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Nicholas Zharkikh

December 22, 2022

The Congress gave a standing ovation: the theses of Zelenskyi’s speech in the USA were made public

The meeting between Zelenskyi and Biden on December 21 – all the details, the main statements

Donetsk – Dmytro Rogozin was wounded as a result of shelling

Maps of the war in Ukraine ISW December 22 – what is happening at the front

US investigates how western components get into Iranian drones – CNN

The US is considering recognizing Russia as an "aggressor state" rather than a "sponsor of terrorism" — CNN

Lithuania handed over the first transformers for Ukraine

The "director" of the occupation forest farm of Balaklia will appear before the court

In Kyiv, the light is the worst, 60% of transformers do not work

A former political prisoner of the Kremlin died while defending Ukraine

Aid to Ukraine: Denmark allocates financial aid to Ukraine

Losses of the Russian Federation in the war exceeded 100 thousand people. The Armed Forces repelled attacks in 16 cities and villages within a day – General Staff

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the destruction of troops and equipment of the occupiers in the Horlivka area on December 17

Zelensky to the US Congress: 2023 will be decisive in the war

Kuleba on Zelensky’s speech in Congress: Let it inspire millions of people to protect what is dear – freedom

Shelling of the Zaporizhzhia region: The enemy continues to shell the civilian infrastructure

Russia has adopted a law on life imprisonment to fight against the Ukrainian underground – the Central Intelligence Agency

In Donetsk region, three more traitors will be tried in absentia for collaborationism. PHOTO

A 26-year-old defender from Sambir region died in Donetsk region

His wife and daughter were waiting at home: the father of a military medic from Lutsk died near Bakhmut

Dnipropetrovsk lost its son. Oleksandr Pylypchak died in the battle

A military man from Kharkiv Oblast died in Donbas

Volodymyr Danylyshyn from Ternopil died in the war

The Armed Forces began to use heavy bomber drones against the Russian Federation

The situation in the South: the Armed Forces establishes fire control over the enemy

Destruction of the Occupiers: War with Russia

The meat grinder near Bakhmut: a fighter of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the first person showed the battles on the hottest part of the front

They did not expect help from anywhere. How Russian occupiers kill each other

Ukrainian paratroopers shot down another Su-25 "Rach" attack aircraft of the Russian occupiers

The Armed Forces destroyed Russian warehouses with ammunition in Luhansk region and artillery in Kakhovka

Zelenskyi is satisfied with his visit to the USA

A single Patriot battery should be just the beginning, like IRIS-T and NASAMS – the Air Force

A fire broke out on the cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov in Russia

Occupied territories: The occupiers are carrying out the "evacuation" of Kakhovka

The Ukraine-EU summit will be held on February 3, 2023. Zelensky was invited

"Together we will overcome any darkness": Volodymyr Zelenskyy congratulated Ukrainian energy workers on their professional holiday

Republican Graham was enthusiastic about Zelenskyi’s speech

Russia’s ambassador to the US warned of an escalation of the war in Ukraine after Zelensky’s visit to Washington

A collaborator from the "Party of Regions" who threatened to be shot for refusing to "vote" in a pseudo-referendum was detained

Justification of aggression and treason: people’s deputy Yurchyshyn asks the SBU to investigate the actions of propagandist Panchenko

In the Russian Federation, they began to protect the infrastructure from the drones of the Armed Forces: what is known about the Serp-VS system

Zelenskyy "gave very convincing arguments" for aid to Ukraine – CNN

The US will "very soon" begin training Ukrainian crews for the Patriot – CNN

The situation with electricity supply in Kyiv has improved, – Yasno

The US Senate approved a budget of almost $45 billion for Ukraine and its allies

Denmark transfers $43 million to the fund for the purchase of weapons for Ukraine

In Germany, an employee of the German intelligence service, suspected of espionage for the Russian Federation, was arrested

December 23, 2022

Putin abruptly canceled a visit to Russia’s largest tank factory

The Patriot air defense system will be mastered by graduates of KhNUPS with combat experience – Yuriy Ignat

The Russians shoot in packs of "convicts", thus preventing their desertion, — Venislavskyi

Zelensky returned to Ukraine after a trip to the USA (video)

Vasyl Hrykulyak, a soldier from the Zabolotivska community, died at the front

Vasyl Godovanets and Dmytro Guryevskyi from Mukachevo region died in the war

Mykhailo Lesyuta, a resident of Djaiv, died in Donetsk region.

A 27-year-old defender from the Lviv region died near Bakhmut

Soldier Ruslan Kisyolkin "Gypsy" from Kremenchuchyna died of his wounds in the hospital

A soldier from the Kirovohrad region died in the war with the Russian invaders

A 4-month-old baby was left without a father: a soldier from Dnipropetrovsk died at the front

A 23-year-old soldier from a village in the Duben region died fighting for his native land

On December 23, the Armed Forces shot down two Russian Orlan-10 drones

Video report on the battles in Bakhmut on December 23

The Armed Forces hit the base of the occupiers on the shores of the Sea of Azov

Products were stolen and production was dismantled: In Nova Kakhovka, the occupiers robbed a cognac factory

The Russian Federation demolished the drama theater in Mariupol, on which it dropped a bomb in March: the video was published

The Ukrainian aviation made seven strikes against the positions of the Russian occupiers since the beginning of the day – General Staff of the Armed Forces

In February, Zelenskyi’s team may present a peace plan

"Cotton" happened in the center of Melitopol. It seems that the car used by the Russians exploded

During the explosion in Melitopol, a collaborating policeman was injured, his leg was torn off – the mayor

Burials of those killed with traces of torture were found in the Kherson region

December 24, 2022

OK South commented on the bombardment of Kherson Oblast with phosphorus bombs

Defense forces repelled attacks by Russians near 10 settlements in Luhansk region and Donetsk region, in particular, Bakhmut, – General Staff

A resident of Kochubeivka, who became an "elder" during the occupation, was declared suspicious in absentia

Financed by "DNR": the founder of the Ukrainian network of pawn shops transferred more than UAH 10 million to the budget of the occupiers

BC warehouses of the Russian troops are on fire: the impressive work of HIMARS was shown on the network (video)

The Armed Forces said that the Russian army lost 90 soldiers killed and 100 wounded in a day in the Bakhmut region of Donetsk

Marines destroyed two anti-aircraft guns and an ammunition depot of the occupants

Military aid to Ukraine – Finland will transfer equipment worth almost 29 million euros

The SBU detained a collaborator in Chornobayivka who helped the enemy during the occupation

Members of the Russian DRG, who kidnapped people, were sentenced to 11 years in prison

Ukraine has enough of its own artists. The last monument to the "great Russian poet" was demolished in Chernivtsi

In Kharkiv, the Pushkin Russian Drama Theater was renamed

Japanese companies refused to insure ships in all Russian waters because of the war

PMC "Wagner" has already recruited about 40 thousand Russian prisoners

The occupying administration of the "LPR" fled from Svatovo – Gaidai

Shelling of Kherson: eight dead and more than half a hundred wounded

Transfer of weapons and equipment to Ukraine – what is known about German Rheinmetall trucks

ATO participants were tortured: four occupiers were convicted in Ukraine

Shelling of Kherson with rockets: the number of dead residents has increased to ten

EU countries handed over 1,000 generators to Ukraine – European Commission

Aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine struck the positions of the occupiers three times during the day

The UAE will send about 2,500 gasoline generators to Ukraine

The DNR fighter will spend 15 years behind bars

December 25, 2022

Curfew of the occupiers in Vasylivka, repelling attacks by the Ukrainian military — General Staff

In Zhytomyr, a civil servant campaigned for the leadership to support the Russians

President Zelenskyy honored 276 defenders of Ukraine with awards, 51 posthumously

Several loud explosions rang out at the airfield near Kursk at night

In Murmansk, Russia, there was a large-scale fire at the supply base of overalls

The fire in the Krasnodar region, the area of fire was 1000 square meters. m.

Yanushevich: 16 people died and another 64 were injured in Kherson Oblast during the day due to the attacks of the Russian troops

Three defenders of Zmiiny island returned from captivity to Odeshchyna

A soldier from Korechchyna died at the front

Ruslan Bondarenko, a resident of Kamianechchyna, died at the front

Volodymyr Yezhov, one of the developers of the game STALKER, died in the battle with the invaders

Artur Kolesnik, a freshman of the Vinnytsia Faculty of Science, died near Bakhmut

Defender Ihor Trygubets died in Rozvazh

The Armed Forces destroyed the base of the occupiers at the stadium in Kremennaya

Kherson has been shaking from explosions since the very morning: the occupiers continue shelling the city

Britain handed over 900 generators and 15,000 kits for extreme cold to Ukraine

Putin again made a statement about Patriot in Ukraine and assured that 99.9% of Russians are ready to do anything for the sake of Russia

Three rescuers from the Zhytomyr region died during demining in the Kherson region

A sanctioned oil refinery was on fire in Belarus

Oleksiy Maslov, the former head of the Ground Forces of the Russian Federation, died in Moscow

The troops of the Russian Federation completely destroyed the church in the Kherson region, which was the only one in the village – Reznikov

Antidote to Russian aggression: in Murmansk, a warehouse with uniforms and means of protection of the occupiers burned down

Kamikaze drones: Iran will receive Su-35 fighter jets from Russia in exchange for drones

The Secretary of the National Security Council explained why you shouldn’t call Russians "Orcs", "pig dogs" or "Rusnians"

In the Russian Federation, the general director of the company producing submarines, Alexander Buzakov, died

Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra – Metropolitan Pavlo talked about the possible eviction

A collaborator who was going to destroy Ukrainian books was detained in the Izyum Oblast

The situation at the front: the defense forces made 2 strikes on the concentration areas of the occupiers and hit 5 enemy control points

In Zaporizhzhia, a captured militant of the so-called "DNR" was sentenced – the prosecutor’s office

A Russian fighter jet that can carry Kinzhal missiles caught fire in Belarus. "Christmas Miracle"

December 26, 2022

What is the situation at the front – the summary of the General Staff as of December 26

Explosions at the Engels airfield near Saratov on December 26 – details

In Iran, the accusations of using drones against Ukraine were called recognition of advanced technologies

One of the MiG-31K fighters was burning in Machulyshchy – Monitoring Group

Battles for Bakhmut: The situation in Bakhmut

The working group on sanctions initiates the introduction of NSDC sanctions against more than 1,300 security forces and 500 IT representatives of the Russian Federation

North Korean drones invaded South Korea – new details

Attacks on energy infrastructure: Strikes on energy

Ex-deputy heads of the National Security Service of Ukraine will be tried for dispersal of the Euromaidan

A monument to Gorky was dismantled in Dnipro – PHOTO

Fleeing from "partial mobilization": Russians buy housing in Turkey en masse

Shelling of Kryvyi Rih – the number of victims increased to 5

Nosivka is in mourning: the soldier Oleksandr Pescherov died at the front

Forever 19-year-old: Roman Zhuravel, a young Hero from the Lutsk district, died in Donetsk region

Another loss: Stepan Senyuk, a Carpathian serviceman, died in Donetsk region

An artilleryman from the Shirokiv community died at the front

A soldier from the Rivne region died during the Russian-Ukrainian war

Heroes from Volyn Ivan Kruglii and Oleksandr Ostapchuk died in the war

A soldier from Shepetiv region died in a fierce battle near Bakhmut

Race car driver Oleksandr Yeremyagin died at the front

Oleksandr Haisudinov, a soldier from Vinnytsia, died in the war

A soldier from the Sarna district died in the battle near Bakhmut

The native brother of the Ukrainian dancer Nazar Grabar died at the front

Serhiy Zadvornyi Khmelnytskyi, a defender from Slavutchyna, died

Zvyahelshchyna lost two of its sons in the war — Yevhen Petrun and Oleksandr Nechiporuk

38 years forever: soldier Lubomyr Bordun fell, defending Donetsk region from Russian invaders

A 29-year-old soldier from the Lviv region died in the Bakhmut region

Destruction of the occupiers: War with Russia

Fierce fighting in the Kupyansk district

The beginning of the Afghan war was celebrated in Mariupol. At the event, a new collaborator, Volodymyr Protsenko, shined – PHOTO

The Armed Forces of Ukraine took the R-66 road between Kreminna and Severodonetsk under fire control, – "Infoprotiv"

Ukraine initiates the process of excluding Russia from the UN – statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Volodymyr Zelensky: Zelensky had a conversation with the Prime Minister of India Modi: I expect to participate in the implementation of the peace formula

Mines of Donbass: Russians want to close the mines in the temporarily occupied territories

December 27, 2022

Indirect confirmation: the governor of the Saratov region commented on the "clap" at the Engels Air Base

After the night explosions in Engels, Russia, there was an air alert again. Video

One of the richest deputies of Russia committed suicide in India

Oleksandr Yakymenko headed the quasi-special service in the occupied Kherson region

Tokmak explosions rumbled in the place of deployment of the mobilized – video

Defense forces eliminated about 100 occupiers in Zaporozhye. Among them are employees of the FSB

The Armed Forces hit the area where the enemy’s manpower was concentrated in Zaporizhzhia

Yevhen Karas confirms the death of four Heroes of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (PHOTO)

A family was shot dead in Makiivka, Donetsk region: 4 adults and 4 children were killed

"I don’t care about the collapse of Russia." The US ambassador in Moscow reminded that the occupation of Ukraine continues

The SBU exposed more than 1,200 agitators who were spreading fakes about the war in Ukraine on the Internet

What is the response of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the mass shelling of the Russian Federation in Ukraine – Humenyuk’s answer

A megascandal in the military leadership of Russia: PMK Wagner does not receive shells

A fighter from Kharkiv died in Donbas

A courageous defender from the Kaliniv community died at the front

A young paratrooper from Volyn was killed

The son of a Sumy priest died in the battle near Bakhmut

21 years forever: Ukrainian Armed Forces officer Denys Samofal died in battle with the enemy

A defender from Lviv Oblast was killed by a sniper’s bullet at the front News of Lviv region

Journalist and director Anton Kolomiets died in the battles near Bakhmut (photo)

A grenade launcher from Zhytomyr Region was killed in the battles for Chervonopivka in Luhansk Oblast

Artur Oryshchuk from Vinnytsia died near Bakhmut

Andrey Tuz, a 20-year-old resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, a bright memory

During the war, two lieutenant colonels from the Lviv region died while performing a combat mission

A 51-year-old medic from Zhovty Vody died in the war: when will the farewell be held

Orban on the war in Ukraine — the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reacted sharply to the words of the Prime Minister of Hungary

Due to heavy losses, the occupiers are increasingly leaving their positions in the Luhansk region – the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The UN has officially confirmed the death of almost seven thousand peaceful Ukrainians

Two accidents in one hotel: mysterious deaths of Russian officials continue

In Podilsk, Russia, two retired women set fire to the military commissariat

Warehouses are on fire in Novosibirsk: the fire has covered more than 1,800 square meters

Assembly of the General Staff – Russian troops suffer losses, but continue the offensive near Bakhmut

In Ukraine, the billion-dollar property of Putin’s oligarch Usmanov was arrested

Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces showed how they destroy the enemy near Soledar. VIDEO

December 28, 2022

What is the situation at the front on December 28, 2022 – enemy losses, where Russian attacks were recorded

The cyber police stopped the work of 13 enemy bot farms – what is known

During the day, the Russians hit Ukraine once with missiles and shelled 33 times with artillery – General Staff

Battles for Luhansk region: Battle for Bakhmut

Juvenile prosecutors: 868 children were injured in Ukraine as a result of large-scale Russian aggression

Combat work of frontline aviation Source:

60 border guards were awarded state awards, 7 of them posthumously

A collaborator from Luhansk region who actively supported the occupiers was detained in the capital

Two FSB officers blew up a landmine in the Kursk Region, SMI

The Armed Forces hit enemy positions in the Kherson region, – General Staff

An Australian citizen died in the battle with the Russian invaders

Defender of Ukraine Andrii Bugayev died» Svitlovodsk Vecherniy

37 years forever: volunteer from Pervomaisky Oleksandr Linkin died on the battlefield

They came under mortar fire: two soldiers from the Rivne region were killed near Bakhmut

A hero from Lviv region – Vasyl Datsko – died in the war

Two more Heroes from Lviv Oblast died in the war

Oleksiy Andronov and Kostya Rudoi, military personnel from Odessa, died in the battle for Ukraine

He saved 4 brothers from shelling, but he himself died: Andriy Burchak from Chernivtsi defended the Motherland from the first days of the war

A young soldier from Berezniv region died near Maryinka

Received a fatal wound near Bakhmut: a soldier of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Dnipropetrovsk region died in the war

Roman Oliynyk, a 21-year-old native of Volhynia, died in the war

Soldiers of the Armed Forces liquidated Russian top officers together with their brigade

Explosions in Engels: dozens of soldiers of the Russian Federation were killed and wounded

The "director" of the Kherson Art Museum helped to remove exhibits from the occupation authorities

Belarusian paramedic "Brovar" from the Kalinovsky regiment: "Two commanders died in my arms."

Weapons are openly sold in occupied Melitopol

Every day from 70 to 100 soldiers of the Russian Federation surrender

The Minister of Defense of France arrived in Kyiv – video

Gaidai named two options for the development of hostilities after the liberation of Kreminnaya

The Armed Forces received new Punisher strike drones

In the capital, law enforcement officers detained a man who cooperated with the occupation authorities in Luhansk region

A resident of Kramatorsk was sentenced to 11 years in prison for passing on the data of a representative of the "DNR"

The SBU detained a collaborator from Svatovo, who organized staged plots for propaganda television

In Courchevel, France, Ukrainian businessman Zhevago – DBR was arrested

The occupiers are fleeing the front – data from the General Staff

Zelensky reported how many Ukrainians were freed from captivity after February 24

In Russia, a conscript was accused of murdering a commander

Reznikov and the head of the French Ministry of Defense agreed on the continuation of the supply of air defense systems to Ukraine

In the USA, they began to actively prevent the production and transfer of Iranian drones to Russia, – NYT

Zelenskyy spoke about the number of liberated settlements in Ukraine

The SBU blocked the assets of a Russian energy company that illegally imported its goods to Ukraine

The Chernivtsi Regional Council asks the state leadership to ban the UOC MP

In Russia, the country’s only manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries went bankrupt