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Impact on neighbors

Nicholas Zharkikh

Considering the traces of "Lithuanian" chronicles the later works on the history of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, we discover the influence of this chronicle from the Great-Russian and Polish works. It is naturally ask the question – whether does the reverse effect of "Lithuanian" chronicles in the Russian and Polish annals exist?


Searching traces of the "Lithuanian" chronicles in the historiography of the neighboring countries, we have seen that only "Tale of Vytautas" left quite clearly impact. There were no traces of other parts "Vytautas" chronicle, just as there is no trace of the "Belarusian" chronicles – they exist only in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and never go beyond it.

Also one can not see the impact "Lithuanian" chronicles on their neighbors, in particular, its most characteristic part – "Fabulous emergence of Lithuania." There may be a natural explanation for a relatively late appearance of this type of texts. In the 1560s the efforts of Ivan the Terrible Moscow chronicle writing had been destroyed, and there was simply no one had an interest in the works of their Lithuanian contemporaries. For the Polish historiography insurmountable barrier was Russian language chronicles, so interest in the subject met the Latin work of Alexander Guagnini and Polish – Stryjkowski.