministers simplified the import of military goods, including UAVs, as much as possible

A resident of Donetsk region was sentenced to five years in prison for supporting the occupation of Mariupol

An engineer from Kazan fled to the United States and intends to reveal Russia’s military secrets

What weapons will Ukraine receive according to the results of Ramstein on February 14

Meeting of the General Staff on February 13 – the Russians continue to focus their efforts on five directions

A British citizen died in Ukraine

Mountain attack aircraft demonstrated the destruction of two enemy armored vehicles – strikes against the Russians

The US may send 5,000 assault rifles and 1.6 million rounds of ammunition to Ukraine — WSJ

A blogger who calls the war a "return of the lands" has been notified of suspicion

Media: a Russian businessman was convicted in the US on charges of hacking

The Russians dropped aerosol grenades on the positions of the Armed Forces

The participating states of "Ramstein-9" undertook to provide Ukraine with tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and air defense systems – General Milli

Military aid to Ukraine – Greece handed over BMP-1 and ammunition

In Kharkiv Oblast, a collaborator who handed over a pro-Ukrainian school principal to the occupiers will be tried

February 15, 2023,

Operational information as of 06.00 on 02/15/2023 regarding the Russian invasion, – General Staff of the Armed Forces

Russia uses 43 camps to deport Ukrainian children — US State Dept

The General Staff spoke about the situation on the fronts on the morning of February 15, 2023

The situation in Bakhmut – the occupation of the city will not affect the course of the war

The USA signed contracts for the production of projectiles for Ukraine

Greece sent two dozen BMPs and ammunition to Ukraine

Russia is preparing a coup in Moldova: is there a threat of a new front (video)

Ukrainian intelligence cooperates with people from Putin’s close circle, GUR

In Vladivostok, a huge cemetery of marines from the 155th brigade of the Russian Federation, which was defeated near Ugledar, was shown

Ukrainian artillerymen destroyed the TOS-1 heavy flamethrower system near Vugledar

Taras Pukish, a resident of the Kalusa community, died in the war

Two more residents of Novomoskovsk died in the war: Vitaly Dyatko and Oleg Pelin

Nikopol lost another defender at the front (photo)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces defeated the assault groups of the Russian Federation near Bakhmut in a night battle

Battles for Bakhmut – Prigozhin admitted that it would not be possible to take the city

The Prime Minister of Sweden arrived in Kyiv and met with Zelenskyi

NATO countries increase production of projectiles for 155 mm artillery – Stoltenberg

Gepard ammunition issue resolved: German defense giant Rheinmetall begins production

Komarov showed the combat control center of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Sirsky – a video

Another pro-Russian propagandist was exposed in Kyiv

The head of the court in the Kharkiv region was charged with treason

A resident of Odesa convinced SBU officers that "Odesa is Russia": what the court decided

Zelensky asked Reznikov to stay in the Ministry of Defense

In Mykolaiv Oblast, 27 dead civilians were found in the de-occupied Snigurivka

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out 11 strikes against the Russian occupiers during the day, – General Staff

Help from the Netherlands: The Netherlands will provide Ukraine with 20,000 shells for Leopard 2 tanks

Sweden has increased its support to Ukraine to €1.2 billion

140 million USD: Switzerland has begun the procedure to confiscate the assets of Yanukovych’s entourage