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Nicholas Zharkikh

December 29, 2022

The General Staff spoke about the situation on the fronts on the morning of December 29, 2022

Drone attack on Ukraine on December 28 – what is known about the new Russian strike

The Russians attacked Kharkiv’s energy infrastructure with drones at night

Monuments to Catherine II and Suvorov demolished in Odessa (PHOTO)

The Kyiv court arrested ex-defense minister Ezhel, accused of treason

Первый пошел: in Ukraine, a sentence was passed for a war crime in Crimea

A DPR militant from the Motorola group was sentenced to 12 years

Acoustic sensors will be installed near Kyiv that will detect Russian missiles and drones

The Russian army received a batch of fifth-generation Su-57 aircraft

Explosions in the Russian city of Belgorod. The authorities of the region announced the work of the Air Defense Forces

The collapse of profits from oil and gas exports may amount to more than 50%: what awaits the economy of the Russian Federation in 2023 — the opinions of experts

The export of Russian oil by sea collapsed – all because of the EU embargo from December 5

Air defense work: 5 Russian missiles were shot down over the Black Sea, – Kim

Russian missiles shot down over Sumy region (updated)

Rocket attack: The capital authorities reported new destruction in three districts of Kyiv

Missile strike on December 29 — there are four arrivals in Kharkiv

Air defense in Lviv region: Part of the missiles in Lviv region were shot down by air defense forces, there is a threat of repeated strikes, – OVA

The first photos from the place where the rocket fell in Kyiv have appeared

The situation in Lviv: 90% of Lviv is without electricity, there may be interruptions in water supply, – Mayor Sadovy

Air alert on December 29 — air defense shot down 21 missiles over the Odesa region

The enemy is trying to continue the offensive in the Bakhmut and Avdiiv directions, – General Staff

British intelligence: "cotton" at distant airfields of the Russian Federation indicates difficulties with air defense

Missile attack on Ukraine on December 29 – how many missiles were fired

Missile attack of the Russian Federation on December 29, 2022 – it became known how many missiles were destroyed by the Armed Forces

A Ukrainian kamikaze drone blew up a Russian ammunition truck (video)

The General Staff reported the exact number of missiles launched by Russia over Ukraine

The Russian missile attack damaged the DTEK energy facility. An injured person

The US and British ambassadors reacted to the new Russian missile strike

The SBU conducts searches at the facilities of the UOC MP in Khmelnytskyi region

A missile fell in Belarus during a massive attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine

Explosions were heard near the airfield in Engels, Russia

Kreminna – fierce battles are taking place near the city

The Russians shelled the suburbs of Zaporozhye, damaging the gas pipeline and the power supply line. PHOTO

Western aid: Germany bought 480 generators for Ukraine

In Kryvyi Rih, priests of the Moscow Church worked for Putin: evidence

Massive attack on Ukraine – Photo of the consequences of shelling of Kyiv

December 30, 2022

Biden signed the US budget with crucial aid for Ukraine

Shaheds attacked Kyiv on December 30 – the KMVA spoke about the consequences

How the day passed on December 29, 2022 – the main thing from the establishment of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Armed Forces of Ukraine may be on the territory of the Russian Federation if it is necessary to protect Ukraine – Danilov

A fire in Russia in Rostov-on-Don occurred near the station – video

As a result of yesterday’s rocket attack, an infrastructure object and houses in the Mykolaiv region were damaged

Ukrainian artillery and missile forces hit five control points, five concentration areas of the occupiers and a warehouse with ammunition – General Staff

Each rocket only confirms that all this must end with a tribunal: the President of Ukraine on Russia’s attacks

The SBI is investigating the illegal activities of "OPZZH" deputies

The Ukrainian banker recognizes the jurisdiction of the occupation courts in Crimea

The Ukrainian army will receive Panthera T6 armored vehicles – media

Poland added 12 Lukashenko players to the sanctions list

Lavrov said that the Kremlin refuses to negotiate with Ukraine on Zelensky’s terms

7 kamikaze drones went to Kyiv at night, all of them were shot down – Klitschko

The invaders attacked Ukraine with drones: they managed to shoot down all 16 targets

The Russians are using "fresh" Kh-101 missiles to attack Ukrainian cities

Missile developer Nesterov died: Missile developer Nesterov died in Russia

Kreminna The Russian defense is managed by a general who participated in the planning of the attack on Kyiv

The fall of the rocket in the Brest region on December 29, 2022 – Belarus named two versions

The official-collaborator from Kherson turned herself in to the law enforcement officers – details

Defense forces struck 17 areas of enemy concentration, – General Staff

The picture from "Engels" does not show traces of "cotton", but the shot still gave the result | Defense Express

Poroshenko handed over the "Valkyria" UAV complex to intelligence officers: there will be new cotton

The Armed Forces destroyed a rare combat vehicle of the Russian occupiers

Explosions rang out in Kherson in the morning of December 30

Explosions in Sevastopol on December 30, 2022 – the occupiers say that air defense is working

Dnipro news: a sergeant from Kamiansk was killed

A soldier from Rivne region died in Kharkiv region

The defender from Horodenka, Vitaly Prinko, died in the hospital

A machine gunner from Kharkiv region was killed in Luhansk region

Unbearable pain for three children, wife and mother: Hero from Dnipropetrovsk died

Oleg Pukai, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

In the Rivne region, four defenders were sent to the last road

Today in Buch they say goodbye to defender Ilya Grabar

Ternopil region in Donetsk region has lost another Hero

He saved his brothers at the cost of his own life: Colonel Serhiy Khomik, the commander of the Mi-8 crew, died in Donetsk region

Three soldiers from the Rivne region were killed during battles with the occupiers in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions

Pain you can’t get used to: Ternopil Region has lost a Hero (PHOTOS)

A representative of "Self-defense of Kozivshchyna" died in the battle near Bakhmut

Vitaliy Brovin, a soldier from Poltava Oblast, died in the fight for the freedom of Ukraine

Vitaly Luchka, a resident of Kalusha, died in the war

Tymofiy Semka, a paramedic from Kryvyi Rih, died in the battles on the front line

Missile attack December 29, 2022 – a MANPADS fighter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down a Russian missile in the south of Ukraine – video

Russian occupiers blew up their Ka-52 Alligator helicopter after a forced landing – video

HIMARS arranged a "hot" night for the occupiers in Alchevsk, Kadiivka and Bryanka

Almost three and a half thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces are in captivity, the Russians confirmed

The Armed Forces of Ukraine advance near Bakhmut: the Wagnerians are "laid down in packs"

The occupiers’ ammunition warehouses were destroyed in Kadiivka

On December 29, the occupiers inflicted 81 blows on the Kherson region, there is a victim – OVA

Yesterday, in the eastern direction, Ukrainian defenders shot down an enemy Mi-8 helicopter

Bakhmut is the hottest point on the planet

"Handed over" to mine occupiers in Donetsk region: the SBU reported the suspicion to the "Deputy Minister of Coal and Energy of the DNR"

The occupiers shot a woman in her own yard in the Kherson region, the Prosecutor General’s Office

Espionage in favor of the Russian Federation: an important spy was arrested in Germany

Great Britain – the British handed over VALLON metal detectors and demining kits to Ukraine

Russia carried out 16 airstrikes this day, 15 of which hit civilian infrastructure, the General Staff said

There are areas where we are making progress – Zelenskyi on the situation at the front

40% of the dead: the Russian military announced the losses of the Russian army near Bakhmut

Donetsk region: two traitors leaked data about the Armed Forces to the Russian Federation

In Donetsk, the deputy head of the military investigative department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation was liquidated

Army of Drones: As part of the "Army of Drones" project, 1,577 drones were purchased, 928 of them are already in the military, – the Ministry of Statistics

December 31, 2022

Defense forces repelled Russian attacks in the areas of 15 settlements — General Staff

War in Ukraine – air defense forces shot down all 10 kamikaze drones launched by Russia in a day

A militant-saboteur from Donetsk region will spend 15 years behind bars for treason

A resident of Mykolaiv who fired at locals and tried to resist was arrested

Zelenskyy awarded about a hundred Ukrainian servicemen

The Russians kidnapped 30 mayors, 7 of them went missing – Klitschko

AFADTS: the USA transfers the artillery control system to the Armed Forces of Ukraine IFADTS: this is a revolution of counter-battery combat in the war with the Russian Federation

The US commented on the conversation between Putin and Xi Jinping: they are concerned about the rapprochement of Russia and China

The Armed Forces of Ukraine made 10 strikes on enemy concentration areas, General Staff

At the beginning of January, the Kremlin plans to close the borders and announce mobilization in Russia and Belarus – Reznikov

The sounds of explosions are reported in Kyiv

Massive attack by Russia on December 31: Air defenses shoot down Russian missiles in a number of regions

Russian missiles are shot down in Kyiv region

Massive missile attack – what is the situation in the regions

The sounds of explosions are reported in Khmelnytskyi

A series of powerful explosions rang out in Kyiv during an air raid: the first details

Khmelnytskyi is attacked by kamikaze drones

Air defense: In the Zhytomyr region, the anti-aircraft defense system was successfully activated

Explosions in the Crimea on December 31 – in Dzhankoya, it was reported about the work of air defense

Shelling of Mykolaiv on December 31 – the number of wounded increased to six people

A man was killed and eight people were injured in the Solomyan district of Kyiv

A missile launched during a new attack on Ukraine fell again in Russia

Bakhmut as a city no longer exists – Budanov, head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

100 out of 100: German IRIS-T air defense systems very accurately protect the sky over Kyiv – Klitschko

Pages referring to "Panasivka (Synelnikivka district)" – Wikipedia

Shelling of Kyiv: Air defense forces destroyed 7 enemy targets over Kyiv, 1 dead and 16 injured, KMVA (updated)

Exchange of prisoners from the Russian Federation – 140 people returned to Ukraine – Yermak

As a result of the Russian attack, ten people were injured in Khmelnytskyi – the mayor

Shelling of Mykolaiv: As a result of the shelling of Mykolaiv, 2 residential buildings were completely destroyed, 12 were damaged, – Mayor Sienkovych

The so-called "deputy head of the Kakhovsky district council" will be tried for collaborationism

After the rocket attacks in Kyiv, the metro traffic was changed. The latest news and events in Ukraine and the world

In the Bryansk region, drones destroyed the S-300 installation – social networks

Social media reports about explosions in occupied Crimea

Since the beginning of the war, 1,596 Ukrainians were freed from captivity in the Russian Federation, 35 exchanges took place – Coordination Headquarters

As a result of the missile attack by the Russians, the corps of the KNU on the VDNG were damaged: photo

Damaged residential buildings in the Holosiiv district: what the consequences of the December 31 rocket attack look like

Klitschko spoke about the number of victims of the Russian missile attack on Kyiv

Several enemy missiles did not reach Ukraine and fell on the territory of Russia

"All the missiles were shot down. Debris fell all over the territory of Kyiv." Povoroznyk about today’s shelling

Klitschko visited Bakhmut

The General Staff talked about the powerful strikes of the Armed Forces at the front

January 1, 2023

The occupiers suffered huge losses in the Zaporizhia and Luhansk regions

Air defense in Kyiv: Air defense worked in Kyiv region. Explosions from anti-aircraft defense work were heard in the capital

Priests of the Moscow Patriarchate held the last divine service in two churches of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

On New Year’s Eve, 23 targets were shot down in the sky above the capital – KMVA

Russia again attacked Kyiv with missiles and drones

Klitschko reported on explosions in two districts of Kyiv

In Belgorod, explosions rang out to the sound of chimes

There was a fire at the Rostov NPP in the Russian Federation, and one person died

They escaped from Luhansk. In the Rostov region of the Russian Federation, they are looking for armed "Wagnerians"

45 enemy UAVs were shot down over Ukraine

Drone attack in Kyiv on New Year’s Eve: consequences of the attack

In the center of Moscow on New Year’s Eve, the police beat people and "packed" them into auto bags (video)

Explosions in Russia – events are reported in the Omsk, Belgorod and Rostov regions

Ukrainian military advanced in the south – details

Attacks on Kyiv: Russia found the reasons for shelling the capital’s hotel and Protasovo Yar on December 31

The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces told how they shot down enemy targets on New Year’s Eve

For the first time, Russia attacked Ukraine from the Caspian Sea, Humenyuk reported

Germany has started the production of artillery for the Armed Forces

The explosion on Solomyanka in Kyiv: Klitschko talked about the works to restore buildings

Big Kyiv | VK — online media about Kyiv and the metropolitan agglomeration

During the shelling on December 31, more than 12 objects of the capital’s university were damaged

January 2, 2023

The defense forces repelled the attacks of the occupiers near 11 settlements – summary

20 air targets were shot down over Kyiv – KMVA

Night shelling of Kyiv: infrastructure objects were damaged

A resident of the Shpykiv community died at the front near Vodyan

He fought at "zero" and created cinema: Viktor Onysko with the call sign "Tarantino" died a Hero’s death

In the center and south of Ukraine, 16 Shaheds and one rocket were shot down: summary of the night attack of Russia

Explosions in Melitopol: Melitopol was noisy in the morning

The two main temples of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra were closed to the UOC MP

Russian authorities said that a Ukrainian drone attacked energy facilities in the Bryansk region

Explosions in the Russian Federation: Explosions rang out at the airfield in Voronezh

Drone attack on January 2 – air defense shot down 100% of enemy drones

Southern defense forces destroyed 8 killer drones

In the Kyiv region, the consequences of the night attack by kamikaze drones continue to be overcome

War crimes of the Russian Federation: In the de-occupied settlements of the Kherson region, the police discovered the facts of the killing of civilians by the Russian military

A Russian agent was exposed in the Lviv region

Two Russian Army soldiers will be tried for the murder of a civilian during the occupation of Gostomel

Sanctions against the Russian Federation: the USA has begun a hunt for the hidden assets of Russian oligarchs from the "Alpha Group"

"Cotton" in occupied Makiivka: the Armed Forces destroyed the Rashist base (photo)

Cotton in Makiivka – the Ministry of Defense of Russia confirmed the death of 63 soldiers

The commandos will be shot: the Russians are hysterical because of the explosions in Makeevka

Surrendered positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Lyman: the SBU detained another collaborator

Up to 10 units of the occupiers’ equipment were destroyed in Makiivka, personnel losses are being clarified – General Staff of the Armed Forces

The Shahed attack on Kyiv on January 2 – results and consequences

224 shellings and 34 combat clashes per day — the Armed Forces informed about the situation in the Bakhmut direction

Media: on New Year’s Eve in Moscow and St. Petersburg, security forces detained more than two thousand people

The General Staff of the Armed Forces officially confirmed the defeat of the enemy in Makiivka and reported preliminary losses

The Armed Forces of Ukraine freed the Great Potemkin Island from the occupiers in the Kherson region: video

January 3, 2023

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland said that the post about Bandera disappeared from the Council’s Twitter account after Morawiecki’s call

Journalists in the Kuban found a large burial ground of the "Wagners". They don’t have pictures on their graves

The Armed Forces destroyed the ammunition warehouse that the occupiers had been accumulating for two weeks: video

In the Mykolaiv Oblast, law enforcement officers found another torture chamber of the Russian occupiers

The Ukrainian Armed Forces planted a flag on the Great Potemkin Island near Kherson

In Kherson, the former head of the "branch of the Russian Railways" was detained, who helped transfer Russian military echelons to Ukraine

Addresses of patriots were punched out: the SBU discovered a Russian torture chamber in the Nikolaev region – photo

Fear reigned in Russia, and rightly so, let them be afraid – Zelensky

Fire in Belgorod region January 3 – explosions are heard in Novy Oskol – video

Not only collaborators, but also Russian doctors – the mayor – are fleeing from occupied Melitopol

The Armed Forces hit 2 control points and 4 areas where the occupiers were concentrated, the General Staff

Zaluzhny told where the situation at the front is the most difficult

Palace "Ukraine": a video from surveillance cameras appeared during the rocket attack

Where will the $17 billion confiscated from the Russian Federation be sent?

The seized assets of the Russian oligarch amounting to UAH 800 million have been handed over to ARMA

In the Russian Federation, debtors will be sent to the front

January 4, 2023

The Armed Forces attacked the occupiers in the Zaporizhzhia region

The Armed Forces repelled the Russian offensive in the area of 10 settlements in Donbas

Map of hostilities on January 4, 2023 – what is the situation at the front

A bot farm was exposed in Ternopil, through which Kremlin narratives were spread (photo)

The occupiers admitted huge losses after the attack of the Armed Forces in Makiivka

A Hero from Kalynyvshchyna died in the battles with the Russian occupiers

He saved the lives of his brothers: another Transcarpathian died heroically in the war (PHOTO)

During the war with Russia, three defenders from Lviv Oblast were killed

Evgeny Herman, a resident of Potemkyny in the Kherson region, died near Bakhmut

A 51-year-old soldier from Rokytny died in Donetsk region

Khmelnytskyi Andrii Osadchuk died while performing a combat mission in Bakhmut

He would still live and live. Enemy iron took the life of a 26-year-old captain from Dnipropetrovsk region

Transcarpathia lost another Hero: 29-year-old Serhii Chernioglo died in the war

Mykhailo Dudych from the village of Hrushiv died in the war

Nazar Fomenko, a fighter from Ivano-Frankivsk, died near Gulyaipole

The Deposit Guarantee Fund filed a lawsuit against Zhevago for UAH 46 billion

The Russians did not manage to achieve what they wanted in Bakhmut – the main thing is about the situation at the front

Almost the entire "Batkivshchyna" faction, Arakhamia and Kornienko did not sign the petition to the Speaker of the Council regarding the removal of the mandates of the deputies from the prohibited OPZZ – "Honestly"

A traitor who worked for the special services of Belarus was exposed in Chernihiv Oblast

French-Swedish high-precision projectiles BONUS spotted in the Armed Forces: what are they remarkable for (photo)

The General Staff confirmed the destruction of about 80 invaders during the attack on the enemy in Tokmak

The Defense Forces commented on the information about the liberation of the Great Potemkin Island

Hotsulyak, the commander of Ukrainian sappers, died in Kharkiv Oblast

A group of Russian soldiers’ widows called on Putin to conduct a major mobilization for the war against Ukraine – Reuters

A camp of mobilized Russians broke out in Tomsk

Ukraine agreed to supply 1,800 transformers and 7,600 generators

The mass media identified 4 Russian soldiers who are launching "Shahedy" in Ukraine