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Tale of Vytautas

Nicholas Zharkikh

Shortened text of the section. Full text in ukrainian version

2. "Tale of Vytautas" basically has edition TOV-3 (ie, the very Lit0L), but here we can point to a specific copy – Lit6L, from which the author Lit1L borrowed the tale of Algirdas march on Moscow. That is Lit6L acts third source Lit1L. Let me remind you here that Lit6L refers to "Nemonos" edition, so FEL as part Lit1L could not have come from Lit6L.

2-1. Continuous text of "Tale of Vytautas" in Lit1L broken by numerous inserts, the first of which – is the shortened "Tale of Podillja land" inserted under the 1351 year.

In analyzing the peculiar readings "Tale of Vytautas" I was surprised to see that it is only the beginning of it depends on Lit6L and its end contains a expressive unique readings Vit4L.