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Nicholas Zharkikh

December 1, 2022

Near Bakhmut, the Russian troops repeat their mistakes, and the capture of the city will not bring them operational advantages – ISW

Borrell said that the EU will deliver another batch of generators to Ukraine

Germany recognized the Holodomor of 1932-1933 as a genocide of Ukrainians

The Pentagon announced a billion-dollar contract for the purchase of NASAMS for Ukraine

He campaigned in a cafe: in Kharkiv Oblast, an ardent "Rusko-peace activist" was exposed

"In-house development": Russian military drone turned out to be a Chinese toy

In Lithuania, the dismantling of the largest memorial to Soviet troops began, despite the position of the UN committee

The French Parliament advocated the creation of a special tribunal on the aggression of the Russian Federation

The SBU conducted a series of searches of the head of the banned pro-Russian party "Nashi" Murayev

15 years for treason: in Kyiv, a man gave the occupiers information for bombings

The threat of an attack on Kyiv always exists: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are preparing the city for defense

It became known what drones Ukraine will receive from Belgium

Lukashenko said that Belarus is confronting a potential enemy

Maps war in Ukraine ISW November 30 – what is happening at the front

As a result of Russian aggression in Ukraine, 441 children died

Vyacheslav Guryanov – the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the occupier-fizruk who volunteered to go to war against Ukraine – photo

Zaporozhye direction: in Pology, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed the enemy’s base (satellite images)

"There was a golden child": a 15-year-old boy from Bilopol’ was killed by an enemy shell

Mykhailo Sysoyev, Andriy Boichuk and Yurii Svorak died in the war

Three soldiers from the Rivne region died in the war

The chief engineer at the ZANP betrayed Ukraine and cooperates with the Russians – "Energoatom"

Ukraine insists on excluding Russia from the OSCE

Switzerland froze Russian assets worth 7.2 billion euros

The EU supports the creation of a special tribunal to investigate Russian crimes in Ukraine – Borrell

The bodies of 7 people who were killed by racist occupiers were exhumed in the Kherson region

Three law enforcement officers from Volnovakha were informed of suspicion of cooperation with the occupiers

The SBU checked the UOC MP monastery in Transcarpathia, where the nuns called for the "awakening of Russia"

A monument to Ostrovsky was dismantled in Khmelnytskyi, and to Suvorov in Odesa

Energy: big business – loses up to a billion a month

Ukraine returned another 50 soldiers from Russian captivity

The Russian military in the Kherson region fired at their unit: many dead "mobics"

Ukrenergo attracted EUR 372 million from European allies

The European Union allocated €1 billion for Ukraine: what will the money be used for

The occupiers withdraw their units from some settlements of the Zaporizhzhia region, the General Staff

The Armed Forces inflicted significant losses on the occupiers in the Bakhmut and Avdiyiv areas,

All thanks to the professional actions of our troops: Musienko about the record number of destroyed occupiers in November

The defense forces are approaching Kreminnaya and repel Russian attacks on Belogorivka, – Heyday

Grain corridor: 508 ships with food left Ukrainian ports

A plane with Russian pilots crashed in Armenia

Gazprom continues to experience losses against the background of the war

The Agroführer asked the West for security guarantees for his worthless life

December 2, 2022

The Ministry of Defense reacted to letters with explosives in Spain: Russian terror has no borders

The war in Ukraine – the Ukrainian Armed Forces are advancing in the Luhansk region, there are a few kilometers left to Kremennaya – Heyday

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine carried out 19 strikes on areas of concentration of enemy personnel and weapons

Italy has extended arms supplies to Ukraine until the end of 2023

Zelensky said that the activity of religious organizations connected with Russia will be banned in Ukraine

A priest who beat another priest with a cross at the funeral of a fallen soldier will be tried in Vinnytsia (VIDEO)

Germany will transfer Gepard anti-aircraft guns to Ukraine: what else was included in the new aid package

"Cotton" at the cognac factory: the base of the occupiers is on fire in Nova Kakhovka (photo)

From a grand cauldron to battles for the track. Three encirclements for the Armed Forces, which failed to Russia

The USA is discussing with the countries of the Middle East the transfer of NASAMS air defense systems to Ukraine

There is a consensus: all 30 NATO member countries are not against Ukraine joining the Alliance

Prohibition of the UOC MP – SBU searches church institutions in three regions

After the loss of Ukrnafta and Ukrtatnafta, Kolomoisky is no longer a billionaire: his fortune is $850 million – Forbes

The Russian army cannot make a large-scale offensive due to a shortage of ammunition – British intelligence

Fighters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces captured Wagner’s PMK group

The Ukrainian Armed Forces liquidated the mother prisoner from PMC "Wagner"

Bohdan Stadnyk, a soldier from Vinnytsia, died in Donetsk region

Nikopol once again lost the Defender at the front (photo)

Nikopol lost another Hero in the war (photo)

A resident of Zhytomyr Oblast died in the war against the Russian invaders

Serhii Marynych, a soldier from Poltava Oblast, died near Bakhmut

Hero from Dubrovychchyna died on the front line

Ivan Nikolaev, a resident of the Odesa region, died in the battle for Ukraine, may his memory be blessed

Poltava region lost eleven soldiers in the war.

The President’s Office announced the losses of the Armed Forces since February 24

Heroes-defenders from Kirovohrad region have returned from captivity

Ukrainian troops struck the occupiers in Horlivka

A new video appeared from the site of the explosion in the Orc barracks near Melitopol (video, photo)

The shooting does not stop, there is a fight for every piece of land: footage of the battle near Bakhmut appeared on the network. Video

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian rotorcraft

Kuleba: We have started negotiations with Germany regarding the deployment of the Patriot

An associate of Patriarch Kirill, Metropolitan of the Moscow Patriarchate in Kirovohrad Oblast received suspicion from the SBU

Volodymyr Zelenskyi and the National Security Council imposed sanctions on the UOC MP

US senators have introduced a bill to recognize the "Wagner" military intelligence agency as a terrorist organization

The National Security Council imposed sanctions against Novinsky, the deputy of Lavra Pavlo and other figures of the UOC MP

An ammunition warehouse was blown up in the occupied part of the Zaporizhzhia region

The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation lost 15 percent of its combat personnel – rosZMI

Spain handed over the first Hawk air defense systems to Ukraine

"Became enemies of Christ," — Medvedev about the SBU searches in the churches of the UOC MP

The SBU continues searches in the churches of the Moscow Patriarchate

The Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra was officially registered as a monastery within the OCU

The EU finally approved the maximum price for Russian oil

Explosion in Odesa: 8 injured, including 5 policemen

A helicopter was shot down by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kupyansky district, and up to 100 occupiers were injured near Kamyansky, – General Staff

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated a Russian lieutenant colonel

Ukraine received the first $1.5 billion grant from the USA

"Ukrenergo" will bill the Russians for the destroyed infrastructure

The European Union agreed to cap the price of Russian oil at $60/bar — Reuters

The European Commission proposes a penalty for violating sanctions: 5 years in prison or 5% of annual income

Special operations forces reported the destruction of the Russian EW system in the occupied city of Pology

During the day, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck eight strikes against the occupiers, the General Staff

Zaporizhzhia: the Armed Forces of Ukraine handed over and destroyed dozens of Russians in Melitopol region

The SBU detained a Russian agent in Kherson who was correcting the shelling of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the southern front

In Kupyansk, the SBI found lists of local traitors and collaborators

December 3, 2022

The Armed Forces repelled attacks near 6 settlements in the east, the General Staff

The G7 followed the EU in setting a ceiling price for Russian oil

We have 18 cases of threats in 12 countries: Kuleba held an urgent meeting with ambassadors

Political ensectology classifier: how to calculate a collaborator

In the Avdiyiv and Bakhmut directions, the enemy continues offensive actions, – General Staff

Explosions and automatic rounds are heard near Melitopol

Canada introduced new sanctions for the transfer of Iranian drones to Russia

Lithuania transferred two more repaired PzH 2000 howitzers to Ukraine

The SBU discovered Kremlin propaganda techniques and prayers for Moscow Patriarch Kirill in the dioceses of the UOC MP

"We really wanted to eat": the daughter of Azovstal defender Myronchuk recounted her mother’s memories of captivity

In Russia, there are serious problems with heating – utility workers were mobilized

The aviation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered powerful blows to the enemy

Military officer Oleksiy Avramov from Vinnytsia was killed in Donbas

Ruslan Korovyanko, a soldier from Vinnytsia, died during the hostilities in Donbas

Bohdan Stadnyk, a 28-year-old military man from Vinnytsia, died in Donbas

Dnipro news: Oleksandr Poniatovsky died

26 years forever: junior sergeant Artur Sharudilo from Myrnograd died at the front

A soldier from Konotop died in the war

DNA examination confirmed the death of Hero from Terebovli, who disappeared back in March

Zahisnyk from the Zhytomyr region died in the Bakhmut direction

In Donbas, the soldiers of the Armed Forces captured a Russian major

Yuriy Kavchak, a soldier from Novoyavorivsk, died in the war

A young soldier from Zdolbuniv region died in Donetsk region.

Serhii Mishchenko, a soldier and father of many children from Poltava region, died: in the battles, he destroyed 35 units of enemy equipment

Volodymyr Marusych, a Carpathian, died in the war

33-year-old volunteer Roman Mohyla from Ternopil Oblast died near Avdiivka

FC "Kryvbas" ultras died in battles with the occupiers

Gaidai: the Armed Forces of Ukraine are "slowly pushing" the defense of the Russian Federation in the direction of Svatove-Kreminna – InfoResist

In Luhansk region, the railway supply to the occupiers was interrupted for 20 days

The Armed Forces shot down a Russian rotorcraft

The Bakhmut direction is currently the bloodiest, the key point in the resolution of the war is the speaker of the Armed Forces

The Russian occupiers took away all the collaborators and policemen from Oleshok

In Donetsk region, border guards destroyed a house with occupiers

The most important source of Putin’s income will be immediately limited by the USA’s oil price cap

List of recipients of orders and medals on December 2, 2022

The head of the Chernivtsi UOC MP, who was searched by the SBU, is already in Moldova

The Council of the EU agreed on the price limit for Russian oil at $60 per barrel

The Armed Forces destroyed 14 occupiers in Starobilsk, Luhansk region

In the Russian Federation, there was an acute shortage of Orlan drones

They created a bridgehead: the Ukrainian Armed Forces raised the flag of Ukraine on the left bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region (video)

Medvedchuk’s arrested yacht will be sold for the benefit of Ukraine — The Guardian

A billion dollars were stolen: the extent of Russian looting of Ukrainian grain – Bloomberg

The former Ukrainian TV presenter will be tried for treason

The Security Service of Ukraine published a list of persons included in the "church list" of NSDC sanctions

Prigozhin threatens the USA with his mercenaries

December 4, 2022

The Spanish police found out where the bomb was sent to the Ukrainian embassy

Where were the battles on December 3. The Armed Forces repelled enemy attacks near 17 settlements

The US special services announced a hunt for "Wagnerovs"

War Ukraine Russia 2022 – anti-tankers of the Armed Forces destroy the invaders from Stugna – photo

About 27,000 incidents have been entered into the database of the "Tribunal for Putin" – details from a human rights defender (VIDEO)

The mass media reported that the SBU found a laptop with child pornography during an inspection in the diocese of the UOC MP

France has transferred Rafale fighter jets to the borders of Russia

Results of the 283rd day of the war in Ukraine: news for December 3, 2022

Meeting of the General Staff on December 4 – the Armed Forces repulsed 17 enemy attacks

The war in Ukraine: near Bakhmut, the occupiers lose more than 50 people every day

More than 9,000 civilians died in Ukraine from shelling by the occupiers – the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Biden asked Congress for an additional package for Ukraine worth 37 billion – US State Department

The governors of the Kursk and Belgorod regions reported shelling of border villages

The house of the traitor Sofia Stuzhuk was pelted with Molotov cocktails

The Air Force of Ukraine shot down a Russian Ka-52 helicopter

Volunteers from Georgia died near Bakhmut – photo

5 Georgian volunteers died in the fight against the Russian invaders near Bakhmut

The Russians killed Serhiy Mishchenko from Poltava region, a soldier and father of six children

Andriy Skrypnyk, a soldier from Vinnytsia, died fighting for Ukraine

Nosivka lost its defender near Bakhmut

900 bodies of the dead have already been found in the de-occupied territory of Kharkiv region

The "Freedom of Russia" legion is on the front lines: how citizens of the aggressor country fight for Ukraine – details (VIDEO)

A 25-year-old serviceman from Vinnytsia died in Kherson region

The first use of a new missile of the Armed Forces: the Buk installation was destroyed with the help of the British Brimstone 2 (photo)

The war in Ukraine – Russian artillery wiped the face of the earth from the face of the village of Pervomaiske near Donetsk

Explosions rang out in the center of Donetsk (PHOTOS)

The Armed Forces will speed up the successful counteroffensive in Luhansk region

A combat unit of the Russian invaders was destroyed near Donetsk

The EU exempted Hungary from the need to comply with the ceiling price for Russian oil

"Sensitive to frost": the Armed Forces explained why the Russian Armed Forces use less "Shahedy"

In the former Alfa Bank, the nationalization procedure has already been launched

Ptashka from "Azovstal" responded to the haters who attacked her after praising Zelenskyi

December 5, 2022

The EU embargo on the export of Russian oil by sea and the price ceiling for it come into force today

Explosions rang out in Kryvyi Rih on December 5

Maps war in Ukraine ISW December 3 – what is happening at the front

The Armed Forces of Ukraine repelled Russian attacks in 13 settlements in Donbas, General Staff

The Russian Federation launched a missile attack on objects of the industrial and energy infrastructure of Zaporozhye – the city council

Deputy commander of the Kalinovsky regiment: The question of liquidation of the Lukashenko regime has been long overdue

In the USA, unknown persons fired at power plants, residents of the district were left without electricity

The Armed Forces hit enemy concentration areas 19 times, the General Staff

During the massive attack on Ukraine, a rocket fell in Moldova

Ukrainian embassies have already received 21 threats in 12 countries

Air defense work: Air defense forces shot down up to 10 missiles in Poltava region

S-300s and military equipment were destroyed: the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck Russian positions in Mariupol

Putin visited the Crimean bridge, where traffic was restored after the explosion

In Kherson, the ex-manager of the Bank of the Russian Federation was detained, who, on the instructions of Saldo, introduced a "ruble zone" in the city

A memorial platform about the killed volunteers of the Russian Federation was created in Ukraine

"Ukraine has a full right": the EU commented on the explosions at the airfields near Ryazan and Engels

"Rain" must comply with the laws or work elsewhere, – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia

For the words about Buche: prosecutors in Russia demand 9 years of imprisonment for the Russian politician Ilya Yashin

Missile attack on Ukraine on December 5 – the mission of the Russian Federation failed, the Ministry of Defense said

Russia’s missile attack on Ukraine on December 5: all the details, photos and videos

Missile attack of the Russian Federation: YASNO announced "arrivals" in three regions, energy workers are already working

Shelling on December 5 – what about electricity – what Russia aimed at

Lviv said goodbye to the chief sergeant-commander of the mortar, who died in the war

December 6, 2022

New pictures of the consequences of the attack on the Engels airfield have appeared

The occupiers are concentrating their efforts on conducting an offensive in three directions, – the General Staff

The Russian Federation still has many planes, new strikes on Ukraine are not excluded, – Air Force

Russia struck Kryvyi Rih again

Zelenskyi in Kharkiv in a hospital with military personnel on Armed Forces Day, December 6

No video can convey what I saw: Bucha was visited by the Prime Minister of Moldova

The head of the "Dozhd" channel "tearfully" asked the return of the journalist who was previously fired for a statement about aid to the Russian army

YASNO said that yesterday’s attack by the Russian Federation on the power system set us back a week

Terrodefense battalions began to be formed in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation

The prosecutor’s office discovered another torture chamber of the occupiers in the Kherson region

December 7, 2022

At night, the enemy attacked Dnipropetrovsk region with artillery, MLRS and drones, all "mopeds" were shot down

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Over the past day, Ukrainian soldiers shot down 17 enemy drones, – General Staff

Rumors about the invasion of Ukraine are spreading in Kursk, local mobilized soldiers continue to die

Norway allocated 15 million euros for the training of the soldiers of the Armed Forces

A supporter of the Russian occupiers was exposed in Kyiv

The Russian, who killed eight colleagues, applied to the "Wagner Group": they refused to take him

The occupiers shelled Kurakhove: 8 dead and 5 wounded — OP

Georgia will not provide military aid to Ukraine – Prime Minister

The explosion at the airfield in Engels could have happened due to the low level of personnel training – StratCom

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are hitting the occupiers on the left bank – Molchanov told about the situation in the Kherson region

Danilov: Russia must disappear within the borders in which it still exists. This is the most reliable security guarantee for Ukraine and the world

The Supreme Court of France confirmed: Russia owes Oschadbank $1.1 billion plus interest for assets in Crimea

A Russian agent was detained in Odessa, whose task was the Neptune missile complexes

"Drained" the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Severodonetsk: a priest of the UOC (MP) was sentenced to 12 years in prison

Anti-tank fortifications began to be installed in the Kursk region of the Russian Federation

Fire in the shopping center of Ingushetia on December 7, 2022 – Channel 24

60 captured defenders were returned to Ukraine (photo, video)

Soldiers from Kirovohrad region died in the war with Russia

Defender from Zhytomyr region died in the battles for Donetsk region

Three defenders from Vinnytsia died in the battles for Ukraine

The war took the life of a 21-year-old soldier from Varash

Racists began to liquidate their collaborators in Melitopol

Explosions were heard in Berdyansk: details

The Russian occupiers tortured more than a thousand people in Energodar

The Armed Forces destroyed a battery of Russian anti-aircraft guns

The Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed a rare Russian armored vehicle "Vystrel"

The occupiers are preparing a counteroffensive in the Kupyansk direction

Foreign companies help direct missile strikes on Ukraine

National Guardsmen shot down an enemy rocket with machine guns and machine guns

Rumors are spreading in Russia about a possible invasion of the Armed Forces

Putin recorded his war crime: Podolyak commented on the dictator’s statements and pointed to his illusions

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have already liberated 1,888 settlements from occupation, – Zelenskyi

Energy system of Ukraine: Ukrenergo released statistics

An informer of the occupiers will be tried for treason in the Dnipropetrovsk region

10 planes disappeared at the air base in the Ryazan region after the explosions

Disney Channel is finally leaving Russia